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C5 Chapter -5


Nella on hearing this became quiet and by looking at her face it was fully seen how much in anger she was. Question was why didn't she speak anything till now!

“So? Why did Miss Nella suddenly become silent after hearing the word ``marriage''? Is someone there in your heart for this! Or breakup? Something like this is going on in your life! Noah said with a very teasy tone".

“Shut up!!! Mr.Clinton! Enough is enough I said previously too don't test my patience or….." Nella said this in a very loud angry voice and stopped.

“Or what miss nella?! Tell please"

Nella picked up a hot coffee cup which was placed on the table of Noah and threw it upon Noah's hand!

“Ah! Ouchhh! Damn my hand ishh! My hand is burning. What the hell are you doing? Are you out of your mind?"

“This is my “or" you asked, I said previously also to you but no, Noah Clinton is very strong in his words and therefore, it forced me to do this. I hate the word love relationship, I hate the word marriage, and I hate the people sugar coating me. You crossed all these so better you had a result for it".

“You…!! Just wait Nella Fernandez just wait, i will torture you in the same way! Which will be forever remarkable for you".

“Torture and me? Seriously, these both words don't suit me. Well then too, I will be waiting, let's see," Nella chuckled while looking at Noah.

“Ahhhh! My hand is really burning and now my head too. Please, please leave from here right now!!"

Nella saw his hand which was fully turned into red. She pushed him towards the chair to sit down!

“Hey! What are you really doing Nella Fernandez? Do you want to really murder me? Then let me make it clear to you I have my security cameras here and if I am killed my guards won't leave you they will, keep you behind prison".

“Shh!! How much you speak Mr. Noah Clinton?" Nella said this by keeping her one finger on Noah's lips while coming close to him.

Noah became quiet and was lost in her eyes , and in the time when he was staring at her continuously Nella did the first aid of his hand.

“Done! So now next time don't cross your limits or the result can be more dangerous than now. And I won't take pity for doing first aid. Understood?!"

Noah without thinking once replied “Understood Baby!"

“What!!!! Did you lose your brain screw also by hand burn? Do I look like a baby to you? You.. ah! Leave it do as you wish I am going, I have to complete my reading work so, bye and take care of your hand". Nella said and went from there with a ferocity and annoyance on her face.

Noah came to his senses about what he said to Nella, which he too was confused why he said that suddenly and instead of giving her a nice threat he became quiet.

Noah's POV

Oh? Is it me Noah only? I mean how could I call her baby. Okay! She aided my hand but making it worse was also her mistake. How can I forget that? When I thought to annoy her it became like this. Something isn't right with me anyhow I have to be more strict on her. Or else every time she will take me lightly. But seriously damn her attitude is really what I want , I like that! Can't deny the fact that she isn't cool. Not by appearance actually but by her movement whether it's talking, teaching, giving answers all are so cool! Now also although she gave me injury but she was the only one who applied for aid. So, I can't say that by heart she is cruel but actually strict. Uff! Now I will finally stop thinking about her or surely will go mad.

While on the other side Nella was waiting for the results when One of the manager of the company came out from the meeting room. He told them ‘Noah is quite busy with his work so he gave me the name of the person whom he wants as his personal assistant'.

Everyone's eyes were focused on whose name gotta be chosen.

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