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C17 flash flood

Chu Tian was a little perturbed, he knew that continuing to chat would not produce any results, but instead made Mei Zi cry, which would be very bad, so he hurriedly said: "It's getting late, I'm going back, I still need to look up some information, and will not be staying at your house anymore, tomorrow you and Boss Fang can talk about it."

With that, Chu Tian stood up and patted Plum's shoulder.

Mei Zi stood up in disappointment. "Then be careful on your way back."

Chu Tian walked to the door, just as he was about to open it, Mei Zi suddenly threw himself into Chu Tian's embrace, hugging onto his waist tightly, his entire body trembling.

Chu Tian tensed up. Damn, if Fang Liang suddenly came out and saw him, that would be a huge problem. However, forcefully pushing away the plum was not appropriate either. Just now, he had almost cried. This push might cause a flash flood.

Thus, Chu Tian gently patted Plum Blossom's back to comfort her, and even lowered his head to kiss her face.

The effect of this wasn't bad. Mei Zi slowly calmed down and let Chu Tian go. Her face was covered with tears as she stared at Chu Tian: "I'm sorry, I went too far. I shouldn't have made things so difficult for you. I'm sorry ?"

Chu Tian had never been one to take advantage of others, and upon seeing Plum Blossom like this, he was moved. He couldn't help but hold Plum Blossom's face and kiss it deeply ?

After a long while, Chu Tian finally let go of Plum Blossom and smiled: "Good girl, rest. Big Bro Liang will definitely be thirsty at night after drinking too much, get some water for him to drink."

Seeing that Chu Tian took the initiative to do this, Mei Zi felt much more at ease. He looked at Chu Tian affectionately and nodded his head.

Chu Tian then opened the door and left.

After exiting the cave, Chu Tian found out that it was raining outside.

In this foreign land's autumn night, Chu Tian's heart surged with a faint melancholy as he thought back to his homeland.

In the far north, autumn was always so frightening, the autumn seeped into every leaf, the sun shone over the golden fields, and the autumn rain soaked every inch of the earth.

Chu Tian liked the autumn in the north. The autumn in his hometown made him feel pain in his heart, that kind of happiness and bone-piercing pain.

Walking on the streets of the River City during the rainy night, there were very few pedestrians.

Walking alone in the slightly cold autumn rain night in a foreign land, Chu Tian's heart surged with boundless loneliness.

Where is tomorrow? What would the future be like? If I don't stay in my hometown, why would I go to River City that is thousands of miles away? Chu Tian suddenly had a huge loss for the future.

Chu Tian walked along the road aimlessly, letting the autumn rain sprinkle on his body. When he passed by a barbeque stall, he suddenly felt hungry.

Chu Tian stopped and looked at the barbeque stall. A guy around his age was using all his might to fan the fire with a broken fan. His face was covered in charcoal dust, and when he saw Chu Tian coming over, he quickly greeted him.

Behind the oven sat a young woman, stringing meat on a stick.

No doubt this is a couple barbecue

Hearing that the young man had an accent of a northerner, Chu Tian immediately felt a sense of familiarity and ordered some meat skewers, then started to chat with the young man after he had finished roasting them.

They came to the south to look for work after only 2 months of marriage. They didn't have any specialties and couldn't find a suitable job, so they just bought a barbecue furnace to sell. They didn't dare to come out during the day, so they left the stall at 7 o'clock in the evening and closed the store at 2 o'clock in the morning.

Chu Tian couldn't help but admire this couple's courage. If it was him in their place, he definitely wouldn't have been able to endure such hardships.

Chu Tian said: "You've just gotten married and you've already left your hometown for such a long distance, do you feel bitter about it?"

"Hur hur, what do you think?" "Actually, it depends on how we compare the hardships. Compared to those who live in villas and eat delicacies, we'll have to compare ourselves with those old and young men who live facing the earth and face the sky. The two of us can earn 300 yuan a day, and we'll be much stronger than them."

It was just a few simple sentences, but it revealed the thoughts of an outsider. Chu Tian suddenly realised that the theory came from the most ordinary of practices, and being ordinary was also a type of greatness.

Chu Tian raised his head and looked at the drizzling and misty night sky, and his heart couldn't help but brighten up.

On the way back, Chu Tian's mood became much better.

It was already eleven o'clock when he returned to the dormitory.

Sister Meng should be resting now to see if there were any messages from her. Chu Tian had actually planned to test her ethereal, dream-like identity tonight. It was too late, looks like it was unbearable.

The moment Chu Tian went online, a cup of hot coffee was sent to him. "Honored Director, it's autumn rain and you've returned home. It's been a long time, please enjoy a cup of coffee to warm you up."

He was still dreaming, which made Chu Tian very happy. "Elder Sister, did you go back to Wu Zhou?"

As if in a dream, Xu Tingsheng said, "No, there's a change in the way we're going. There's one more thing I need to do, so I'll be back in a few days."

When Chu Tian thought about it, it seemed like he wasn't going to participate in the training with Fang Liang, and the timing didn't match.

Chu Tian continued: "I didn't work overtime tonight. The boss invited me to his house for dinner, it had just ended."

"En..." Your boss came back from a business trip? "

It seemed as if he really knew nothing about Fang Liang's meeting.

Chu Tian said, "Yes, I came back before dinner today."

At this time, Chu Tian had already judged that this was the previous Lady Boss's idea, but he still wanted to give it a try. "Elder sister, can you tell me your name?"

The previous Lady Boss's name was Zhang Xiaoyun, if he directly asked for her name, he guessed that she wouldn't tell him that she liked to roam in the virtual space. He might as well ask her name first, because if it was 3 words, he would ask for her surname.

"What are you doing, big brother? Checking the account number?"

"How can that be? I've just learned the word test from the internet, so I'm going to use you to test my abilities."

"Hur hur, my name is only 2. Let's see when we can transfer."

Chu Tian's heart had gone completely cold. It was not so coincidental to start with, but now he had given up.

Chu Tian could not help but laugh at himself for being so arrogant. He did not even need to use the word test, as if he was still living a dream, "Let me check if this software is good or not, if it's good, then I'll try it. If it's bad, then I'll not do it anymore."

"Fine, it's raining in River City now, and it's still in Peace City. I think I'll need to go back the day after tomorrow to finish what I need to do."

After his plan failed, Chu Tian was disappointed. He then asked sleepily: "It's already so late, why aren't you sleeping?"

"I'm busy with something. If you're tired, then rest early."

Chu Tian went offline after bidding farewell to Floating Dream, feeling that it was childish and laughable that the world was so big and the sea of people so vast. How could there be such a coincidence for him to meet such a world?

As the weather grew colder, the number of guests heading north gradually lessened. More and more customers began to arrive from the south, and the company's reception desk was filled with an endless stream of customers coming to consult with them every day.

They were all random guests and had nothing to do with Chu Tian's Marketing Department. Chu Tian was in charge of the big client, which was the tour group.

These days, Chu Tian was more or less familiar with his position, the people of Marketing Department were in position, and the new management evaluation system was successfully implemented with the support of Fang Liang and Mei Zi. All kinds of marketing initiatives were started, and the progress was good.

Other than capturing employees and conducting business management examinations, Chu Tian also took the initiative to develop new customers. He gave the Old Customer s to the employees to do, and did not compete with his subordinates for customers. This was a principle that Chu Tian had always followed for many years. As such, the brothers and sisters of the Marketing Department started to have a good impression of Chu Tian.

These few days were rather busy, he had run errands during the day, and when he returned at night he was very tired. As soon as he laid down on the bed, he would fall asleep and did not even want to eat. Floating Dream understood this very well. She would often ask Chu Tian on WeChat to pay attention to the combination of work and effort, to properly organize his work and life, and to pay attention to his body.

Ever since that dinner at Fang Liang's house, Plum Blossom had restrained herself quite a bit. When she was together with Chu Tian, her provocative gaze was not as presumptuous as before.

Fang Liang was still the same, going on a business trip everyday, the company's affairs were basically managed by Mei Zi.

Plum Blossom did not stay at home. She asked Chu Tian to come over a few times to eat dinner, but Chu Tian politely declined his invitation. Plum Blossom did not force him, as she often bought some delicious food and placed it on Chu Tian's table.

After the last conversation with Mei Zi, Chu Tian had a better understanding of Mei Zi. Sensing Mei Zi's complicated and helpless emotional world, he had more respect and reverence for her in his heart, since Mei Zi was his boss after all, he wanted him to stand at attention. To be able to do this to his superior, what else was there that he wasn't satisfied about?

After Chu Tian finished the work at hand, he often went to Plum Blossom's office to report. After communicating with them, the relationship between the two gradually became harmonious.

Plum Blossom knew a lot about the River City's tourism industry and would often chat with Chu Tian. Chu Tian gradually understood and understood more about the competition between the local industries.

It was the first time Chu Tian had seen the ghostly weather in the south. The autumn rain lasted for more than two weeks, and was still dripping down the ground.

At noon that day, after Chu Tian finished all the work at hand, his stomach started to growl.

Chu Tian rested his chin on his hands as he looked through the glass window at the rain, the cars on the street and the various men and women passing by.

The autumn rain left irregular curves on the glass, and the scenery outside began to fall apart.

Chu Tian was in a daze, but suddenly a familiar figure appeared in front of him. The figure crossed the road and walked straight to the main entrance.

This figure was Ye Na!

Chu Tian's heart skipped a beat. What was Ye Na doing here?

Just as he was thinking, Ye Na pushed open the door and entered.

The receptionist politely greeted Ye Na: "Nice to meet you Madam. We welcome you to the Chinese tourism.

Ye Na laughed: "I'm looking for your Marketing Department's Director Chu."

While talking, Ye Na's eyes swept over to Chu Tian who was seated at the window and walked over.

Chu Tian had nowhere to go, so he sat there motionlessly as he looked at Ye Na.

Ye Na's complexion now looked good. Wearing a work attire with a deep blue and white collar, with her hair tied up in a bun, she looked a lot more mature.

Seeing Chu Tian, Ye Na had a complicated look in her eyes, but she quickly recovered and said softly: "Why are you always staring at me? Don't invite me to sit down? "Is there anyone who treats their guests like this?"

Chu Tian stood up, led Ye Na to the guest room and sat down, poured a cup of water for Ye Na, and sat opposite him. He said expressionlessly: "Madam, please have a drink."

Ye Na looked at Chu Tian, and lightly pursed his lips: "You've recently lost weight, and your body's not good, but you're still busy with work?"

Chu Tian snorted softly, "What does my fat body have to do with you? I'm really too worried about you."

Ye Na pursed her lips again: "Yes, you're right. All of this has nothing to do with me, but it's fine if I ask you about it, right?"

Chu Tian said straightforwardly: "Don't say so much. Speak, why are you looking for me?"

"I can't look for you just because I'm fine?"

"In my company, there is a rule that we are not allowed to chat during work hours."

"Come on, stop fooling me with this. It's time to eat after work. Let's go out and eat nearby, okay?"

"If you want to eat, go eat by yourself. I'm not hungry right now."

Ye Na looked at Chu Tian with hidden eyes: "I know you're still hating me, I'm not blaming you, and I'm not angry. I know that maybe you're right to hate me, it's just that I ?"

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