In Love With My Boss/C7 There Was a Sense of Familiarity
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In Love With My Boss/C7 There Was a Sense of Familiarity
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C7 There Was a Sense of Familiarity

Looking at the gradually blurring world around me, I tried my best to tug at my collar.

The feeling of having difficulty breathing still came in wave after wave.

It was itchy! His face, arms, and legs began to itch.

The world spun around me. Subconsciously, I reached out my hand to support the sofa behind me.

My hands and feet felt weak. I slid down from the side and fell straight onto the sofa.

"Pei Pei?"

Li Chengyuan was shocked, he threw the things in his hands to the side and quickly moved closer to me.

I opened my mouth, and the feeling of suffocation grew stronger and stronger. It was as if my throat was stuck and I couldn't make a sound.

Li Chengyuan shouted in shock, "What happened to you!? "Pei Pei?"

I opened my mouth again, still unable to make a sound.

Li Chengyuan squatted down and patted my face.

Suddenly, his face changed from worry to malevolent madness, and he laughed.

"Ming Pei, you forced me to do this! We could have split up! It was you, it was you who ruined everything! "Ming Pei, you asked for it!"

Li Chengyuan placed his trembling hands on my chest and opened the buttons one by one. His ice-cold fingers accidentally touched my collarbone, just like a snake.

I grit my teeth, wanting to retreat, wanting to retaliate, but I was powerless!

This bastard, what did he do to me? How could I be like this?

"Don't worry, as long as you are obedient! I guarantee that these photos will not fall into the hands of outsiders! "

You still want to take pictures? This beast! My eyes widened as I stared at him.

My stomach tightened with hatred, and a sweet, bloody taste welled up in my throat.

When Li Chengyuan saw me like this, his expression turned even more pleased. He seemed to be playing with my arm like a puppet.

After he was done, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, "Tsk tsk, this body is really good. If you were to put on such a seductive pose, I would have been unable to hold myself back a long time ago! I truly regret not sleeping with you earlier and telling you to give birth to a child. Let's see if you still dare to be so arrogant! "

Listening to his obscenities, I wanted to fight back, but my eyelids were actually clashing!


I can't faint!

I bit down on the tip of my tongue. The sharp pain on the tip of my tongue made me feel much more clear-headed.

"You want to bite your tongue to commit suicide? No need! "Don't worry, as long as you listen to me obediently, the photo won't leak out!"

Li Chengyuan's tone gradually became excited, and I felt the strength in both of my hands increase.

He was stroking my waist slowly through my shirt.

A wave of physical dryness gushed out.

Li Chengyuan brought his face closer to me and his breath landed on his face, "You …. "Ahhh!"

Just as I finished speaking, I heard Li Chengyuan's miserable shrieks.

The hand behind him grabbed the hair of the person who was originally close to him and pulled him down forcefully.

I powerlessly watched as Li Chengyuan was dragged to the ground and a pair of leather shoes pinched his stomach.

It was a one-sided beating.

Li Chengyuan didn't have any strength to fight back.

Li Chengyuan's face was filled with fear as he tried to increase the distance between them, desperately trying to retreat.

However, before he could get far, he was kicked in the heart. He was in so much pain that he curled up into a ball.

I looked up and actually felt relieved to see the dark handsome face of Duan Nan Fu.

Li Cheng Yuan stood up from the ground like a pile of mud and exclaimed: "Yes … …" It's you! "

Duan Nan Qi stared coldly at the person before him, as if he was staring at a dead animal.

"Don't be afraid."

I fell into a warm embrace.

I struggled to open my eyes and saw that young man Duan was hugging me even more tightly. "If you feel uncomfortable, then go to sleep. Just wake up and you'll be fine."

A low voice fell into my ear, and I slowly closed my eyes.

When I woke up again, I saw the familiar room.

I saw that the back of my bare hand was still pierced with a needle.

"You're awake? Is there anything wrong with it? " Duan Nan's deep voice had a hint of joy in it.

"How long have I been unconscious?"

"You slept for a day and a night."

Then, for this entire day and night, he accompanied me here?

I frowned. "What's the matter with me?" Li Chengyuan poisoned me? "

He rubbed between his eyebrows, looking tired, "Allergy."


"Lily is allergic!"

"Your results are out. You're allergic to lilies!" At that moment the nurse came in with the results of the examination. Her voice sounded at the same time as Mr. Duan's voice, even to the point where Mr. Duan's words came a few seconds earlier.

I looked at him in surprise.

Why … Why … Duan Nan would know that I'm allergic to lilies before the test results come out? I didn't even know I was allergic to lilies.

Why do I have the illusion that Mr. Duan is very familiar with me?

I tried to think, but I found that Duan Nan Yi had never had any interaction with him!

The nurse put down the test results, took off the needle, and left after giving a few words to Mr. Duan, who was standing at the side, before leaving.

"Have a good rest."

I saw that my brother Duan was still wearing the same clothes that he had been splashed with water the day before, and I saw the green stubble on his chin. My heartbeat quickened.

There seemed to be a small, burning flame in my heart!

"Thank you …"

"What did you say?"

I subconsciously flinched, but Duan Nan, who was the only one with a slight grip on my wrist, did not move.

The caress of his fingertip was not very strong, but it carried a soothing effect.

I looked at the reflection in Duan Nan's eyes, and I couldn't help but avert my eyes when I saw the large red rash on my face from my allergy.

Mr. Duan Nan gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I looked at him, flabbergasted. "You …."

"It's just a temporary rash. It'll be gone in two days."

He reached out his hand to caress the place where he had kissed her. "It's very beautiful, no matter when it comes to it."


His head suddenly hurt!

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