In Love With My Boss/C4 He Wanted to Get Close to Him
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In Love With My Boss/C4 He Wanted to Get Close to Him
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C4 He Wanted to Get Close to Him

The man's hand fell on my waist, pulling me forward. My hand rested on his chest, and I smelled the cool clarity of his body.

"You seem very nervous." He laughs in my ear, warm breath on my cochlea.

His voice was low and lingering, and even more so, it had a bewitching tone to it.

"That's not it..."

Subconsciously, I turned my face away. His lips brushed the side of my face, lightly, as if a feather was tickling my heart.

"How did you know I was a service personnel?"

He toyed with the words "service personnel" as if it were a piece of cake. There was a hint of a chuckle in his voice.

He leaned down again and put his lips on my earlobes.

Warm lips and hot breath fell on my earlobes, and my head exploded.

Isn't it? His actions were so provocative that it seemed as though he had undergone a professional training. With just a glance and a casual action, it was as though he was flirting. Furthermore, he was also dressed in the same colors as the waiter here …

At that moment, my cell phone rang.

I suddenly woke up from the excitement.

I struggled out of his arms and took a step back.

As soon as he raised his eyes, he saw Duan Nan's lips curled up in a meaningful smile.

"I don't need special services." I pressed the phone in my bag and ran away from the scene, my heart still racing uncontrollably.

When I arrived at the room, I saw the manager staring at me with a dark expression. He angrily asked, "Didn't I tell you to come back earlier?" How long will you be gone? You don't want a job, do you? "

The other people in the room kept quiet.

I repeatedly apologized, "Sorry, sorry. My stomach really didn't feel well just now."

"Alright, alright, hurry up and come over. Don't waste your time, sit here."

The manager pulled me over to the sofa and pulled me to the one in the middle, directly pressing me down.

The anger on his face turned into an ambiguous smile, "You have to remember what I told you. Do well. The company is relying on you!"

Just as the manager finished giving me his instructions, the door to the private box was pulled open again, and a figure rushed over.

"Director Duan!"

The manager's eyes lit up, and he immediately revealed a fawning smile towards the door.

Director Duan?

What a familiar surname!

Suddenly, I thought of that man, and just as soon as I calmed down, it seemed to start to happen again.

When I looked up at the door and saw the face of the man standing there, my breath caught and my hands tightened on my knees.

Director Duan?!

He's Director Duan?

"Director Duan, this way please. This wine has been prepared."

The manager made a "please" gesture towards Duan Nan, bending his waist almost 90 degrees, the smile on his face even more flattering.

The rest of the people in the box stood up as well and greeted Duan Nan Fu.

Seemingly seeing that I didn't move, the manager turned his head and reminded me in a small voice: "Ming Pei, why aren't you greeting Director Duan? What are you doing?"

As I tensed to get up from the sofa, the familiar deep voice of Mr. Duan came to my ear again.

"No need to be formal."

Looking at the corner of his lips, I awkwardly forced a smile and said, "Duan, oh, okay."

When he sat down next to me, the familiar aura came back.

I didn't expect him to tease me in front of so many people …

"Are you happy? We meet again so soon. " He lazily leaned against the back of the chair and tapped the table with his bony fingers.

Fortunately, he lowered his voice so that only the two of us could hear him.

"Look, the boss is really interested in you." The manager nudged my arm, speaking with a hint of "as expected" in his voice.

I don't know why the manager felt that it was "just as I thought" that I was in line with Mr. Duan's taste.

Logically speaking, the manager should not know about the relationship between me and Duan Nan Xiong, so why is he so sure?

"Ming Pei, hurry up and make a toast to Chief Duan." The manager put the wine that he prepared in advance into my hand, then looked at Duan Nan Wei in a flattering manner, respectfully saying, "Director Duan, you've worked hard. Today, let Ming Pei accompany you in drinking properly."

I raised the wine cup in my hand and turned to look at Duan Nan Fu, "Director Duan, I'll drink first as respect."

I took a sip of the wine in my glass. As soon as I put it down, I saw the cell phone Duan Nan had placed on the table light up.

I didn't see the words on the screen, but I saw the flash of love in his eyes.

He picked up his cell phone and replied. Then he looked up at me again.

"Do you usually socialize like this?" He didn't raise his glass, but looked at me with an unreadable expression.

The drink had been so strong that I felt a burning sensation, and my head was spinning. I put my hands on the table and tried to stay calm.

"No …." "No." I shook my head.

The manager put another glass of wine into my hand, "Ming Pei drank so heavily because he saw Boss Duan happy, right Ming Pei? Come, for the sake of welcoming Director Duan, have another cup. "

My vision suddenly blurred and I subconsciously raised the wine cup in my hand to drink once more.

My vision blurred even more, and I suddenly felt my body go limp …

When I opened my eyes again, it was already midnight. The alcohol was completely gone and I felt dizzy. My stomach felt like it was on fire.

I looked at him and swallowed.

The Duan Nan in front of him was so captivating ….

He wore a white shirt with three unbuttoned buttons that revealed his honey-colored muscles.

He didn't seem to be sleeping soundly, and his thin lips were pursed.

Seeing his lips, I had the urge to kiss him. The fire in my stomach became even hotter!

Slowly, I reached out toward his shoulder, one hand around his neck, the other on his face, and gradually slid down into his shirt, all the way to his stomach.

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