Flash Marriage: Husband is Awesome/C24 You dare to Touch My Woman
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Flash Marriage: Husband is Awesome/C24 You dare to Touch My Woman
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C24 You dare to Touch My Woman

That familiar feeling made her heart soften. It was just that this was the Ruan Family. She was afraid that he wouldn't appear here! Ruan Xihan blamed himself for overthinking it.

However, everyone's eyes were on her. To be exact, it was the person behind her. In particular, Ruan Si Si's twisted face looked as if it was poisoned. It was sinister and malevolent.

It was as if Jin Yanchen didn't see the stares of those people. The chill on his handsome face was even heavier, and his dark pupils emitted a slight chill. It was sharper than a bone scraping knife. For a moment, everyone present was suppressed by his aura.

"Are you okay?" Jin Yanchen lowered his head and carefully helped Ruan Xihan up. His gaze and words were filled with tenderness, causing everyone present to be astonished.

It was as if she was the only one in the whole world who could not get close to Ruan Xihan.

Ruan Xihan's heart warmed as a wave of bitterness rose up from within her. She shook her head at Jin Yan Chen and then quickly lowered her head, so that he wouldn't discover her emotions.

How long had it been since she felt such care? She couldn't even remember for a long time.

Ruan Xihan sighed silently in her heart.

At that time, she was still the eldest young miss of the Ruan Family. Her father's love was probably the happiest time of her life. Time flew by, and now, she was no longer the eldest young miss of the Ruan Family, but a pitiful person who had been abandoned by her family.

Care? It was just an extravagant request!

"Who are you?" Jie He asked angrily.

This man who had suddenly appeared by Ruan Xihan's side was simply too radiant, and a surge of jealousy arose in Jie He's heart.

Why should she, Ruan Xihan,?

Jin Hongfei looked at the intertwined hands of Ruan Xihan and Gu Yanchen and unconsciously frowned. Disgusted and disgusted, his eyes drifted over to Ruan Xihan filled with hatred and disgust.

"So this is how your Ruan Family treats your daughter. I've finally witnessed it today." Gu Yan Chen directly ignored what Zhi He said. His pair of sharp eyes looked straight at Ruan Hua Hui. A terrifying aura emitted from his body as undisguised ridicule was slowly spat out from his thin lips.

"Ruan Family's business is not up to you, an outsider. If you don't want to cause trouble, then get out of here!"

Ruan Hua Hui's face was ashen. His chest heaved up and down as he stared at Gu Yan Chen with eyes filled with poison, as if he wanted to cut Gu Yan Chen into a thousand pieces.

What he, Ruan Hua Hui, wanted to do was not something that others could comment on.

Moreover, Jin Yanchen didn't care about everyone present, and didn't give him any face at all. How could he endure this?

When Jie He saw Ruan Hua Hui speak up for her, he immediately became arrogant. His face that was covered in flour was filled with pride and he even sent a provocative gaze towards Ruan Xi Han.

Ruan Xihan was not one to be outdone and immediately shot a blade-like gaze at Xie He.

"About your Ruan Family?" Jin Yanchen sneered, and an ice-cold aura spread out in all directions. Ruan Hua Hui could not help but frown.

"Otherwise?" Xie He really couldn't stand Gu Yanchen's arrogant appearance. He ignored Ruan Si who was beside him, and faced him with evil words.

"You little fox spirit, shut your mouth. It's not your place to speak!" Ruan Xi's heart immediately went back to the sect.

He could bully her, but he could also bully Jin Yanchen! Did he really think that she, Ruan Xihan, was a soft persimmon?

Jin Yan Chen looked at the little lion cub beside him with satisfaction, and a strange feeling emerged from the bottom of his heart. This feeling of being protected by a woman was also very strange, but he felt … Not bad!

"Sis, how can you say that about Mom!" Ruan Si comforted her mother while feigning grievance. "No matter what, she is still an elder. Elder sister, are you going to anger father to death like this?"

Ruan Si once again brought the topic up to Ruan Hua Hui. She didn't believe that Ruan Hua Hui could endure this.

"Ruan Xihan, am I being too lenient to you?" Ruan Hua Hui could no longer hold it back. With a face filled with disgust, he said, "Or do you think that just because you're my daughter, I can't do anything to you?"

Ruan Xihan had challenged his bottom line again and again, challenging his dignity again and again. As the Ruan Family's head, Ruan Hua Hui would not allow someone like him to appear in front of him again and again.

After Ruan Hua Hui said that, Jie He and Ruan Si put on a proud smile.

Ruan Xi Han laughed coldly and was about to retort, but was stopped by a pair of large and warm arms.

He heard the man slowly say, "What do you want to do with her?" It was a light and concise language, but it revealed an undisguised arrogance.

Exhaling a breath of air, Ruan Xihan felt that these words were probably used to describe someone like Jin Yanchen!

Looking at the pair of men in front of him, Jin Hongfei unconsciously clenched his fists, a hidden bitterness in his eyes.

Ruan Si saw that Jin Hongfei had been staring at Ruan Xihan and immediately became extremely angry. However, Ruan Huanghun was here, so she didn't say anything and could only roll her eyes at Ruan Xihan.

Ruan Xihan was too lazy to respond to him. Since she didn't feel tired, she could just keep flipping.

"Our Ruan Family is not a place where you can casually cause trouble! Men, kick them out! " Ruan Hua Hui's patience had already reached a certain limit as he pointed at Ruan Xi Han and Jin Yan Chen and roared.

One Ruan Xihan isn't enough, and there's even a man coming! Alright, I'll make sure you all never return!

And I'll let you know that my Ruan Hua Hui's authority doesn't allow anyone to challenge me!

Jin Hongfei saw that the situation was not looking good. Although he loathed Ruan Xihan, Jin Yanchen was his third uncle after all. If he didn't say something, he would lose face!

"Uncle, he's my Third Uncle!"

The calm words suddenly caused everyone to be stunned, especially Top Scorer. His eyes were wide open in disbelief.

Compared to Jie He's calmness, Ruan Hua Hui was after all, a person who had seen much of the world. Although he was shocked, his expression was not that obvious.

"Since you are Hongfei's third uncle, why didn't you explain earlier, in case there are so many jokes!" Ruan Huaihui forced a smile, wanting to break the awkward silence.

Ruan Xi coldly smiled. Changing her face was faster than changing the weather. It was such a pity if she didn't become an actor!

Jin Yanchen remained unmoved, his eyes never leaving Ruan Xihan's body, as if she was the only one in the world.

Ruan Huaguang was a little embarrassed, Jin Yanchen's insensible attitude made him a little angry.

But as a member of the Jin family, he couldn't say anything.

For a moment, the huge mansion was filled with a strange atmosphere, which was reflected by the Top Scorer.

"Hong Fei's third uncle, hurry, sit in the living room!"

After all, Jin Hongfei was her future son-in-law. In order to please Jin Hongfei, even if it was someone from the Jin family she had never heard of, she was willing to treat him warmly.

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