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C3 Chapter -3


Noah was present in the meeting room with many sub heads there sitting. Noah too had a seat at the front base as he was only going to take all the interviews today.

While others' opinions will be also taken in consideration, so they will be just giving out marks. Soon each one of the candidates were coming inside for their interview.

Now, it was the turn of Nella where she was still busy with her reading book. All were stunned looking at her like she dared to talk to Noah in that way! And now she doesn't have any fear of that.

After a few minutes, A loud voice came from the meeting room which was the name ‘Nella Fernandez Please come inside'. It was not in an angry tone nor happy but an icy tone like as usual noah sounds. After hearing her name, nella quickly rushed towards the meeting room.

“May I come in sir?” Nella said in a smooth tone.

“Ah sure! Do come inside Nella". Noah replied by nodding his head.

As Nella Came inside , Noah's eye got on her and recalled all things that happened between him and Nella.

“You!" Noah said in an angry tone.

“Yes sir any problem? It's me Nella Fernandez, Nice to meet ya!" Nella said this like nothing serious happened between two as if she forgot everything that happened a few hours back.

Noah was shocked by her response, like the way she was there outside and like she was behaving now! He couldn't resist himself and told her to let's start the interview. While the interview was going Noah didn't ask her any questions but all sub-heads were asking her. Noah was only observing her like the way she was answering each question gracefully. Noah was very impressed by her in himself only.

As it was going, one sub-head interrupted in between and asked Noah to ask some questions to Nella as he didn't ask any questions to her till now. While to others he was asking very frequently.

At this point Noah came out from his dreamland imagination and nodded them with a yes sign.

“So, Miss Nella, I have only one question for you as others have asked the basic questions" Noah said.

“Sure thing! Go ahead please Mr.Clinton".Nella replied with a great smile on her face.

“What will be your reply to a person who is intentionally pointing out a mistake for which you have already apologised! And that person will be none other but your boss!" Noah said with a smirk on his face.

“Well, position doesn't matter that much and if I apologised earlier it would be a waste to just find out my mistakes intentionally. Moreover, I treat people in the same way they treat me , it doesn't matter if they are from poor or wealthy backgrounds, all are equal to me. And I am not a person who will keep quiet , I fight for myself nor do I have any fear that whether the opposite person is very cold or dangerous it's the same for me". Nella said this with full confidence.

When listening to this answer, everyone was very surprised and astonished by her reply. They all clapped for her courage.

“Great, said Miss Nella" you can go outside now! And wait for the results. Thanks for coming here" Noah said with a naughty smile on his face.

At this Nella bowed towards everyone and went outside! While coming outside she again started reading the book while sitting at the chair.

On the other side in the meeting room they all were discussing whom to choose as Noah's assistant where every sub- heads wanted to keep Nella as the Assistant of Noah. So they all chose her by giving her the highest marks. Now, everything depends on Noah whether he will choose her or not.

Noah asked every sub-heads to excuse him for some time. He wants to talk to Nella in private and then will declare his final decision on her approval for being my assistant or not.

Everyone nodded their heads.

Seeing this Noah left from there to his private cabin and asked one of the staff members to let nella inform for coming here as he wanted to meet her in my private cabin. He also told him to take her with him as she is new so might not know the way. The staff member nodded to him with an agreement and went from there. And Noah was now waiting for her to come there.

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