In Love With My Boss/C6 I Am Responsible
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In Love With My Boss/C6 I Am Responsible
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C6 I Am Responsible

This woman was the one who called Mr. Duan Nan this morning?

"Miss, the restaurant has been reserved by the guests. I'm sorry, but if you want to eat, you can wait until after 8 PM."

The shop assistant walked over and said.

Mr. Duan and the woman both turned to look at me.

I subconsciously covered my face with my bag and used my hand to support the sunglasses on my nose. "Sorry, I found the wrong place."

After saying that, I turned around and left.

However, I heard a man's deep voice behind me: "Ming Pei."

How could he recognize me when I was dressed like this? I pretended not to hear him and kept walking.

"What are you leaving for? Are you afraid that I'll eat you?" There was a faint hint of a smile in Duan Nan's voice, and there was even a hint of teasing in his tone.


You want to date another woman and you want to mess with me?

I stopped and turned to glare at him through my sunglasses.

However, Mr. Duan Nan got up gracefully, walked to my side, and stopped me by my waist with his long arm. His long fingers brushed away the hair that had fallen on my forehead, and he said with a doting tone: "How did we find this? Who told you I was here? "

I also want to know, what exactly is my purpose for sending this message!

"I'm not looking for you, I just found the wrong place. Now I have to leave." I tried to break his arm, but it didn't budge.

Duan Nan laughed softly, "What a little kid!"

He led the way to his seat and pressed me against his.

The woman she was dating was looking at me with displeasure in her eyes. "Nan Xiong, who is this person beside you?"

Duan Nan smiled meaningfully, turned to look at me, opened his thin lips slightly, and said three words that I did not expect.



The nerves in my head suddenly tensed up. I subconsciously felt that this story had somehow gone wrong, but at the same time, there was also an inexplicable sense of familiarity!

"When Uncle Duan told me to come here, he didn't say that you have a girlfriend."

The woman opposite me bit her lips in surprise and looked at me. "Why haven't I seen your girlfriend before?"

Uncle Duan?

This Uncle Duan should be the father of Duan Nan Fu, right?

I pulled away Duan Nan's hand from my leg. "I'm sorry, I don't."

Mr. Duan easily grabbed my hand and moved it up, pulling me up to his shoulder. I leaned on his shoulder and stretched out.

"Didn't you already know?"

As he spoke, he casually took off the sunglasses on my face.

The woman's eyes lingered on my face for a few seconds, her expression growing more and more unsightly.

"What does your Duan Clan take me for? Since you have a girlfriend, why did you let me come here to meet you?!"

The woman slapped the table angrily. She suddenly stood up, grabbed the cup on the table and threw it at my face.

I finally understood where this inexplicable sense of familiarity came from. This drama was completely a classic part of the TV series!

If the situation permits, I will be slapped twice!

Just as the spray was about to reach me, Mr. Duan stood up and placed me on his chest.

The water splashed all over the man's back.

"Get out of here," he said. He stood up and looked at me before turning to the woman.

The woman glared at him with her beautiful eyes. She felt wronged and angry at the same time.

She stretched out her hand and froze it in the air. With a bitter expression, she said, "I will get Uncle Duan to give me an explanation regarding this matter!"

With that, the woman turned around and walked away.

The employees who were hiding in the corners were flabbergasted...

I pushed away Duan Nan and put on my sunglasses once again, then arrogantly crossed my legs, "Director Duan, just now you said that I'm your girlfriend. Not only did it affect my reputation, it even brought me disaster! You are responsible for this. "

Ignoring the fact that his clothes were dripping with water, Duan Nan's husband lazily leaned against the back of the sofa with a profound look in his eyes. "Alright, I … will … take responsibility!"

The three words "I will be responsible" were spoken in a firm and melodious manner.

Suddenly, my heartbeat quickened.

When I realised that I was once again confused by this dog-man, my expression became even more displeased. "The grudge between Director Duan and I has been wiped clean."

I had attacked him with my elbow before, and I was afraid that he would deal with me brutally.

Duan Nan laughed softly and curled the corner of his lips. He looked at me with an expression that made it hard for me to understand.

"Ming Pei, it was you who provoked me! It's impossible to write off everything between us! "

This is the most arrogant scum I have heard so far!

Since the conversation collapsed, I didn't keep fighting. I picked up my bag and left.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that something was wrong. I was wearing my hat and sunglasses, and even my roommate who shared the same room as me couldn't recognize me. How did Duan Nan Qi recognize me?

Back in the apartment, when I opened the door, I saw that the room was decorated with ribbons, and the entrance and living room were filled with red roses and lilies.

The shelves were filled with red candles, causing the room to be filled with joy.

Li Chengyuan knelt on one knee in the middle of the living room, blaming himself and saying with deep emotion, "Ming Pei, I'm sorry. I admit that I lied to you before, but I love you! Shall we start over? "

Resisting the urge to punch him, I reach out to him and say, "Key!"

Li Chengyuan inexplicably took out a bunch of keys from his belt and handed them to me, but he still remained kneeling on the ground with a humble posture.

I took off the key to the anti-theft door, threw the rest on his knee, pointed at the door and coldly said, "Scram!" If you don't scram, I'll sue you for trespassing! "

"Ming Pei, I sincerely ask for your forgiveness …"

Suddenly, my breathing tightened, as if someone had grabbed my nose, and I suddenly found it hard to breathe ….

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