Flash Marriage: Husband is Awesome/C2 You Are so Shameless
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Flash Marriage: Husband is Awesome/C2 You Are so Shameless
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C2 You Are so Shameless

Jin Yanchen's deep black eyes flickered for a moment as the corner of his lips slightly curved upwards. His steel-like arm suddenly wrapped around the soft waist of the woman in his embrace. He turned around and domineeringly invaded Ruan Xihan's lips.

The man's heavy breathing immediately caused Ruan Xihan to panic. She wanted to push him away, but was held back by the iron arm. She could only passively allow Jin Yanchen to burn his smell and temperature on her lips …

After kissing her, Ruan Xihan was almost unable to breathe, but when he tried his best to calm his breathing, Jin Hongfei's expression wasn't very good, his handsome face was sometimes green and sometimes white, "Ruan Xihan, you are really shameless, you can't hook up with me, and you want to seduce my Third Uncle? Bitch! "


Jin Hongfei's third uncle?

Jin Yan Chen's expression was still as dark and unfathomable as before. His pair of deep black eyes did not show any signs of emotion, but on her face, there was an expression of interest.

Ruan Xihan bit her lower lip. In the next moment, her hand, which had originally been relaxed, tightened around his. This was a rare opportunity, so why not use it to the end?

"Third uncle, this is …" Jin Hongfei's face turned red, as if he couldn't say a thing. Three years ago, at his wedding ceremony, she had revealed a photo of her bed with an unknown man, causing him to lose all face. If not for Ruan Si's sudden rescue, he would probably have been a laughingstock among the influential figures of Luo City for the rest of his life.

"Third Uncle, big sister's private life..." "It's too complicated, you shouldn't get involved." Ruan Si also softly opened her mouth, causing Ruan Xi Han's expression to turn ugly for a moment.

It really was an unchanging move, secretly pointing out that her private life was chaotic?

Was a woman like her, a child of Little San, worthy of saying such words?

"No, I like it."

It was the first time he had seen a woman who had to be counted on the number of times she kissed him.

Jin Yanchen smirked, and the arm around Ruan Xihan's waist tightened a little.

Ruan Xihan was immediately like a vine as she tightly clung onto the tall body of the man. Her tone even carried a sweet and soft softness. "Darling, leave them be. Let's return to the room."

If she was angered to death by these two shameless people, she would earn big time.

"Uncle!" Jin Hongfei still wanted to say something, but was suddenly frightened by Jin Yanchen's cold gaze. Ruan Xihan turned his head with a smile and mouthed a 'Serves you right'.

After confirming that the two had reached a place they couldn't see, Ruan Xihan immediately released her hand and frowned. "Are you really his third uncle?"

Why had she never heard of such a person in the Jin family?

"Of course." Jin Yan Chen looked at her face that had instantly turned cold with interest, the light in his eyes slightly moving.

Ruan Xihan sensed a certain danger and simply took out a cheque, drew a considerable number, and stuffed it into the man's arms.

"Alright, alright. Here, take this as today's thank you gift. We'll pretend that we don't know each other from now on."

Ruan Xihan had no intention of getting involved with him, so they just didn't owe each other anything.

It was not a good thing to provoke such a difficult man.

Jin Yan Chen grabbed her delicate chin, "Miss Ruan, move 10,000, are you sure … Did you count them clearly? "

Ruan Xi Han froze for a moment, but still played with her messy hair. She stared at the man before her with her bright eyes and said, "I'm sorry, your kissing skill is too bad. I forgot to count. If you find the money too little …"

Before she could finish her words, her next provocation was blocked by a pair of ice-cold but extremely hot lips. Her eyes widened and she wanted to slap his devilish face, but she was firmly grabbed and unable to move at all.

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