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Five Years Later…

"Hi Boss,” Ella smiled at the man as she sat down in front of him.

"What is this? Why? Why do you want to quit from your job, Ella?”

One question after another came out of the General Manager's mouth. She didn’t want to leave yet but she had to. She had to do something about her life. She had to do something about…Damian! “I just want to take a rest ,” she lied.

“How about utilizing your vacation leave? Why do you have to resign? You know that it will be difficult for me to get your replacement now,” the GM said.

“My decision is final, sir. If you're having trouble with my replacement, I can recommend one of my colleagues to replace me. Mark is good,” she recommended Mark to their boss but the GM just frowned and Ella has an idea why he reacted that way.

“He’s more focused on women that in his assignment!”

Ella shook her head to deny the man’s claim and reasoned out, “He is maybe a fuckboy but he’s good at his job, sir. If you don’t like him then you really need to hire a new one,” she told him.

“Miss Sullivan! Are you really that rich? Don’t care about work ethic? I’m sorry but I can’t receive your resignation letter,” the GM refused.

"I will pay for the damages for breaking the contract, sir. I will ask my attorney to handle it." Ella's statement further intensified her GM's anger.

"I know you are rich but surely, you can’t do this to me, Miss Sullivan!”

Ella chose to remain silent and did not scold the man so that the situation would not worsen. When the man left his office, she put away her belongings and immediately went home. As she drove home, the news from Damian’s fiancée continued to echo on her ears. The woman flaunted her huge engagement ring. Initially, she assumed that Monique would end up as one of Damian’s past lovers but Damian was really serious in taking Monique as his wife. It must be because of the woman’s status being the Mayor’s daughter.

It has been five years since they took Jack McBride to his final destination and since then a lot has happened in their respective lives. When she graduated in Business Management, Damian wanted her to work at his agribusiness. Damian managed the farm efficiently and within a few years, the company was able stay afloat, and became successful despite his lacking knowledge in farming.

Unfortunately, her interest for Damian has intensified. He was so near and yet so far. She couldn’t even tell him how she really felt without ruining their relationship. For several times, Damian has reiterated that he cared for her as his little sister. No more, no less. To add to her misery, every time Monique would visit, she could see them cuddling, and she could also hear how she would scream at night. Only God knows what Damian did to her.

When she got home, Damian’s car was not yet in the garage. He probably has a date with Monique and wouldn’t be home for dinner. Rebecca smiled at her but she has no energy to smile. She was heartbroken and restless because of Damian Mcbride!

After dinner Ella sighed loudly as she stared at the wall clock. It was past eight in the evening and Damian wasn’t home yet. While waiting for him to come home safely, she became even more restless.

It was almost midnight when she heard the sound of his car and she continued to wait patiently. Then, she calculated the time before going outside to confront him. She strolled faster to his room and knocked on the door like there was an emergency. However, he took his time before opening the fucking door! He immediately frowned upon seeing her.

“Are you crazy? It's twelve midnight for goodness sake, Ella!" Damian's voice rose slightly.

It's midnight. Well, she didn’t give a damn about the time. She arched her brows and narrowed her eyes at him. However it was too late when he realized something. He was half naked! Ella tried to look away but Damian got a hold on her shoulders and she was too close to him while he was only in his boxer shorts! The bulging part in front of it was very clear. Luckily it wasn't too bright in the hallway so she was complacent he wouldn't notice her reaction.

"So what? I just want to clarify something with you and it can't wait for tomorrow!" Ella told him.

“Whatever it is, we have to talk about it in the morning, Ella. I’m tired and I just want to take a rest now,” he refused to talk to her and turned his back from her.

"Oh no, it can't wait." Ella insisted.

"Really? Why, what's that? Ask me now so we can both rest. It’s already late in case you didn’t check your watch,” he stated.

"Are you really going to marry Monique?"

"Yes, the sooner the better. I'm already old so I want to have my own family. I'm sorry if I didn't tell you right away, but meant to tell you one of these days. Besides, you are already aware she agreed to my proposal five years ago,” he reminded her.

“I won’t allow it, Damian!” Ella’s voice rose which made Damian to frown.

"Look, your opinion doesn't really matter this time. It's my personal decision, Ella. It's my life so I hope you understand me,” Damian explained and without any further ado, he closed the door on her face.

She was hurt by his callous action -physically and emotionally! What did he say? Her opinion wouldn’t matter? If that’s the case, then she’s fine with it as long as he wouldn’t try to interfere with her decisions too!

While on her way to her bedroom, Ella decided to move on from Damian. She just realized that she has been hurting herself for something that was beyond her control. She should stop thinking about him, and she should stop considering him as her future husband. He’s getting married, so her wish wouldn’t come true in the near future.

In the morning, she woke up early. It's her first day on her all-out war with Damian McBride. Or rather say that she did not sleep all night. But instead of bursting into tears, Ella shopped online. New clothes, shoes and bags.

Wearing a very short denim shorts paired with a white t-shirt, she was humming a song while on her way to the breakfast room. Damian looked at her as he sipped his morning coffee, and she smiled at him.

"Good morning, Damian!" she greeted the man warmly who seemed surprised to see her outfit.

Damian frowned while staring at her. "Do you have a problem?" He asked Ella.

"Me?" Ella pointed to herself and shook her head. "Nothing, why do you ask?" Ella responded to the question and then called an assistant to brew her coffee mixed with milk.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Damian was annoyed with Ella's behavior since last night.

Ella just shrugged her shoulders as she smirked at Damian. "What's in my outfit that makes you annoyed? This is my usual clothes here,” she explained sassily.

“Go back upstairs and change!" Damian commanded.

"Why should I do that, Damian?" Ella stubbornly refused to heed his command.

"What is your problem?" Damian's voice rose because he wasn't comfortable seeing her in a revealing outfit.

"Just mind your own business, Damian." She told him to let her be.

"Fine," Damian said and quickly stood up and left.

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