For Your Love/C2 Chapter two
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For Your Love/C2 Chapter two
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C2 Chapter two

I sat on my bed staring at him as though he were an alien. ' How can this be happening ?' I asked myself as I drowned in the confusion of what was happening right in front of my eyes. I was so distracted with my thoughts that I barely noticed it when Adrian had come close to me and sat right next to me on the bed.

"How are you ?" he asked me bringing me back to the reality of the fact that he was right there with me.

I couldn't believe my eyes, I couldn't bring myself to believe that he was right there in front of me. I must be hallucinating, I have done that many times in the past while I was in London. It must be it I mean what are the chances that the most eligible bachelor in s city would be in my room talking about marriage.

"Listen imaginary Adrian, I came back to the country today after so long and I could use a break from you don't you agree," I asked him hoping as a figment of my imagination he would get the hint and leave. To my disappointment, he sat there staring at me as though I have lost my mind. Truth be told if he keeps staring at me like that with those beautiful hazel eyes I will eventually lose my mind. I mean how can one not get lost while looking into those eyes.

As I kept staring into his eyes my heart throbbed erotically from pain threatening to break out of my body. I was reminded of the fact that Adrian doesn't belong to me, he never did and he never will. It hurts just thinking about it and I know that I promised myself that I would cry but I can't help it when tears threatened to fall from my eyes. I wrapped my arms around Adrian and cried silently in his embrace, I noticed that he became a little stiff when I hugged him but he soon relaxed and returned the hug. He was rubbing my back asking me why I was crying but the more he kept showing concern the more I cried knowing well that there was no way the real Adrian would ever be concerned for me. I hugged him tighter as the reality sank in that this is as far as I would ever get to embracing Adrian.

I inhaled the scent coming from Adrian and he still smells the same way he did five years ago like mint. I laughed at myself, how could he smell differently when I remember his scent from five years ago. Surely the real him must smell differently. I held on to him as my life depended on it which it does, I didn't want to let go.

"Why couldn't you belong to me ?" I asked him subconsciously.

"I couldn't belong to you before due to a misunderstanding that happened between us in the past."

I only realized that I had asked the question out loud when I heard his answer. His melodic ever so soothing in my ears, I could never hear enough of it. I closed my eyes and thought of the time in our childhood when it was just me and him alone. When his entire world revolved only around me and me alone. When I could hold him whenever I wanted to without him complaining. When we would lay together under the sun for hours. When we play with the sand at the beach and held our hands together while watching the sunset.

Tears continued to flow down my cheeks when the memories of my beautiful childhood played in my eyes. These memories have always been with me every second of every day and have hindered me from moving on from Adrian. Every time I try to forget about him I am reminded of the reason why I fell in love with him and when I remember the reason I end up falling in love with him all over again. Deep down I know that my heart longs for him to come back to me and to belong to me once again.

I would give anything to turn back the time to that point in my life when he was still by my side. I wish for the time when we sit down under the tree and imagine the future in which we both got married. I wish I could go back in time and tell him that I meant every word and make him swear that when he grew older he would marry me and me alone. But it already too late and he belongs to someone else. My hands that were wrapped around him automatically tightened the hold on him to make certain that he does not slip away from me like the real Adrian.

I wish I could tell him that I vividly remember everything moment we spent together. That I want to spend such moments with him again and again for eternity but I can never find the words to do so. Also, it's not as we have ever had the opportunity of meeting for the past five years and the fact that he is getting married to someone else doesn't help. I have dreamt about him for the past five years. There isn't a day that doesn't pass by without me thinking about him as he is constantly in my thoughts and my dreams. I have imagined a different ending to the beautiful friendship that we once shared one that is different from the painful way that life made us part ways.

I wish we hadn't fought continuously in the past and had just talked about our problems calmly then maybe I wouldn't be here today wallowing in sympathy. I miss you so very much, much more than you can ever imagine. I miss you with everything fiber in my bone, with everything nerve in my body, with everything breath I take, and with every heartbeat.

My heart beats for you, it always has it always will. I belong to your body soul and I am willing to do anything for you as long as it makes you happy. You are my whole world even if I am not yours. Just the thought of you gets me so high and gives me the wing to fly. I live my life on the memories of our past and I wouldn't have it any other way. Because can today or tomorrow I will always love you

"I love you, Adrian," I whispered sweetly and with a gleeful wide smile plastered on my face before drifting off to sleep in his embrace.

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