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C7 Chapter -7


As Nella was enjoying the music in the moving car. In Middle driver asked her to just sleep if she is tired as when they will reach Noah's house. He will take her away. But Nella denied and said, “Ah, Thanks for showing concern. But for now I can't sleep.

Better if I listen to some songs to keep my mind a bit relaxed".

At this Driver nodded with a sigh! The cold breeze blowing came passing through Nella's face repeatedly which made her finally sleep. And this Driver notices , he gave a slight smile watching her and said to himself, “What a girl though being tired she insisted not to rest! Boss is lucky to have her as his personal assistant". It was all normal when after some time Nella's Phone started ringing. Nella wasn't in deep sleep so she heard the sound and woke up to pick up the call. After picking up the call her conversation started ……


“Yes, Nella I am Dr. Thomas from MR Hospital."

“Oh! Dr. Thomas how's you and my Grandma?"

(Here Grandma is the old lady that Nella talked about earlier also.)

“Um…. Nella please hold on to yourself don't be weak as I am going to say something which is gonna hurt you most but please you have to overcome it wisely."

“Dr. Thomas, Is my Grandma alright? Why are you speaking in such a nervous tone?!"

“Nella, Your grandma… your Grandma……"

To complete the sentence, Dr. Thomas was himself shattered and also very much upset to speak out this to Nella.

“Dr. Thomas, please don't make me more stressed by your uttering words and nervousness."

“Actually, Nella Your Grandma is NO MORE!"

Hearing this word she was once for a while dumbstruck which Driver too noticed and asked her the reason she is being dumbstruck now. But the response was blank as the sheet of paper without any words. Nella with her trembling hands ignoring the driver's every word, again held on tight to her phone and said with a furious tone.

“What the hell is with you Dr. Thomas? Do you think this joke I will take into consideration that it's true? No! No! No! Never!!!"

“Nella if you don't believe me, then come to the hospital right now. You will get to know if I am joking or if it's true."

Nella, without saying anything, ended the call and in high pitch told the Driver to drive to MR Hospital quickly. Driver couldn't understand anything and nodded his head with an agreed sign. He agreed as if maybe she had an emergency and that's why took the Hospital name.

A Few Moments Later……

Nella reached the hospital while the driver remained in the car itself. Only Nella came out rushing inside the hospital. There were many people in Hurry and with her trembling voice asked where Dr. Thomas is right now. One of the nurses took the initiative to answer her and told Dr. Thomas cabin. Nella, on knowing that, ran towards the direction where his cabin was indicating. She finally was standing in front of the door before knocking on the door. She took a long breath and then…….

“Dr. Thomas, where is my Grandma?"

“Nella I am sorry I couldn't save your grandma…….."

“What…..?! What rubbish you are saying Dr. Thomas this isn't a joke. Please…….."

“Nella please come into your senses!!When I said she is no more the no more PLEASE UNDERSTAND!"

“Stop it enough is enough Thomas, If you are telling the truth then prove me where is my grandma…..?"

“Uff-- Just what is with you Nella YOU….. Fine come with me but I assure you that seeing her you won't be able to stand there a bit also which is why I am not letting you see her, but you just know to be stubborn."

For the first time Nella called Thomas by his name without adding Dr. As, She was sad, angry and nervous at the same time. Soon Thomas took her into the room where her grandma's eyes were closed with white sheet covered on her. Nella with her trembling and breathing touched her pulse slightly.

She felt that there was no rate of pulse beating. Seeing that, she quickly started taking back steps. Couldn't help to hold her tears.

“Nella, Nella no you need to be strong please don't be down like this….." Thomas said while approaching Nella, spreading his hands.

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