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It was only five o'clock in the morning when Ella woke up or better to say that she didn't sleep well because of her longing to see Damian again. It has been five years since he left for his job. The man worked as a pilot and was immersed in his work even though he didn’t need the money. For five years, she rarely talked to him, and his video calls were always quick. He was a busy man and she missed him so much!

“Good morning, Rebecca! Did you have a good night's sleep?” She greeted the middle-aged woman who had been serving her foster father for a long time. It was Rebecca who raised her up when Damian’s father took her under his care. Honestly, there were times when she wondered if Rebecca has a secret affair with Jack McBride, Damian’s father.

“You must be excited to see him,” Rebecca said.

“I am. It has been five years since he came home to celebrate Christmas with us,” Ella replied, and then she blushed at the thought that Rebecca may notice something else about her excitement. It wasn’t just Damian’s homecoming, but Damian himself!

“Right. It has been a long time. Well, why don’t you sit down now, Miss Ella? I will get you a glass of milk,” Rebecca offered.

“Milk? I am old enough to have coffee,” Ella refused to be served milk.

“Twenty is not old enough, Ella. Now, stop complaining and sit down!”

Ella just shook her head in disbelief as she waited for the glass of milk that Rebecca has prepared for her. When it comes to the woman, she couldn’t go against her words. After the death of her real mother, it was Rebecca who acted as her second mother, and she appreciated the woman’s effort so much.

“Here’s your coffee, Madame,” Rebecca teased her. “You might be allowed to have coffee now, but for Jack and Damian, you are still a child. Do you want to infuriate them?”

“Jack would never be angry with me, but I doubt about Damian. But who knows? He might be more open-minded than his father,” Ella reasoned out but Rebecca just snorted.

“Maybe if you will discard that mug, they would think differently about your maturity level,” Rebecca suggested.

Ella just smiled when Rebecca suggested discarding her favorite mug. The color was pink, and her name was written on it. “This mug is innocent,” she said.

“Do you want a sandwich?”

“Yes, please. With the chocolate spread,” Ella replied and Rebecca immediately prepared a sandwich for her. The whole family treated her like a princess, and sometimes, they complained about her stubbornness.

A few moments later, after she had finished the coffee and sandwich that Rebecca has prepared for her, she went out of the house. As expected, Jack McBride had his coffee at the pool while reading a newspaper. She approached the kind man and kissed his cheek.

“Good morning, Pop,” she greeted him. Although Jack instructed her to call him Daddy, she couldn’t bring herself to call him that. She liked to call him ‘Pop’ instead of Daddy, but soon, when she would become Damian’s bride, she would no longer hesitate to call him Daddy.

“It’s still early, Ella. Why are you already awake?” He asked, but before she could respond, he added. “Damian called last night. He can’t come home this year.”

Ella waited for the old man to smile and retract his statement. She expected it to be a joke, but Jack McBride didn’t smile. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Am I? Hmmm, you are right. I am just kidding,” he said and then he tried to dodge her pinch.

“You are mean, Pop!”

Jack took a deep breath and sighed. “You’re no longer funny, princess. Why did you grow up so fast?”

“Still, it is mean to tell me that he canceled his plan. You know how much I miss Damian,” she pouted her lips as she complained.

“Don’t you think it’s time to outgrow your fondness for my son? You are already twenty my dear, and sooner or later, Damian may marry someone else. You will get hurt,” he warned her.

Ella has always confessed her feelings for Damian to Jack. The old man was aware, and Damian was probably aware of it. Maybe, she was the reason why he didn’t like to stay at home. He preferred to travel with his friends…or probably, girlfriends.

“Don’t worry, Pop. I can assure you that it’s only an infatuation. I may also get a boyfriend sooner or later,” she stated and Jack McBride frowned at her announcement. “Enjoy your coffee, Pop. I will return to my room now to take a shower,” she said.

“Go ahead.”

However, instead of taking a shower, Ella just huddled in her room and waited for Damian’s arrival. Her bedroom was on the second floor of the house, but from her window, she could see the gate.

Damian was supposed to arrive on the 23rd but he wasn’t able to come. It was already the 24th and he was not yet home! Inwardly, she was worried he really changed his mind and wouldn’t join them for Christmas…just like the previous years!

They had dinner at seven, and gradually, she has lost hope that he would come. Ella sighed steadily as she waited by the window, and then there was a commotion downstairs. Rebecca ran towards the gate, and her heart almost skipped a beat when he recognized the man who just arrived!

Without thinking twice, she went downstairs! She was so excited to see him that she shouted for his name as soon as he entered the main door. “Damian!” She called his name out loud even though she was still at the stairway. He smiled at her, and it made her heart flutter. Then, she ran towards him and hugged him tightly. “I miss you! I miss you so much, Damian!” She didn’t care anymore if Jack and Rebecca were watching them.

“Hmmm, what’s up, kiddo?” He asked after he was surprised when Ella suddenly hugged him. His eyes widened in shock when she did it, and he was embarrassed when he glanced at his father who just shrugged his shoulders at the scene. Rebecca did the same. He was even more shocked when she kissed his cheek. He was taken aback because it didn’t seem right! He took a deep breath while trying to control himself. Ella was a woman and he was a man. Her actions were risky! However, he couldn’t scold her! He just stared at the young woman and said, “I miss you, too.”

“How long are you going to stay this time?” She inquired.

“Longer than before,” he replied.

“Really? I'm glad.” Ella smiled at Damian.

“Welcome back, son. Now that you're here, I'm sure our Christmas celebration would be fun!” Jack said excitedly.

Damian smiled at his father. Whatever the case, he's happy that Ella became part of their family. Although, her beauty may distract him anytime soon. Hopefully, it wouldn’t happen. “Dad, are you really happy to see me or not? You look sad,” he remarked as he approached his father.

“I am expecting you will bring someone tonight,” Jack said.

“Mmmm, don’t worry, I will bring her later,” Damian replied.

“Who?” Jack asked.

Damian looked at Ella first before he answered. For some inexplicable reason, he didn't want to hurt the woman. As much as she tried to hide her infatuations toward him, he was sensitive to other people’s actions and feelings. So, he knew. He was aware of how she truly felt. “My girlfriend,” he replied.

“You have a girlfriend?” Ella asked in disbelief, and when Damian nodded, her heart was broken into small pieces. She didn’t expect to get hurt on Christmas Eve!

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