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C8 Chapter -8


Nella was in such a state of shock that she was not able to think about anything else except her grandma. As already she did not know her parents , what was her hometown or did she ever have a family! Nothing just nothing except her grandma she had known. But now she too has left the world and is letting Nella live all alone on herself.

Nella screamed so loud while crying.

“Noooooo! She can't leave me here. Please just once say this all is a dream. I can't take this as real. I better have died with you grandma than living alone"

Saying all this she moved down on her knees crying very hard. Thomas went near her and consoled her by giving his side to hug her. Nella was very much broken this time and by seeing her state it was impossible to say that she could soon start overcoming it. Nella got up from there and ran out of the room, hospital while the Nurse , Thomas, they all started following her but, as she was totally broken so she ran as fast as she could and was now in the middle of the road without knowing where she was standing right there. Couldn't help and she there itself bent down while crying and telling herself many things.

Meanwhile, the driver who came to take Nella to Noah returned back to Noah's mansion. There when Noah saw that Nella wasn't there with the driver, he became uneasy and asked in nervousness.

“Where is Nella?"

“Sorry, Boss! But she ran away after having a small conversation on the phone"

“What!!! Then you just left her alone? Are you out of your mind?"

“No Boss! I left her at the hospital as she told me".

“Why hospital? Is she Unwell?"

“No, I think because as she got the call in the car it seemed someone close to her was not well or maybe died….. I am not sure but by her expression it seemed like that".

“Huh? Idiot then you would have informed me at that time only how can you leave her alone at this hour, Seriously?"

“Sorry Boss!"

“Just stop it. I myself am going to look for her. Now this time I can't trust you for what you did".

Noah took his coat and rushed outside. Took out his key and started driving the car. While covering half the distance his nervousness to find Nella was seen in his face but then in the middle he saw someone sitting in the middle of the road. He stopped his car from afar and went near to see exactly who was there. But then as he saw it was Nella with all her hands trembling, eyes red with tears all over face. He rushed to her and shook her saying,

“Nella! Are you ok? What happened and why are you crying that someone did something to you? Don't worry, I am here. Please tell me".

Nella couldn't speak anything but started crying more and rested upon Noah's chest.


Noah before uttering more words he just picked her up in his arms and forwarded towards his car. He comfortably made Nella sit in the car and put the seat belt on her. But still Nella was dull and tears were dripping out of her blank face. Noah quickly sat in the car and started driving while he kept watching Nella, so he decided to take her not his home but somewhere else. But in between he broke the silence and said,

“Nella? Please speak out if you will just show this blank face I will not be able to help you"

And now finally Nella said something..

“No one can help me now! No one. My grandmother left me. She was the one close to me. You know Noah, I don't know where I was born, where my hometown is, where my parents are... alive or dead? and who they are, just nothing…. But this woman , without having a relationship with me, just picked me up and took care of me till now. And I couldn't even meet her last time , what care I have given her nothing. I can't stop thinking about this……."

No more words she could speak after that….

“It's fine Nella! Just fine okay.. Relax, your grandma is still with you in your heart. She just left the world, not from your heart. Please hold up, you are such a strong bossy girl. Please don't cry…"

Noah was hurt deep inside from heart as her story matched with his story which is one of the reasons he hates doctors which is just his unbelievable thoughts not exactly true.

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