In Love With My Boss/C3 No Special Services Required
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In Love With My Boss/C3 No Special Services Required
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C3 No Special Services Required

I watched as Jiang Menglu pulled my hand and coldly said, "Let go!"

Jiang Menglu continued to pull and even smiled at me complacently. "I won't let you go!" Father is in the hospital right now. If you don't pay him, what will he do? "

Do you remember me now?

What about back then?

When they betrayed my mother and fooled around with my stepmother to make my mother angry, did they ever think about my mother?

Heh! You want money? Dream on!

I gave Jiang Menglu a hard shove. "Didn't he have you?" Aren't you in love with one another? It just so happens that you guys can pay for it! "

Jiang Meng Lu's body fell backwards and crashed into the floor!

Ye Guiyun, who was standing to one side, was shocked by this scene. She hurriedly ran to Jiang Meng Lu's side to help her up. She turned around and shouted at me, "How can you be so heartless?!" No matter what, she is still your sister! "

After helping Jiang Menglu up, she rushed over to me.

"Today, I will teach you a lesson, you disrespectful little girl!" She gritted her teeth and raised her hand to hit me.

She was unable to dodge in time, and her palm quickly descended.

Just as her palm was about to touch my face, I was pulled back and dodged Ye Guiyun's hand.

"You guys still want to hit me?"

A familiar deep male voice came from the top of his head.

I looked up and saw Duan Nan Fu looking at me with a smile that wasn't a smile.

"Why are you here?" I embarrassedly took two steps back.

For the past two days, I seem to have met him at his most embarrassing moments.

He held out his phone in front of me. "Look, I'm here to return the phone. Your phone dropped off my car."

"Thank you." As soon as I took the phone over, I heard Jiang Meng Lu's mocking voice.

"Sis, you're really great!" "He's really amazing. Not only did he dare to steal men, he even brought them to his doorstep. Aren't you afraid that brother-in-law will find out?"

Jiang Menglu patted his butt. His calculating eyes seemed to be glued to Duan Nan Fu.

"You guys don't have the right to meddle in my matters! Hurry up and f * ck off, this matter with the Jiang family has nothing to do with me! "Don't even think about getting a single cent from me!"

Ye Guiyun shouted at me, "Ming Pei, if anything happens to your father in the hospital, just you wait and regret it!"

Mr. Duan Nan walked forward, coldly looked at them, and said with a bone-piercing cold voice, "You still don't intend to leave? Do you want me to ask security to get rid of you? "

Ye Guiyun was so angry that her face turned red as she glared at me.

Before leaving, Jiang Meng Lu gave a cold humph and purposely shouted, "You sure are capable. You found a wild man to bully us!" Just you wait, I'll tell dad to beat you to death! "

Watching the mother and daughter leave, I thought of the past again.

Jiang Menglu had slandered me in front of my father, and my father had used a whip to whip me …

Anger welled up in me, and I suddenly blacked out and fell backwards.

When I woke up again, the smell of disinfectant stung my nostrils, and I couldn't help but frown.

"You're awake?"

I turned to look at the source of the sound. The nurse was testing the patient in the next bed.

Did that man send me?

"Where is the man who sent me here?"

"Oh, he already left. I told you to take a good rest. You fainted from hypoglycemia. You can leave the hospital later."

"Okay, thanks."

The thought that my father might be somewhere in this hospital, that he and I might be in the same hospital, annoyed me!

Back then, when my mother was hospitalized, not only did he not take a single glance, he even secretly took my mother's life saving money to buy gifts for the mother and daughter pair!

I only rested for a few minutes in the hospital before I left.

As soon as I arrived at the company, I was called by the manager to a high-class clubhouse.

"The manager specifically asked me to come here today. Who is he going to socialize with?"

The manager was brimming with energy as he said with excitement: "The headquarters' boss will be here soon! "You better perform well, you're the prettiest one in our department. When the time comes, you have to give our branch a lot of face, drink more wine!"

Saying that, the manager gave me an ambiguous look.

I pretended not to understand what he meant and politely smiled. "Alright, I'll do my best."

When the manager heard this, the joy on his face became even more obvious, "Alright, alright, alright. With your guarantee, I'm relieved. Let's go in!"


I was just two steps behind the manager when I felt a wrenching pain in my stomach.

"Manager." "I'm not feeling very well. I'll go to the bathroom first, and then I'll go find you."

The manager's face immediately fell. He frowned and unhappily waved his hands, "Hurry, hurry, hurry and come back. Don't delay matters."

I didn't have time to calm the manager down, so I quickly turned around and headed for the bathroom.

When I came out of the bathroom, I felt weak and my legs were still weak.

After turning the corner, I slammed into a sturdy chest. I subconsciously reached out my hand to cover my forehead. "I'm sorry."

Just as I said that, a low laugh came from the top of my head.

Hearing that, I raised my head, "Why is it you?!"

The corner of Duan Nan's mouth curled up, his smile was full of meaning, "Seeing that you're so energetic, there shouldn't be any problems."

Suddenly he grabbed my hand and pulled me into his arms. He buried his head in my neck and said, "What perfume did you use? "It's only been a few hours since we've met, but I'm actually thinking about the smell on your body."

I saw the waiter in his matching suit walk past us with unblinking composure.

Could it be that he works here as well?

I carefully swallowed my saliva. "About that …" I... "I don't need any special services."

The man chuckled and moved his head from my neck to my ear. "Special service?"

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