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C6 Chapter -6


Everyone was nervous for themselves but another side was Nella who was also in search of who was going to be chosen but nervousness wasn't there on her face.

The manager flipped the page, took a deep breath and said “So, Now everyone. The Assistant who has been chosen by Noah and all the heads by your marks and the interview you gave inside. And with it ‘Nella Fernandez' is a girl chosen by Noah and everyone as her interview appearance was unique and great from all".

Everyone wasn't happy because they all saw Nella's behaviour outside when that incident happened. And in people's eyes she was a rude and arrogant girl. But Nella is a girl of herself who doesn't care what others think about her or say anything about her. The thing she cared about was she got qualified.

As the gossip was going on Nella interrupted “So, from when I have to join and what all things more to be done today?"

For which Manager replied “Ah, yeah Nella by evening at 9pm reach Mr.Clinton's House he will tell you important things need to be done before officially joining".

Nella responded by “Sure, But can you please forward the address of his house?"

Manager said with a slight smile on his face “Of course I will. I have got your number . Soon after a few minutes I will send it to you."

Nella nodded her head and turned back to go to the library from there. With her big steps she was soon standing near the cab which was going to the library only. It was none but her school library. On the other side the manager went to Noah's cabin. Where Noah was already waiting for him to answer him about Nella's response if she will be meeting at his home or not.

“Mr.Clinton , Nella agreed to meet you and also I gave her your house address. She will be there at 9 o'clock at night."

“Great! Thanks for it and where has she gone now?"

“She didn't say any specific thing about it but only went outside with one book in her hand."

“Alright, anyways now you can go and do your work."

Manager bowed to him and left the cabin in a silent way such that only his shoes' voice was hearable and which was also very low.

While in the meantime , Nella was in the library sitting and reading a book while writing out reviews.

Nella's POV

Isn't it a bit weird to just be at someone's house at 9 pm which is late night. And after that I have to come back also. How is it even possible! At Least that bastard Noah should have sent his cars although he is rich but he is a big miser too at the same time for me. Anyways, I am happy my book reading is at least done. Now I will just patch up some other book and read it while on the way.


As it became darker and darker, soon it was going to be 9pm. She took up some books in her bag and was ready to leave for Noah's house. As she came outside it was already raining and when saw to the front of the road a luxurious long black car was standing inside it , a driver or can say bodyguard too because the suit he wore was matching both looks. As Nella was staring at that car slowly the window of that car went down and the face of that person was now clearly visible. He gave a signal to Nella by his hand to come and sit in the car. By which Nella again became furious.

She said loudly,“Oh Hello? If you don't know how to call up your guest in the car then please no need for this show off. And moreover I have his address so I can go myself."

The driver replied in a cold tone,“See, Miss the work which is given to me I will do. And if you are disliking it, then I will come out of the car and give my hand forward to request you to sit in the car. How about this?"

Nella was cooled by his saying so she agreed and nodded her head . At the same point that driver opened the second seat door of the car and indicated his hand for her to sit down inside the car. Accordingly Nella too did. Driver went back to his seat and Started driving the car.

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