Flash Marriage: Husband is Awesome/C158 Angel's Appearance
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Flash Marriage: Husband is Awesome/C158 Angel's Appearance
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C158 Angel's Appearance

"Yes, Master San."

The bodyguard was still extremely respectful, lowering his head, as if the man in front of him was an Asura from hell.

After the bodyguard left, Jin Yan Chen stood outside the operation room with an anxious expression, deep in thought.


Inside the hospital ward, the warm sunlight passed through the window and shone on Ruan Xihan's tranquil and fair face.

Suddenly, her fingers moved, her eyelashes flickered, and she opened her eyes not too long after.

When the sunlight shone into her clear eyes, she felt a bit uncomfortable. She slightly tilted her head, wanting to move her body, but the pain she felt came from different parts of her body.

Sweat gradually seeped out of Ruan Xihan's forehead as her memories replayed in her head.

The crazed Qu Wanru had an extremely hideous expression on her face as she sped towards her car …

The scene of the car crash and Qu Wanru's car leaving not too far away …

All of this was played in front of Ruan Xihan's eyes.

It was Qu Wanru! Qu Wanru had hit her!

Qu Wanru was going to find Jin Yanchen!

What about Jin Yanchen?

Ruan Xihan's pitch-black eyes rolled about, and wherever she went, she would come in contact with that familiar tall figure.

She tried to move her lips, to make a sound.

"Jin... "Yan Chen …"

Her voice was hoarse and dry, and her voice was as cold as it used to be.

There was no sound at all. Ruan Xi Han was a bit disappointed.

She opened her mouth again, her voice a few notches higher than the last time. "There's …" People... "Really …"

Qin Ming had just hung up the phone when he heard a sound coming from the ward. He immediately rushed in and ran to Ruan Xihan's bedside before asking with a smile, "Miss Ruan, you're awake. I'll go inform San Ye right away."

"No need …" You... Pour me some water... "

Ruan Xihan smiled as she shook her head. There was a hint of a smile in her clear eyes.

Jin Yan Chen really didn't care about her, because she was very happy this way.

"Mm. Alright."

Qin Ming poured a cup of water for Ruan Xihan.

"Can you help me up?"

She had a smile on her fair face the entire time. The constant pain from her body was unable to dispel her emotions.

Qin Ming placed the cup of water to the side and gently helped Ruan Xihan up. Then, he asked softly, "Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? I'll get you a doctor. "

"No, I just lay there for a long time …" His body was somewhat sore … You'll be fine after a while... "Thank you …"

Ruan Xihan stretched out her hand to grab a cup of water as she spoke to Qin Ming with a smile.

"Alright, I'll go out first. Call me if you need anything."

On Qin Ming's swarthy face, there was a hint of a smile. His pitch-black eyes flashed with an unfathomable emotion.

Nodding lightly, Ruan Xihan sent Qin Ming off with her eyes.

At the corner of the stairs in the hospital, Qin Ming sneakily took out his cell phone and dialed the number he had just called.

"Hey, what happened again?"

An impatient female voice came over the phone. It sounded very gentle, but there was a faint sense of irritation in it.

"Ruan Xihan has woken up!" Just now. "

Qin Ming frowned slightly, but continued to speak in a low voice.

"What did you say?"

In front of the dressing table, Angel held onto her hair as a hint of astonishment appeared on her fair and seductive face. She then raised her eyes and asked hurriedly.

"She's awake, San Ye has left, and she's already awake. I haven't yet informed San Ye about her awakening, and news has also come from Ming Ren Sanatorium that Ruan Xi Han's mother is extremely serious and unable to return to this place within a short period of time. San Ye has already done far too many things for this woman, and I can't bear to watch him go down the wrong path."

Qin Ming reported the situation to Angel in detail.

Angel's face grew even darker, his eyebrows furrowed, his face as pale as paper. His body trembled like autumn leaves falling to the ground.

She had originally thought that after a period of time, if Ruan Xihan was unable to wake up, she would appear in front of Jin Yanchen.

After all, she was Jin Yanchen's first love, and such a thing happened to Ruan Xihan. The sad Jin Yanchen and her development would naturally come to fruition, it was just that she didn't expect that woman to wake up so soon.

"Aya, are you listening to me?"

Qin Ming asked in confusion when he saw that Angel didn't reply.

"I'm listening."

Angel's voice was serious, but a hint of determination could be seen in her eyes.

"I'll be in the vicinity of the hospital in 15 minutes. I want to see that woman, but I hope that Yan Chen won't know about this matter. Can you help me deal with it?"

Angel's voice was gentler than before.

"Alright, I'll wait for you. I'll take care of this for you."

After hanging up the phone, he turned around and walked out of the staircase.

Fifteen minutes later, Angel, wearing a eight centimeter red high heel and Dior's latest dress, with her long hair flowing like ink, walked slowly with a smile to Qin Ming.

"May I come in?"

Her red lips parted, and she exhaled like an orchid.

Qin Ming was a little absent-minded, but he still nodded his head quickly.

Doing things with Jin Yan Chen on his back was taking a huge risk. Even if he hadn't seen Angel for many years, he still didn't have the time to make small talk.

She smiled, then pushed open the door and went in.

With a tall and slender figure and elegant long hair, Qin Ming emitted a cool breeze. The fragrance of Chanel floated in the air, stimulating Qin Ming's mind.

Ruan Xihan was lost in thought as she gazed out the window. The moment she saw Angel, she became lost in thought.

How could there be such a beautiful woman in this world?

Her pretty hair was slightly fluttering, her eyebrows were long and slender, her eyes were full of desire, her nose was delicate and pretty, her cheeks were slightly red, her lips were alluring and glistening, her snow-white lips were sparkling and translucent like jade, her snow-like skin was strangely beautiful, her figure was slim, gentle and graceful, and incomparably enchanting, and her skin was radiant.

"Miss, are you looking for someone? I'm the only one in this room. "

Ruan Xihan's voice was slightly cold, but she quickly said, with a smile.

His smile was shallow, his eyes as bright as the stars were exceptionally bright, and there were a few patches of red on his unpainted cheeks.

Angel smiled and sighed secretly in her heart, "It can't be said that she is a genius, but she is extremely good-looking. She is just a bit petty, and is not worthy of Yan Chen's grandeur."

This was their first time meeting, and they evaluated each other in their hearts.

However, what Angel didn't expect was that Ruan Xihan was the one who had woken up from a serious illness and hadn't applied makeup for a few days.

"I was looking for you."

Angel smiled and walked slowly to Ruan Xianhan's window. She lowered her gaze and a hint of contempt could be seen in her eyes.

"Looking for me?"

Ruan Xihan asked in confusion.

How could she not remember knowing such a beautiful woman?

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