For Your Love/C3 Chapter three
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For Your Love/C3 Chapter three
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C3 Chapter three

Adrian's p.o.v

I woke up very early in the morning before my alarm went off and did my morning routine before leaving for work. I arrived at work before everyone else and went straight to my office. I had a lot of work on my hands and decided to finish them all today so every minute of my time is important.

I have had a strange feeling since this morning that today is going to be a good day. My feelings have never been wrong but I can't seem to think of anything that can make my day good. I have had the same boring life for the past five years. I know you must be wondering how the country's most beloved eligible bachelor can have a boring life. Well, simply, I made a very big mistake of judgment five years ago and because of that, she left the country and abroad. Since then my life drained of all colors and I was forced to withdraw myself from the world as punishment for what I had done. I have become cold and heartless at least that is how the people of S city see me.

After that incident, I have grown to hate mistakes and anyone who makes them. I have become a perfectionist and prefer everything around me to be perfect from employees to the tiniest detail of my coffee. I have so many regrets of the past but I can't turn back time nor change what has already happened. You never lose anything by loving someone, you only lose when you hold yourself back. I held back my feelings for her because I thought she deserves it. I always wanted to remain the same so seeing her change so much that to for the worst brought me a lot of pain. I tried everything to change her back to the way she used to be but the way I went about it was wrong hence instead of getting her back I ended up pushing her further away from me.

When you love, you get hurt. When you get hurt, you learn to hate. When you hate, you try to forget. When you try to forget, you end up missing and when you start missing, you eventually fall in love again. And I have to go through these every day for the past five years and it breaks my heart each time. I thought about going to London to meet her and apologize to her but I couldn't find the courage to face after what I did. I waited for her and gave her the time she needed to heal from all the pain that I caused but I have been waiting for five and still not even once did she ever return. She never looked back, is it that she already moved on, or does her hatred for me keep her from returning to me. The thought of her possibly meeting someone and moving on from me breaks my soul apart every time.

'Will she ever forgive me? Will she ever come back to me? Will we ever go back to the way things were between us? Will I ever see her again? Will, I ever get the chance to apologize to her ? 'a are just a few of the questions I ask myself every day for the past five years. I miss her so much that at times I can't help but wonder if even for a second she misses me too. I spend all my time in the office and by now it has become a second home to me.

Burying my head at work helps me to forget about her for a while but it is not a permanent solution to my problem. I have kept to myself for the past five years that I have grown to be used to being alone. I hate being in the company of others because none of them are her. I can't bring myself to look at any woman if fear that even with just a look I am beating her. People in this country think me to be a saint as a man because unlike other men my age from the same social class as myself change the women in their lives as fast as they change their clothes.

I don't mind much but every once in a while I find myself in the newspaper being talked about. Since they have nothing on me they tend to make up rumors about but I am too lazy to clarify the situation they become the talk of the whole country. Sometimes I wonder just how many idol people there in this country that they have nothing better to do than to talk about. Most of them do not even know me but still, they speak about me as though we are childhood friends. Like what I read in the newspaper today I Adrian Andrada without even knowing it my self I am getting married to some model named Natasha. I mean she is not some model since we know each other but I have never had any intentions of dating her let alone marrying her.

She also knows very well that nothing can ever happen between to two of us after what she did to her five years ago. I make certain to keep my distance from her because I can't take chances of her misunderstanding the situation. I want her to know that the space in my heart and my life is only for her.

I finish with the file in my hand and pick up another one as I open the file and a letter falls on the table. Out of curiosity, I picked it up and it read.

To my lovely grandson,

My heart can not bear to see the direction in which your life has taken over the past few years. I know the reason for it even if you never bothered to tell. After doing my research I found out what happened.

I have taken it upon myself to help you even though you have didn't ask for my help.

That is why it is with great happiness that I inform you that I have with many difficulties arranged a surprise for you. I have made sure that Maja Salvador returns to the country today and I have gone ahead to talk to her grandfather about the two of you getting married.

I have convinced him and now it is up to you to convince her as I can only do so much. So you should put aside all the work you have and go over to the Salvador mansion and wait for your bride to be. And yes as per my agreement with her grandfather everyone in the mansion will find something or the other to do hence the two of you will be alone for the whole afternoon.

That should be more than enough time to seek out the issue between the two of you.

Good luck.

Yours sincerely

Your loving grandmother

I couldn't believe what my grandma has done and I can't describe in words how happy the letter made me. Spasm of joy filled my joy and all this felt like a beautiful dream.

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