Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C9 I have decided to tear down her bedroom
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Flash Marriage: Hubby, Kiss me/C9 I have decided to tear down her bedroom
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C9 I have decided to tear down her bedroom

After hesitating for a while, Liu Rumeng still couldn't help but advise: "Xiaoxiao, your mother knows that you are angry at your sister, but this nice house can't be torn down ?"

"Mom," Yu Xiaoxiao raised a hand and interrupted Liu Rumeng's words. She turned her head and looked at Liu Rumeng steadily, "I am only tearing her bedroom down now, not Yu Mei herself. There is no need to be so nervous ?"

Saying that, Yu Xiaoxiao squinted her eyes and smiled towards Liu Rumeng.

Liu Rumeng was really a little frightened by Yu Xiaoxiao's sinister little face.

Even so, Liu Rumeng still felt that something was amiss. She asked awkwardly: "Then ? Then where is your sister when she comes back? You can't have her move into the living room, can you? "

Hearing that, Yu Xiaoxiao laughed coldly, "Didn't she get pregnant? Then let's go to the Huo Family and sleep. I think the people from Huo Family wouldn't be so cruel as to not let her in, right? "

Facing Yu Xiaoxiao's gloomy gaze, Liu Rumeng was completely silent.

"Her bedroom. I'm done with it."

With that said, Yu Xiaoxiao turned and left the dining hall with her small bag in hand and quickly climbed the stairs.

Liu Rumeng sighed lightly. She turned around and saw Yu Yibo sitting on the sofa, deep in thought, and thought back to how he did not say anything. He could not help but blame Yu Yibo, "I say, why don't you care about your daughter?"

Yu Yibo snorted and said coldly: "Whatever she wants to do, she can do. As long as she can marry that man, she can pay back the debts of our family."

With that, he stood up and left the restaurant with his hands behind his back.

In the huge hall, Liu Rumeng could not resist the exhaustion and sat on the chair, sighing heavily.

From the looks of it, no matter if she married the man or tore down the house, they could only obey Yu Xiaoxiao. With her personality, it would be hard to stop her from doing such things, Liu Rumeng couldn't help but cover his face with the traces of time on his face.

The cicadas' chirps in the afternoon were mixed with the sound of "Dong Dong Dong" as they dug into the wall. The two people sleeping in the bedroom were tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

What Liu Rumeng and Yu Yibo did not expect was that Yu Xiaoxiao actually called the workers over and started to smash the walls of Yu Mei's room.

Thinking about the marriage between Yu Xiaoxiao and that man and the ten million in his hands, Yu Yibo decided to let her go.

With such a loud noise, how could he possibly be sleeping?

Liu Rumeng could not take it anymore and sat up from the bed. She put on her clothes and was about to get off the bed, but she was stopped by Yu Yibo.

"What are you doing?" Yu Yibo asked.

"I'll go and try to persuade Xiaoxiao that she won't even be able to sleep during her afternoon nap." Liu Rumeng revealed a rare face of worry. She was already worried about Yu Xiaoxiao marrying that man, but now she couldn't even rest.

"You're not allowed to go, go to sleep!" Yu Yibo bellowed. When she thought about how he would ruin Yu Xiaoxiao's mood and change her mind tomorrow, he really had to suppress the huge debt.

Being shocked by Yu Yibo's appearance, Liu Rumeng could only cover her chest and rest before lying back down on the bed helplessly.

A few minutes after she lay back down, the phone on the bedside table rang. Liu Rumeng could only stand up and pick up the receiver, "Hello?"

"Hello? "Mom, it's me." On the other side of the phone, Yu Mei was listening to the phone in boredom. Hearing the "dong dong dong" background sound from the other side of the phone, she frowned. "Mom?" What was that noise over there? Why is it so noisy? "

"Ugh ?" Liu Rumeng didn't dare to say that Yu Xiaoxiao was smashing the wall of her room, so she lied: "Nothing, Wang Ma is cleaning, Beauty, is there something wrong?"

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