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As she didn’t want to encounter Monique and Damian again, Ella decided go outside. She planned to get some fresh air by the pool area, but she got there, Rebecca and Jack were there. They seemed to be in a serious discussion, and once again, Ella wondered they have to whisper at each other whenever they’re alone. She cleared her throat to get their attention, and Rebecca immediately smiled upon seeing her.

“Why are you here, Ella? Aren’t you supposed to join Damian and Monique at the balcony?”

“I don’t like his fiancée,” she blurted out the truth.

“We understand sweetheart. Why don’t you let Damian know about your feelings?” Jack suggested.

“No way, it’s too risky to do that,” Ella said.

Jack took a deep breath and said, “If you won’t let him, you will continue to suffer. Don’t torture your own heart darling just to save your pride.”

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” she confessed.

“Go to sleep, dear. You need to clear your head before going to a battle,” Rebecca suggested.

“I didn’t sign up for a war, Rebecca,” she answered, and all three of them laughed out loud.

Ella followed Rebecca’s suggestions and went to her bedroom. The woman was right. She had to come up with a better plan on how to inform Damian that she adored him. She had do it right or he would despise her for the rest of their lives!

Inside her room, Ella tried her best to sleep as soon as possible, but her mind wandered elsewhere. If only she could teleport to the balcony, she would spy on Damian and Monique. She would check if they were kissing at the balcony, under the moonlight, while cold breeze were brushing their skin. Then, she shook her head to dismiss her the things she imagined! Damian wouldn’t do anything to disrespect their abode! He would just probably send the woman home after enjoying some fine wine.

However, what if they would kiss and become intimate at his car?

No, she couldn’t accept it either! Her mind was filled with wild thoughts about Damian and Monique, and as a result, she wasn’t able to sleep early. Her head was spinning when she was awakened by a bad dream, and then she decided to check on Jack. She dreamed about him, and he was crying!

When she reached his room, she knocked softly and waited when he would open it for her. Jack was a light sleeper and any sound coming outside would wake him up. She waited patiently but he didn’t open the door. She knocked again, and this time, it was louder. When she didn’t hear anything from the inside, she decided to fetch the key duplicate that Jack has entrusted to her.

Ella ran towards her bedroom to retrieve the key, and then she returned to Jack’s room as soon as possible. It was probably because of the dream why she was panicking but she felt that something was wrong. She took a deep breath before inserting the key to the doorknob, but her hand fumbled and she couldn’t focus. She took another deep breath and then she was able to it right.

“Pop?” She called out for Jack as soon as she entered, but he didn’t respond. “Pop?” She called again. Then, she walked faster towards his bed. She sighed with relief when Jack was still on his bed, and he seemed to be sleeping soundly. She was about to leave when her intuition stopped her from leaving.

She turned around and strolled closer towards Jack. He was so still in his bed, and at that moment, Ella became nervous. Her heart almost skipped a beat as she walked closer to him. The bed creaked when she sat on the edge. Then, she placed her finger below his nose.

Ella stilled for a moment while looking at Jack’s face. Then, a burning sensation radiated from within her chest. She tapped her chest to find relief of the agony she was feeling. For a moment, panic slowly took over when she couldn’t find a way out from her pain. She tried to contain her tears but it was difficult. Watching his lifeless form has suffocated her, and she screamed her sorrow!

“E-Ella, could it be…could it be -”

When he pushed the door open, she couldn’t care less. She was so focused in dealing Jack’s sudden death, but when he stammered as he spoke, she felt bad for him. “Damian…,”


Last night, he made plans with Monique to go sightseeing in the morning. He just got out of his bedroom when he heard Ella’s screams. He was about to visit her bedroom, but her voice came from another room; Jack’s room.

As he ran towards his father’s room, he wondered why Ella was crying so loudly. Then, he prayed that nothing has happened to his father. One of the reasons why he decided to settle down in Victorias City was to spend more time with his father…and Ella, too! Several months ago, he learned about Jack’s heart disease. He wanted to come home as soon as possible but he couldn’t! He was tied up with several contracts, and although he could afford the penalty for breaching those, he decided to honor them.

He pushed the door and his eyes widened upon seeing Ella on his father’s bed. Damian called his father’s name but he didn’t respond. Ella was unaware of his presence, too! Then, he noticed the stillness of his father’s chest. At that moment, he couldn’t move an inch. His body stood frozen at the door.

“Daddy!” Damian shouted as he ran towards the bed, then he looked at the woman whose eyes were filled with tears. “He’s not dead, right?” He was scared when he asked Ella, then the woman stood up to hug him.

“Damian….,” she called. “He’s gone. He died,” Ella sobbed continuously.

Damian went to check his father’s breathing to confirm Ella’s statement. She was right. Jack McBride was no longer breathing! As he stared at his face, he was guilty for not coming home earlier. Ella appeared to be strong but he knew she was breaking into tiny pieces. His father loved her dearly, and it would be difficult for her to deal with his death.

“Damian…what should I do now? He’s gone. He left me,” Ella cried.

Damian recalled his recent conversation with Jack last night, and he clenched his fist as he started to comfort her. “I am here. I will always be here for you,” he promised.

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