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C9 Chapter -9


Noah was silently driving the car and lost in his thoughts when Nella hugged him from behind. And said,

“Noah Please, I don't want to go anywhere, just stop the car. I want to just be here like this all night for today. I have no energy left for anything now".

“Nella, just relax where I am taking you. There you will feel automatically relaxed, and if you are still not feeling well till we don't reach that place you can continue hugging me like this".

As Noah said this, Nella saw she was hugging Noah so she felt awkward and parted away.

Noah's POV

I know how Nella is feeling now all feelings are just mixed inside her. I too have gone from these situations and am very well known how it feels. But I am not able to do anything nor I am unable to see her in this condition. Right now I don't feel like parting away from her. It was all of a sudden when I saw her cold attitude. Who wasn't scared of anything but now she is all broken. But why do I feel this all? I have always been negative about her. Why am I feeling close to her?.....

Soon Noah stopped the car and told Nella to let's go out as he wants to show something while she just agreed with him although she didn't want to. As soon as she saw the greenery and the cliff, little relaxation was seen on her face.

“Nella , come here and see the view! How is it?.."

Nella took a pause while looking around at the view, Scenery of that place and then said,

“It's actually good. But this place is……"

“Oh yeah! About this place there is long story want to hear?"

“Umm yeah.. As I am unable to divert my mind. So listening to this story will help. Maybe….Go ahead"

“Basically this isn't a normal place to me but very close to my heart! This is the place where my mother- father used to come taking me too with them and she told me whenever you feel sad or alone just to come to this place, As she will always see me here and hear out my problems"

“Ah...Well You don't have your mother, father I didn't know…before"

“It's not actually your fault I myself made very little information about me in public. So no one knows about it"

“I see. anyways Thanks for today! I really felt good coming to this place and hope I will come here often more whenever I feel sad or alone."

“It's not a problem. It's all good as long as you feel good."

“Now I will be going, As I want to spend more time with my grandma's memories at my home"

“Shall I drop you?"

“No need, you already helped me a lot. I will get home by walking. It's not far from here according to my GPS navigation"

“Okay then as you wish Take care!"

“You too!" Nella said while turning away her face from Noah and stepping ahead to go to her home. Noah, too, started moving towards his car and settled down inside. Noah turned his car in another direction and went to his home.

While walking Nella was in deep thoughts.

Nella's POV

Yes, Noah said I can't be a weak girl as I have a long way to give which may be considered more challenges and difficulties and I of course have to tackle them. But yeah at the same time it's very hard for me to live without my grandma. She treated me as her own child although I wasn't. But anyways , whatever happens now surely I won't leave my dream job as it is for my grandma too , she also wanted me to become a doctor. So yes I will work hard to achieve it no matter how many difficulties will come in my way but I won't stop.

Nella reached her house, she walked inside home and saw the picture's of her and grandma and many things about her which consistently was making her miss her more and couldn't stop her tears. She turned off the light and sat in the corner remembering each of her memories. When someone knocked on her door, she got confused as to who came to her home this time. She stood up and walked ahead to open the door. As she opened the door she was startled to see the person on her door…

To be continued....!

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