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C1 Chapter -1

Welcome Dear Readers , Myself Nella Fernandez. Now, you all might be guessing what I am doing here. Basically by profession I am a doctor and in my free- time I love to read books of any genre. I don't have any specific loving genre. Now, the problem is I am a doctor not officially but unofficially and I want that to be officially for which I need money to complete my degrees in doctorate field. About my family status, seriously I am unknown; cause, I don't know who my parents are , whether they are alive or dead. I don't know anything about it. I grew up and was taken care of by an old lady. She too doesn't know anything about my parents as she found me just at the airport one day. From that time she adopted me as her own child. Now, she too is seriously ill , admitted to the hospital and I need to take care of that. To be honest I am living in a rented house of which I have to only take care of. Just fully stressed with everything. Also, tomorrow is my new job interview for Clinton's Company. Let's see how it goes.

Other Side_ [Clinton's Mansion]

In a huge room a very good looking handsome man was in his night suit sitting on a chair near the study table. Working on his laptop with full attention. Exactly this is only Noah Clinton, a very famous personality. But , the problem is his full mansion was filled with workers and maids. And so Noah lives alone in his huge mansion. As he was working on his laptop, a phone rang! Noah picked the call while still he didn't leave his typing work on the laptop.

“Hello! Who is this?" Noah said in an icy tone.

“Mr. Clinton, I am secretary Bai. Actually, for tomorrow's interview we got so many forms for being your assistant and mostly of them are girls! Should I remove some?" Bai replied in a little trembling tone.

“No need to do. I will deal with them myself. Just make sure in them no one is from a doctor related field or study! If I found out that you know very well, what consequences it can be. Am I clear?" Noah said in a very strict tone like he was very concerned about this sentence.

“Yes Mr. Clinton, I will take care of it” Bai replied.

As Noah was done with his work it got very late , basically the time was 2:00 am so by here we can see Noah is a very workaholic person. While Nella was no more less then him she too was very concentrative in her own way. Tomorrow they were going to meet each other face to face. What will happen ahead? Let's see…….

Next morning!

Nella was actually sleeping on her table where yesterday she was working. Her alarm ranged, she dragged her hand towards it and switched it off. While her condition was still very tiring. Due to overworking late at night.

Nella's POV

Come on Nella! Wake up, it's your day and I am seriously being like a lazy pig. But to be honest, I had only two hours sleep, so how am I gonna be attentive? during the interview and work! Please god send someone in my life who will take up all my stress , work with him/her. Okay, enough of my imaginative drama I am going to freshen up then will see what can be done further!

Noah's POV

Today, I will deal with these bunch of idiot girls. Like seriously? How can they even think I will qualify them on their looks when they don't have a single percent ability to work except flirting. And that too with Noah Clinton? Never Ever! I won't let any girl come close to me. No matter what happens. In case by any chance, If it happens also I promise; Will say publicly that I, Noah Clinton, can actually fall in love! But this day will never come. Anyways, let's see my schedule for today's interviews.

Noah took the coffee and with it he started looking at some documents. As he was already well dressed.

While Nella was a little clumsy for today, she skipped breakfast and took the book for reading while traveling in the bus so that after she is done reading it, she gets free time at night to write reviews for it and summit that to the library for publishing.

[Author: Well that's for today! I hope you liked it. Somehow I managed to publish it. Let's see what happens ahead in Noah and Nella's journey. I am so excited to write about them. Many secrets are gonna be disclosed in upcoming chapters so stay tuned!]

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