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C2 Chapter -2


Nella was standing at the bus stop with a book in her hand which she was reading with very focus. The people around her started staring at her and it was obvious for them to stare like that. Soon the bus arrived and Nella closed her book for a while until she got a seat in the bus. After, she settled in the bus again. She took out her book for reading again and this time she took headphones along with it to listen Music. So that she doesn't get distracted or sleepy while reading.

While on the other side, Noah's car was ready for going to company. Noah was well dressed wearing a long coat reaching till his knees which was of black color and glasses too of black color sparkling on his eyes. Overall he was looking very handsome. He got inside the car for going to the company.

Nella reached her place near the supermarket. Now from here she had to take a cab for reaching out the company. Nella quickly booked a cab and was all set to go.

After a few moments. Both of them reached at the front of Clinton's Huge Company!

“Huff! Thanks for driving me here sir, here take your money now I will get going!" Nella said this as if she felt a kind of relief after reaching that place.

The driver after taking the money went from there.

And as Nella turned to go towards the company. A huge crowd of girls got Gathered. Which made Nella feel suffocating.

And from behind a white shining car came from which the person who got out of that car was none other but only ‘Noah Clinton'. His bodyguards made up some space for him to go inside the company. But what happened after that was shocking!

As Nella wasn't getting space to go out from that crowd so her eyes got on the eye which wasn't far from her and she just tried to reach out near the white car which was of Noah Clinton. She stood up on the car's top and jumped down which made everyone's attention on her including Noah too. Actually she didn't mean to drive Everyone's attention to her. But the main motive was to get out of the crowd and get inside the company.

"Umm , Sorry everyone actually I wanted to get out of crowd so had to this Idiotic things. Anyways, I will get going inside the company. You all can continue now." Nella said with a slight nervous sign on her face.

As she started to move out from there. Noah stopped her.

“Excuse Me! You just now stepped on my car. Is it a good manner? I mean at least apologize to me but you are just going to leave it like this as a mess" Noah said in a cold tone with a smirk on his face.

Listening to this sentence, Nella got very furious. She threw her bag on the ground, and a book with headphones to a girl who was standing near her.

“Listen Mister Noah Clinton no matter you are the owner of this company, no matter how much famous personality you have for me it's same how people will treat me same way treatment I will give them. And for your kind information I apologized, if you didn't hear that then please go for your ear check up!" Nella said this in a very bossy tone while clenching his collar of coat.

“Oh come on! I know you just want to have my attention like other girls here and now making excuses" Noah replied.

Nella ignored it while taking back her things from the girl and picking up her bag from the ground. She again went near Noah and patted his chest like she was sticking something up there. That time Noah ignored it and got inside the company after Nella went from there.

Inside the office!

Noah's POV

It's true she apologized one time then why I stopped her and said that nonsense. In Fact I think I was trying to seek her interest in me. And her attitude is really something not like other girls , she knew me still didn't stop to talk right for herself. Cool! Ah damn, Noah stop thinking about this girl you have to Judge interviews today for many girls which is very annoying!

[ Author: Here it ends our second chapter. Let's continue to the next chapter]

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