Inside the Ye Family's mansion, in the luxurious lobby, they were in a situation where water and fire couldn't tolerate each other. A young woman was crying as she yelled at the elderly couple sitting on the leather sofa. "If you don't break the engagement between Long Tianming and I, I'll ?"

So what if she did? To die? Even if she was beaten to death, no one would believe that she would choose to die!

As expected, Madam Ye looked at her mockingly, and raised her eyebrows, "So what? What's wrong with men having fun? You want to break off the engagement with someone based on a few newspapers? Do you think marriage is a joke? "

"How many copies is this?" This month will be 10 portions already! " Ye Jia picked up the piece of paper with her so-called fianc? and other women kissing on the street and threw it at Madam Ye. Why was she so unlucky? Not to mention such a silly fiance?

"You have to understand that you're marrying the Long family, not Long Tianming!" Madam Ye said coldly, stood up and walked upstairs with Master Ye.

"Dad, mom, aren't you worried about Jiajia's future?" Ye Xiangfei, who had been standing at the side without a word, finally opened his mouth. His voice was extremely cold, just like his cold and handsome appearance.

"Xiangfei, you just need to persuade Jiajia." Old Master Ye glared at Ye Xiangfei in displeasure, turned around and continued to walk upstairs.

"Xiangfei, you have to help me. I'd rather die than marry that stinking man." Ye Jia begged Ye Xiangfei as she looked at Ye Xiangfei with pleading eyes.

Ye Xiangfei's knowledge and his outstanding and enchanting appearance had long sucked her heart away. In this lifetime, she only wanted to marry him and live a lifetime with him. Everyone knew that she liked her half-brother, but no one could tell if it would turn out the same way.

"Jiajia, I will help you." Ye Xiangfei stretched out his hand and lifted up her chin, looking at her with a cold and gentle gaze as he promised her.

"Thank you big brother Xiang Fei." Ye Jia was a little uncomfortable under his gaze, she quietly turned her face away to avoid his burning gaze, her eyes fell back to the newspaper that she could not raise her head from! Long Tianming! He actually dared to embarrass her?! If she married obediently, she wouldn't be called Ye Jia!

The news gradually calmed down. Because Ye Jia didn't like living in that Ye residence that didn't have the slightest bit of warmth, she had chosen to live in the Ye residence since junior high school. Now in her first year of college, she was an innocent, playful, and likeable girl.

After happily walking out of the campus with the crowd, Ye Jia got into Ye Xiangfei's advanced sports car under the envious gaze of the crowd. Smiling at him, he said, "Xiangfei, why did you come to pick me up this week?"

Ye Xiangfei chuckled and handed the newspaper in his hand over to Ye Jia as he said with a smile, "Because I want to tell you a piece of good news."

"What good news?" It can't be about Long Tianming again, right? " Ye Jia was already afraid of the newspaper, so she didn't dare to casually open it.

Ye Xiangfei nodded his head, Ye Jia pouted her small mouth and unhappily threw the newspaper back at him, scolding, "You're hateful! You laugh at me too! " In this big city, who didn't know that she, Ye Jia, had a fianc? that was even more disgusting than growing pigs?

Ye Xiangfei smiled evilly as he grabbed her small hand and smacked her forehead, "Aren't you going to look at the content first before scolding me?"

Hearing him say that, Ye Jia hurriedly opened the newspaper. After browsing through for a bit, he raised his head in surprise and stared at Long Hao Chen: "The Long family has closed down?"

"Yes, in less than two months, the Long family will disappear from F City." Ye Xiangfei chuckled as the corner of his mouth revealed a trace of a happy smile.

That foolish, ignorant trash was not worthy of his Jiajia. Fortunately, it had only been two months since the news had spread that the Long family was on the verge of bankruptcy.

"Is this the good news you wanted to tell me?" Ye Jia pouted and said, "Why would the Long family go into closed-door training for her?"

"Silly girl, can you be smarter? Didn't Mom already say it? "You married into the Long family, and now that the Long family has collapsed, there's no point in marrying you anymore. Mom has already gone to the Long family to cancel your engagement." Ye Xiangfei said with a smile.

"Ah?!" "Really!?" Ye Jia shrieked. When Ye Xiangfei nodded his head, she was so excited that she nearly jumped onto her seat and screamed.

Looking at her happy expression, Ye Xiangfei started the car with a smile. The car was quickly driving in the driveway. Ye Jia raised the newspaper high up in the air and shouted, "Brother Xiang Fei! I'm so happy! I've finally gotten rid of that disgusting guy! "

Ye Xiangfei was seriously driving his car and was infected by her excitement. With a cheerful smile on her face, the sportscar passed by, leaving Ye Jia laughing happily. This was great news! She doesn't have to marry anymore! In the future, he could openly be together with her Soaring Flight!

When the car was on the Ye Family's private road, two limousines appeared in front of them, blocking the path of the sports car. Ye Xiangfei had no choice but to stop his car and honk his horn.

Four doors of one of the cars suddenly opened, and four men in sunglasses stepped out and strode toward them. Without saying a word, he grabbed Ye Jia out of the sports car.

"Hey!" What are you guys doing? " Ye Jia was so scared that she cried out in fear, she could not understand the situation. Ye Xiangfei was even more anxious as he shouted, "Let her go!" Unfortunately, when he opened the door, Ye Jia had already been dragged into the car.

The car sped past him and roared down the mountain. Ye Xiangfei followed and ran a few steps before turning back. He quickly turned the car around and chased after the people at the foot of the mountain.

He descended the mountain and looked at the path before him, which led in every direction. He stood there blankly, not knowing where he should go to chase after it!

Ye Jia, who was pressed down on the chair, shouted in exasperation: "Who are you? Why did you want to capture me!? "Hey!"

The few men acted as if they didn't hear her and just ignored her shouts. Their mission was to capture him, so they naturally wouldn't say anything that shouldn't be said.

Ye Jia yelled for a long time. After knowing that the other party would ignore her, she started to look out the window. Outside the window, the scenery that flew by was not something that she recognized, and it was moving further and further away. She began to panic. They didn't say a word, just where were they taking her?

The car turned onto a mountain road. To the right of the road was an endless sea. Although the scenery was magnificent, Ye Jia was not in the mood to appreciate it, as she was constantly worrying about what she should do.

After walking for nearly an hour, the car finally slowed down and slowly drove into a large house. At this time, the sky had already begun to darken. Ye Jia looked at the old mansion and asked, "Why did you bring me here?"

The man still didn't answer her. He opened the car door and pulled her out, then escorted her inside.

Ye Jia was pushed until she couldn't stand properly. She glared at them and said, "Don't touch me, I can walk by myself!" No matter what these people had caught her for, she definitely couldn't lose to them in terms of momentum!

After passing by a large living room, Ye Jia was escorted to the second floor. It was unknown how many times she went around it. Finally, he stopped in front of a wooden door. The man lightly knocked a few times on the door, pushed it open slightly and respectfully said, "Young Master, Miss Ye has arrived."

Ye Jia suddenly took in a deep breath, not because of the tight-uniformed man beside her nor was it because of fear. Instead ? The icy air that seeped through the crack in the door made her suddenly feel as if she were standing in front of an icehouse. Why did they bring her to the icehouse? Was he going to freeze her to death?!

Was the 'young master' they were talking about alive or dead? Just as she was in a daze, a lazy voice came from the room. "Let her in."

The man opened the door completely, pushed Ye Jia in and closed the door again. Ye Jia was pushed back until she almost fell on the carpet, she exclaimed and steadied herself. He looked around and saw that half the light in the room had been blocked by the thick curtains. It was dark, and she finally realized that this wasn't the ice cellar she had imagined at all, but rather a luxurious bedroom.

What she was wondering now was, was there such a low temperature air conditioner in the world? Was it a new product that she didn't know about? Unconsciously touching her arms, Ye Jia opened her eyes wide and looked around.

Stand still and let me have a good look at you." A cold voice came from her side like a ghost. Ye Jia was stunned for a moment. She followed the voice's direction and finally saw a tall figure in the darkness. It was a man. Moreover, he looked a little familiar. Even though it was difficult to see his face clearly, one could still feel the aura of a noble coming from his body. "It was a very tall, very strong and handsome man. His entire body was exuding an ice-cold aura, just like this large ice-cellar bedroom!

At this moment, he was wearing a snow-white nightgown, standing in front of the curtain with a small telescope in his hand. It was obvious that he was just looking at the scenery outside the window. The hand holding the telescope moved it until it was right in front of her eyes, looking through the lens at Ye Jia's whole body.

Her instincts told her that this man was not simple. Just this cold atmosphere was enough to make her heart beat faster. Ye Zichen didn't dare to meet the ice-cold figure in front of him.

However, when he held the binoculars and looked at her, she could no longer hold it in, and angrily shouted: "Hey! Are you sick!? Why are you looking at me like that! "

'Bang! 'it was the sound of the telescope hitting the table. The evildoer finally made his move. Raising her slender legs, she took two steps forward and stood in front of Ye Jia. One of her hands grabbed Ye Jia's shoulder and the other hand pinched her lower jaw. Regardless of which hand it was, the strength was so great that it made Ye Jia's eyes sparkle like stars!

"Hey, let go of me!" Ye Jia endured the pain and started to struggle instinctively.

The man ignored her cries and didn't give her a chance to struggle free. He lowered his head and carefully observed her charming face, examining it for a long time.

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