In Love With My Boss/C1 My Husband Is Cheating
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In Love With My Boss/C1 My Husband Is Cheating
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C1 My Husband Is Cheating

On the third anniversary of my marriage to Li Chengyuan, I received a MMS video.

My husband cheated!

The location of the video was the hotel's bathroom.

The woman sat on the sink, and the man stood at the sink.

The angle of the video can just take a picture of a man's face, it's the legendary X obstacle Li Chengyuan, my husband.

The woman's face was hidden by her hair.

"Ah... No, no. This posture is too profound! "

Li Chengyuan laughed in a low voice, "You are just a small thing, why are you holding it so tightly, and even say you don't want it? "Hmm?"

The woman unwillingly acted like a spoiled child, "I really want to sleep with you. Don't you think that's more exciting? Husband... "When are you going to take me to bed with you and that stupid woman?"

"I also want to bring you home to do it. I want to achieve your climax at home!"

Li Chengyuan patted the woman's butt, "Wait a little longer! "Anyway, my marriage certificate with that stupid woman is fake. After I get my hands on that stupid woman's demolition fee, I'll immediately get rid of her and marry you back home …"

… ….

There was a ringing in my ears. Is the marriage certificate fake?

Could it be that her three years of company were all fake? Was the meticulous care of the past three years also fake? Li Chengyuan, you're simply not a f * cking person ….

While I was crying my head off, I received another message. "They're at Triumph Bay B22."

It was from the same number!

I don't know who the person who posted the video was, nor do I know what his purpose was. At this moment, I feel angry, and want to immediately tear apart the scumbag's face!

I even drank a bottle of red wine before going to the hotel.

When we arrived at Triumph Bay, I thought I would have to disguise myself as a waiter before I could enter. Unexpectedly, the door of B22 was left ajar and wasn't locked!

This adulterous couple! This was a pretty big game!

I pushed open the door and shouted, "Li Chengyuan, I'll kill you!"

I grabbed the vase from the shelf and ran into the room, slamming it into a solid chest.

"Scoundrel!" I'll show you today! "

I lifted the vase and threw it at the man, but he held me back!

In a fit of rage, I reached out my other hand and scratched the man's face.

However, my other hand was also restrained by a man!

I raised my head, but all I could see was the man's chin. I was unconvinced, so I used my head to smash into his chest!

I hate it! Hate me for not having any ornaments on my head. I should wear fifty pointed hairpins and poke this bastard in the head!

"Li Chengyuan, do you have a heart?! Bastard, do you really think you can get a penny from me, don't you! I'll show you today! "

"Get out!"

The man's growl came from above his head.

I was dragged to the door by a man who, as if he wanted to throw garbage, let go of my arm and throw me out!

What a bastard!

How could I have done what he wanted so easily? I wrapped my legs around the man's legs and said, "You want me to get lost? Dream on! "Li Chengyuan, I'm going to beat you up so hard that your mom won't be able to recognize you!"

I kept banging my head against a man's chest. I wanted to knock him out of his heart!

Unexpectedly, the dead man didn't play his cards according to common sense. He grabbed my arms with one hand and my ankle with the other, and dragged me into the bathroom and threw me into the bathtub.

I almost drowned in the bathtub, and he even took out the shower to flush at me!

This bastard not only wants my wealth, but also wants to kill me!

The water kept me from opening my eyes. Finally, the water pillar stopped. I wiped the water off my face and stared angrily with my eyes wide open.

What he saw was an unfamiliar face!

The man was currently standing under the light, his hair shining. His bangs covered half of his eyes, and his exposed eyes were filled with anger.

His nose was high and straight, his lips were slightly pursed, and his facial features were as handsome as a knife.

The man stretched out his bony fingers to pinch my chin and asked coldly, "Is the alcohol awake?"

I was about to reply when I heard an ambiguous call from next door.

"Ah!" Husband, slow down, I can't take it anymore …

I awkwardly pushed his hand away. "I'm sorry, I mistook you for someone else. I'm sorry for disturbing you!"

After the flush and the shock, I was more than half drunk and had to get up from the tub to get out.

Unexpectedly, he heard a man's voice coming from next door.

"Keep it up loud, keep it up. Let the other men listen to you too! "

This familiar voice belonged to Li Chengyuan!

I lost my footing and fell into the man's arms.

He scanned the layout of the bathroom and found that it was exactly the same as the layout in the video.

"How long are you going to stay in my arms?" The man's voice came from above my head.

Only then did I realize that I was still in the man's arms, grabbing onto his white shirt. His shirt had become wet and translucent, so I could clearly see the firm muscles beneath it.

Then, I realized that the red dress I bought for the wedding anniversary had also gotten wet. At this moment, it was tightly sticking to my body …

The delicate voice of a woman came from next door, "Hmph, I don't believe that you've really never touched that stupid woman?"

"Darling, why would I lie to you! That stupid woman is so stupid! I lied to her on my wedding night, but she thought it was real … "


My mind went blank.

I thought Li Chengyuan was cheating because he relied on medicine, but I didn't expect him to lie to me.

The wet clothes were getting colder and I was getting colder.

Suddenly, I changed my mind and put my arm around the man's neck.

"Scram!" The man tore my arm away expressionlessly.

I didn't give up and pressed my lips against the man's again. "Stop pretending. I know you feel it."

As I said that, I rubbed his suit pants. Sure enough, the man's eyes narrowed and his breathing became heavier.

He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up.

"Ah!" With my feet in the air, I subconsciously put my arm around the man's waist.

"You asked for it!"

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