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However, it was easier said than done. They finished eating their lunch and she wasn’t able to open the topic with Damian. He was focused on his food, and he ate with gusto. When it was time for him to return to his office, she had no choice but to accept defeat.

Inwardly, she thought of trying again later!

Ella patiently waited for Damian to come home, and she really looked forward to his arrival at the gate. When saw his car approaching the gate, she opened it for him. Damian lowered the window and asked her.

“Do you need anything from me? How much? ” Damian assumed she needed some money.

Ella glared at him and replied, “I don’t need money Damian.”

Damian was a little nervous at Ella's expression because he had a bad feeling. "If not money then what is it that you want?"

She took a deep breath first to get enough strength to tell the man what she wanted to convey to him. He couldn't be wrong because he was afraid that Damian might just laugh at him. "Marry me, Damian." Finally she also told her intention to the man.

Damian blinked his eyes several times and gave Ella a death stare. She immediately touched the woman's forehead because she might have just had a fever and was delirious. "You don't have a fever, what's your problem?" Damian's voice was full of wonder what had happened to the woman.

Ella was annoyed with Damian's reaction because she thought he was crazy or delirious because of the high fever. She slapped his hand that was on her forehead and looked at him wickedly. "I'm serious, Damian,” she claimed.

Damian laughed out loud and opened the door of his car and got out"Come on and let's talk inside," Damian said.

Ella took another deep breath and declared, “"I like you and I want to spend my life with you, Damian.”

Damian closed his eyes for a moment and was shaken hard. "Do you hear what you said, Ella?" Damian restrained himself from shouting at the woman because someone might hear them.

“What do you think of me, Damian? That I'm just crazy?”

"You know it's forbidden!" Damian's voice rose.

"Why is it not allowed? We're not blood relatives, Damian and you know that! ” Ella didn't budge and defended her proposal to the man that they would just get married.

"I'm sorry but I already have a girlfriend," Damian refused to listen to the woman and entered the house first. He heard Ella call out to him but he didn't turn around and sternly opened the door to the living room.

As she watched the man walk away, Ella frowned at her stance. She practiced all day on how to tell the man everything but she still failed because Damian preferred Monique. She secretly wiped away her tears and then followed the man.

When Rebecca called her to accompany Damian to dinner Ella refused and headed to her room. She has no appetite and just wanted to sleep. While lying on her bed, she was staring at the door because she hoped Damian would coax her but she just fell asleep waiting and nothing happened.


Damian was overwhelmed by the mountain of papers on his desk and he was not in the mood to focus on them so he put them away in a filing cabinet first. Finally, only his laptop was left on the table and the picture frame with Ella's photo when the woman celebrated her eighteenth birthday.

Damian sighed as he remembered what Ella had confessed to him last night. Or rather, what she demanded from him last night. With all the things he could give it, he didn't expect it to come out of her mouth. She suddenly demanded that the two of them should marry as soon as possible. Who wouldn't be surprised by what she said? What could the woman have eaten and suddenly lost herself?

Damian decided not to go home to their house. Fortunately, their headquarters has a penthouse. He had been with the woman at home for a long time but he never considered her different. Maybe it's time for him to give Ella the money set aside for her so they could live separately. Jack McBride loved Ella like a real child so he created a separate account. The woman also has a share in their farm but the woman has no idea about it yet. Jack wanted to keep it a secret, and he liked his father’s idea too.

He admitted he was physically attracted to Ella but that was it. It's a different story about marriage because it's for life. Because he was thinking deeply, he was surprised when Mori suddenly entered.

"Yes, Mori?"

"I'm sorry, Damian but she's really struggling to get in here." Mori apologized to Damian for not being able to stop the woman from entering.

"What are you doing here?" His eyes narrowed as Ella asked. Of all the acquaintances who could visit him, Ella was the last person he wanted to see.

Ella raised an eyebrow and answered Damian calmly. "I told you, Damian. If you don't want to marry me, I will marry any man who will agree to my conditions!"

"Ella, enough of this foolishness! What happened to you and you're so anxious to get married right away? You're still young!"

"I'm tired Damian. I want a family of my own!"

"You're crazy!" He yelled at her. How could he make her understand that marriage was a serious matter. Unlike food, if expired, it can be spit out. It's a lifetime commitment. Ella turned pale as he raised his voice at her. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. But, you're in too much of a hurry." Damian tried to explain why he was against her marriage.

"Nope, it's what I want and that won't change. If you don't want to marry me, help me find a man I'll like." She was determined. If Damian couldn’t like her, it’s his loss, not hers.

"I can't help you with that."

"Okay, fine. Then, I will do it myself!”

Ella was comfortable that it was not difficult to find a mate in her situation. She was young and beautiful, above all, rich! She would use the name Damian to entice Adam's descendants. "I'll just call James," Ella said and walked away from him.

"Ella!" He stood up and tried to chase the woman away quickly. "Why James? You like him too?" Damian was suddenly angry when he thought that the woman might also like his cousin.

"What do you care? Bye," Ella said and artistically stepped away from the man. What would Damian do if he just asked James for help?

"Damn you! Why are you so stubborn?" Damian shouted.

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