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C4 Chapter -4


On the other side, that staff member went to a public sitting hall where all candidates were sitting waiting for results to come. There he went and asked out who is Nella Fernandez! When Nella heard her name she stood up and said “Here it's me Nella Fernandez! Something important?"

Hearing this, a staff member replied“Yes, please follow me to the boss's cabin".

Nella nodded her head and followed him. While on the way she stopped him by coming in front of him with her hands folded together and her eyes were full of confidence and coldness!

“Excuse Mister! I didn't say anything there not to make you feel down. But that doesn't mean you will just order me to follow and I will do the same! At Least before that you should have introduced me to who your boss is, like this I don't meet any stranger!" Nella said with full confidence.

“Actually, Miss I didn't tell you because I thought you had known Mr. Clinton as he interviewed you but I am sorry for that without informing , Also he told me to take you with me as you are new so might not know where his private cabin is". Staff member said it with a face down.

“I see. So he is Mr. Clinton only, Anyways no problem you don't need to bother and can leave to do your work. I can go to his cabin by myself , trust me. Also, rest assured you won't get any punishment for this". Nella said while giving him a slight smile.

Staff member nodded his face with nervousness and went from there.

Nella's POV

Seriously? What this guy thinks of himself. Firstly not giving results quickly and second see his attitude I have wasted my whole four hours for this. Otherwise my writing reviews for a book would have been done easily. I am doing and tolerating this much only to complete my degrees nicely and become an official doctor. But this Noah Clinton has a problem with a doctor also that if someone is from the doctorate field he would just directly disqualify that person without seeing his/her experience, knowledge and capabilities. And thanks to myself I checked this earlier and hid all my personal details, only gave the fake document's. Anyways, let's search for this attitude person cabin.

Nella started checking each room board on which it was written which cabin it was about. Like this, soon Nella found Noah's cabin. Now nella became a normal person and walked towards the cabin.

(Knock knock)

“Please Come in!" Noah said with a loud voice as usual.

Nella opened the door and went inside while locked the door from inside and threw her stuff on the sofa on the other side. And went close to Noah.

“Wait!... You came Alone how? I mean how did you know this is only my cabin?!"

“Come on Mr. Clinton, I am not an Idiot. At the door a board is sticked to identify which cabin it is. So, don't try to act too innocent"

“Oh yeah, for that you are clever on another level. Well, I just called you to ask if you will be my assistant so, what progress you can bring to me and my work"

“You really want to hear this answer? Mr. Clinton"

“Of course go ahead"

“Don't regret later. So basically I will firstly let your attitude change and treat you the way as a normal person, not as a boss. Secondly, you will have to listen instead of I will listen to you. For important matters where necessary I will take your advice or I will manage myself. And lastly, never try to boss around me, which I really hate. Be in limits as boss or else I am very much on myself to change you. Don't take me lightly. Because I Nella Fernandez is Impossible to fall into anybody's trap. Overall in one sentence I will make you change your personality wholesome"

“Uff! This much anger and attitude and if I don't choose you only as my assistant then where will you have to donate this much higher level of confidence"

“Pardon, but let me make it clear to you! It's you who asked the question first about if I am going to be an assistant, it's you who called me to your cabin. So I don't have any doubt on you and on your confidential capability level. Now whether you choose me or not depends on you! I have many companies to join after I get out of here. For which I don't have any regrets. Hope this makes a clear clarification for you"

“I see you are really a bossy lady!"

“Pardon again! I am not a lady but a young girl whose age isn't like a lady nor am I married"

“Don't worry soon you gotta be a lady by marrying someone as seeing by your bossy personality many guys will obviously fall for you".

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