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C13 Eden

Father Luo had once said that the biggest problem with burning buns was that he had always imagined countless problems for himself. He would always torture himself until he was exhausted, and then, the brain would stop churning.

That night, Luo Liang's mind was tormented by his thoughts for an entire night!

He had thought of too many, too many, too many problems, and had analyzed too many, too many, and countless possibilities. It was a pity that he finally fell asleep exhausted. When he woke up, he realized that a lot of his analysis had already been sent to him.

Since he couldn't remember anymore, he might as well think about it in the future!

After washing up, just as Luo Liang was about to follow Old Ba Yi and send a group of nursery schools to the building site of the drug control memorial hall, a large car had already stopped outside the main gate.

It was Little Four. He smiled brightly when he saw Luo Liang, as if he was Luo Liang's best friend. "Deputy Chief Luo Liang is waiting for you at the office. Let's go!"

It was the first time he had ever been in a car like this, and it turned out that everything outside the window was much lower. There were also pedestrians and shopkeepers, who, even though they couldn't see through the window, would look inwards with curiosity and admiration.

With this feeling, Luo Liang had imagined countless times that the scene where he was riding a white horse had changed. That white horse had become a car!

When he saw Fan Ying, Luo Liang had a feeling that he could really afford to buy a car!

"The rough work in the nursery isn't suitable for you. Go to another place to work and help out in the Garden of Eden. I'll tell the accountant about the salary. I'll give you an increase of two thousand!"

These were the exact words that Fan Ying had said when he saw Luo Liang.

This is good!

First was the offer of two thousand yuan. It was as if Luo Liang saw his hope of buying an ordinary car. Of course, if someone were to tell him about the price of Dacheng at this time, perhaps he would reduce the definition of "ordinary car" in his mind by a lot.

The place where he worked was called the Garden of Eden. Luo Liang didn't even need to close his eyes before he heard countless melodious songs. As for the dancing ladies, they resembled the Arts Council members in his mind …

"What is the Garden of Eden?"

When they were back at Little Four's place, Luo Liang finally asked.

Hearing that, Little Four gave a meaningful smile and said: "It's Heaven, there are plenty of women, money, and all kinds of opportunities!"

Women, money and opportunities... Luo Liang couldn't think of any kind of heaven!

Fortunately, the paradise was at the end of the new city, the opposite of the nursery. It would only take a few minutes to drive from the development office to here. Even if he were to walk, it wouldn't take him that long.

Luo Liang stopped the car and saw a huge door.

Entering a six-storey building with a huge signboard on top of it that read "Eden Entertainment City", Luo Liang found out that he had arrived!

"The first floor is a casino, the second floor is a bar, and the rest are chartered rooms!" With that, Little Four brought Luo Liang to the main hall.

As soon as he entered, Luo Liang saw that the spacious hall was filled with huge tables of different sizes. At one end of the hall, a God of Fortune the size of a real person was being worshipped. He was smiling as he looked at his guests.

"It's still early, there won't be any gamblers!" As they continued with their introductions, Little Four brought Luo Liang through the hall and out the other side of the building.

The moment he left, Luo Liang's eyes lit up. In his eyes, it was the same reservoir as the one on the other side of the nursery. The green waves rippled, however, in order to make it greener and more beautiful. Then, on the shore of the lake, small and unique buildings stood one after the other, be it one-story houses or two-story small buildings.

Looking at Luo Liang, Little Four smiled faintly and said, "There are a total of 24 houses divided into 3 districts. You'll know who lives in there later!"

Saying that, Little Four took out his phone and dialed a number. "Where are you? Still sleeping? Hehe … I've brought him here, why aren't you coming out to seduce him? "

As he said that, he looked at Luo Liang from time to time and said, "He might be a new gun. If not, I'll take him back with me!"

New gun? What is a new gun?

Luo Liang did not understand. However, since he already had a lot of things he could not understand, he was too lazy to care about this new line of confusion. Otherwise, once his brain was working at full speed, he would be afraid of the problem and analysis that he could not stop!

After about ten minutes, Luo Liang saw a woman walking over from their path, "Little Four, you sent someone here so early. Do you know that it will affect my sleep …? "Damn that old pervert, it's one thing to torture Xiao Yezi and the others last night, but he actually made me watch him in the middle of the night. That tragedy …"

As he said that, a woman's silhouette appeared in Luo Liang's eyes. At first glance, she looked to be about twenty-five to twenty-six years old. Her eyes could not hide the fatigue in them and her face was pale.

However, it could not be denied that this woman was very seductive. She had a feeling that even Luo Liang could not describe.

If he had to force Luo Liang to say something, perhaps he would say: Her face is beautiful, her shoulders are beautiful, her body is beautiful, her legs are beautiful … But it was strange, like the goblins in the Four Great Classical Novels, Journey to the West!

As he thought about it, Luo Liang, who had always felt that his face was very lucky, suddenly felt his face heat up. His face began to burn.

On the other side, Little Four unrestrainedly looked at this woman before smiling and saying, "I've brought the person here. Boss Fan has already said that Yao is going to take good care of Luo Liang!"

Sister Yao …

Upon hearing these two words, Luo Liang's sword-like eyebrows trembled almost imperceptibly.

Fortunately, the woman called Sister Yao did not notice the change in Luo Liang's expression and had already placed her body on Little Four with an evil smile. "What happened? Little Four, are you suspecting that I can't take care of him? Do you want me to take care of you first? "

Saying that, this woman's lips had already crawled up Little Four's face …

Not suitable for children!

Facing this somewhat restricted level image, Luo Liang suddenly realized that he was no longer a child! Since he was no longer a child, he squatted down on the spot and started appreciating the sight of learning with all his focus.

Thus, he saw through Little Four's plan to deal with her. In the end, although he appeared gentle, he had actually pushed her aside. This proved Luo Liang's guess: Little Four did not like this woman's character! He should also feel that this woman was very demonic!

Fortunately, Sis Yao knew that it was enough. She immediately said 'hate' coquettishly to Little Four before shifting her attention to Luo Liang.

"Yo, young man, you have a good figure!" Elder sister likes it. I think you should come and cover this water farm! "

Hearing that, Luo Liang stood up with a frown and asked in a confused manner, "What is a water farm?"

Hearing his question, Yao Yao nodded her head in delight. After sizing up Luo Liang, she turned her gaze to his chest and said, "The Eden Plaza is divided into a water farm, a winery, and a gold market! Gold Yard was a casino. All he had to do was face those old gamblers. Wine Yard was a bar, but most of the people there were bored to death, starved to death, and sullen. Only the last one was the best! His little sister was from the alliance of the eight empires. If there were no guests, wouldn't it be as good as letting them be? "Hehe …

Luo Liang remembered that the first time he met the white cloth, this little girl had said that she or her Bai Clan could 'cover' Luo Liang. From this, it could be seen that the 'cover' of this place was very popular.

However, Luo Liang also believed that the 'barrier' mentioned by Bai Bu was very different from what Yao Lao was referring to now. Furthermore, it was very different!

Therefore, when she finished her sentence, Luo Liang's mind was in turmoil. He blinked and said, "Chicken nest?"

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