For Your Love/C1 Chapter one
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For Your Love/C1 Chapter one
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C1 Chapter one

The plane landed at the airport and all passengers on board the plane was preparing to get off the plane.

At the waiting area, we could see many who have come to pick their loved ones, friends, and even business associates. They are eagerly waiting for the passengers of flight 248 which is arriving from London to S city.

Slowly by slowly, we see the passengers coming towards them with their luggage. Among them is a lady in a blue dress with long black hair held together in a perfect bun. She seems to be in a hurry as she struggles to leave the airport by squeezing her way through the crowd.

She enters a taxi and gives the taxi driver her address, she takes out her phone from her purse. She opens the news channel and reads the latest news in the country. Her face goes pale when she reads the news of S city's most beloved bachelor Adrian Andrada.

Wealthy, powerful, and handsome; Adrian is the cream of the crop of the entire country. He is the envy of every man and every girl's dream husband. His family stands to be the richest and the most influential in the whole country.

He is also the love of her life. She has been in love with him since she was 12 years old, which is why she is shocked to find out from the news that he is engaged and will be getting married in a week to the city's top actress Natasha Fernandez.

She wiped her tear and promised herself that she wouldn't cry because of him anymore.

She swore to move on with her life forgetting about him and moving to a place that was far away from him. But first, she needs to go home and meet the family that she hasn't seen in five years since she moved to London. She missed them so much while she was in London but that it couldn't be helped since no matter how hard she tried she couldn't find it in herself to come back home.

This time she was only able to do that because her grandfather is getting old and he commanded her to come home as he claims that he wants to see her before he dies. Otherwise, she never would have come back home. She left for many reasons: for further education, to avoid the drama at home, and mostly to run away from her love and the pain that love caused her.

Now after five years she has returned to her country and she is greeted by the news of her true love getting married to someone else. She places a hand over her heart while tears run down her cheek. She feels broken inside just like she felt five years ago before leaving the country. Her body is exhausted from the trip and now even her heart is in no better condition.

She closes her eyes to get some rest and falls asleep. She wakes up when the taxi driver repeatedly called to her. She opens her eyes to see that they have arrived, she apologized for falling asleep then opens her purse and takes out the fare, and pays him.

She is now standing in front of her house or a mansion that it is. She walks to the gate and the security guard comes out to greet her "hello miss, can I help you?"

She takes out a card from her purse and gives it to him."Oh! young miss welcome home," he says in a cheerful voice which earns him a smile from her.

"Thank you."

The security guard opens the gate and lets her in while helping her in taking her luggage inside. He informs everyone of the return of the young miss and returns to his work post.

The young miss takes her time looking around the Salvador manor and is surprised at how much the place has changed since she left. The place looks more alive than the last time she was here. She reaches the door only to be greeted by a line of servants at the door. They greet her with bowed heads and welcome her.

She doesn't like the way they stand there and wait for her to enter the house before they go back to work but she is too tired to say anything hence she just goes into the house not even bothering to greet them back.

The head maid comes and informs her that her father and stepmother are out on a business meeting, her brother and sister went out with their friends. Her grandfather went golfing but left her something in his office that he wants her to take a look at before doing anything else.

She thanks the head maid before heading towards the direction of her grandfather's office. She is curious about what her grandfather left and why despite knowing she was coming home today no one stayed home to welcome her.

She arrived at the office and pushed the door open, she walks directly to the office desk without looking around much at the room. She picks up the files from the desk one after another while looking through them trying to figure out which of them could be what he left for her.

After thirty minutes of aimlessly looking through the files, she started looking through the drawers. However, she couldn't seem to find what it is she was looking for. Even she was unaware of what she was supposed to look for. She finally gave up and decided to go to her room and sleep and ask her grandfather about it when he returned from playing golf. She sighed and turned to leave.

"Are you looking for something ?" she heard once she stepped out of the room.

She took a step back and peeped into the room to see who it is that spoke to her. She didn't see anyone and started imagining the worst.' This house is haunted' she thought to herself.

"It isn't good to ignore people," the voice said once again making itself known.

"Whoever you are you should know that I know kungfu."

"You plan to beat me up." the voice said before laughing sarcastically.

"I practice spiritual kungfu so I know exactly how to deal with a ghost."

She heard the voice laughing and fear ran down her spine when the realization hit her that she was completely helpless against the ghost. She did what every normal person does when they see a ghost, she ran.

She ran away as fast as her legs could take her and went to her room and jumped into the covers and covered herself from head to toe with a blanket.

She could still hear laughter and this time inside her room. She removed the blanket from her eyes to have a look at where the laughter was coming from. She completely froze when she saw who it was that was laughing at her.

It was the one and only beloved bachelor of S city.

"Adrian?" She called out just to make sure she wasn't hallucinating.

"At least now you are not calling me a ghost anymore," he replied with a smile." So tell me where did the young miss of the Salvador family learn how to fight a ghost ?"


"Miss Maja Salvador I believe I asked you a question," he paused and looked at her hoping she would answer him. After waiting for a few minutes and not receiving a reply he continued speaking.

" Your grandfather asked me to wait for you in his office. Did he tell you about it, we were supposed to have a meeting together to talk about our marriage agreement but you ran away thinking that I was a ghost. So tell me would you like a private or a public wedding and how many children would you like to have. I want to have five children, what do you think ?"

"Five children !"

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