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C10 Chapter -10


It was Thomas on the door and from him the smell of alcohol was stinking from far away! Nella made a distance with him and said, “What the hell Thomas!! You are drunk? And what is this manner to come to any girl's house after drinking in a toxic state? You are a doctor and you yourself aren't following the rules of doctors".

Thomas smiled and said, “Nella! You didn't tell me before that you had a boyfriend? Did you? No. Then why do you care for this? I thought that your grandmother's death would be so depressing for you, in fact I was too worried about seeing your condition in hospital, and after you ran from there I thought it would be dangerous for you so I followed up but after that what I saw was totally shocking! You were just enjoying it with a boy? Is this right?"

Nella was stunned by his words, as he misunderstood her but in her current state nella was helpless to do anything. But then again, someone stood beside the door huffing. Due to the dark, the shadow was only seen. Nella and Thomas both went near to see who it was.

And they saw it was Noah.

“Noah? What are you doing here?" Nella said with a surprised face.

“Ah, Nella you forgot your phone in my car, so I thought maybe in this your important information can be so I thought to give it."

“Thanks... Noah" Nella took the phone from Noah's hand, when Noah noticed Thomas beside her and of course the alcohol smell which was stinking from him.

“Um, I smell something bad here, is someone drunk?" Noah said this by looking at Thomas he further Continued, “Nella, Who is this guy beside you?"

Nella became nervous about this and said, “This is Thomas, he was doing my grandma's treatment in the past days, today I don't know how he has been drunk like this!" On the other side Thomas was fuming in anger seeing Noah and he couldn't stop himself from giving him a punch on his face..

Seeing this Nella shouted, “NOAH!!!".

At which Thomas gave a reply, “Don't worry Nella he isn't dead. Don't be so lost in his Fake Love".

Noah turned up and said,“Excuse me but you are mistaken I am not her boyfriend or something it's just she is my assistant in the company and seeing her like I thought to help her out, nothing more."

Thomas again laughed loudly and said, “Seriously? Just shut it up! Having a love affair secretly, and showing that we are just working partners in company! And you Nella, I didn't expect this from you at least just now your grandma has passed and you? Just chilling around freely. Shame on you!"

Nella at this without taking any chance slapped Thomas very hard.

“ENOUGH! You had ENOUGH!! Without even thinking twice just speaking out anything, When Noah told you that's it nothing like you are thinking why don't you understand? Let me make it again clear for you, that like you didn't expect this from me in the same way, I too didn't expect this thinking about me from you. Now please, leave from here I don't care whether you are in a good state or not JUST LEAVE!"

Thomas heard this from Nella and again he felt bad so he said, “Oh yes, of course then you both can have a good time without any disturbance. Then let me tell you Nella , I am not going to leave from here till tomorrow's morning".

Noah was quietly seeing and hearing both of their conversations and couldn't hold back to speak up something!

“Yes, I think Thomas should stay here. He is not in a good state. He can rest. I will be going from here now".

“No! You won't. The one who will leave from here is Thomas." Nella said it while picking her grandmother's photograph.

Noah was confused by both of them so he took Thomas hand on his shoulder, moving forward to the sofa. He made him sleep on the sofa while Thomas was being irritated by this. Thomas was not fully attentive by his mind so he was just there.

Nella saw all this and said, “Why are you doing this? He just now insulted you and as far as I know you hate doctors? And Thomas is a well known doctor in this country".


New chapter is coming soon
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