Forced/C4 Chapter 3
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Forced/C4 Chapter 3
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C4 Chapter 3

"I am speaking to you from Richmond Industries. You are selected for the job appointment of secretary cum personal assistant to the CEO." Aliza pushed the phone to a distance and stared at it unbelievable for a few seconds. "Madam are you there in the line?" The woman at the other end asked. Closing her eyes tight Aliza gave a loud squeal and laughed like a maniac to herself fisting her hand in air. After taking a breathing exercise of long heavy inhales and exhales to calm her down, she answered the phone pulsating. "Yes I'm there. I was actually running, you know.... exercise in the morning? Sorry I couldn't reply you immediately." She winked to herself and lied biting her lip in excitement.

"Oh yeah, I understand. That's okay mam, you need to reach the office today at nine and receive your appointment letter."

"Okay I will be there before nine." She leveled her speech answering professional and cut the call. Her uncle came inside the kitchen to fetch water. Aliza ran to her uncle hugging him tight and then jumped in the air like a school girl. "Uncle I have been absorbed in Richmond industries as a secretary cum personal assistant to the CEO." She squeaks in exhilaration. "What?" Before her uncle could reply her aunt asked staring at her unbelievable with her jaw dropped to the floor.

"Oh come on Stella, give the poor girl a break. Let her stay happy least for this day." Nelson requested his wife. Stella stared at her husband as if he had grown two heads. "Do you think I'm torturing your niece everyday? She is one day going to be married and with kids. I'm just giving her the training on how to manage her home." She defended herself though she could see clearly in Nelson's eyes that he did not believe her.

"Congratulations, Liza, I'm very proud of you dear." Nelson kissed Aliza's forehead. He called her Liza with love only when his wife wasn't there around. Andrew came inside the kitchen and stared at his father's and Aliza's joyful faces. "What is happening, am I not knowing something very important?" Aliza ruffled the hair of her cousin and told him. "I got the job at Richmond Industries."

"Hey sis I am very happy for you, a small gift for you on behalf of me." He whispered in her ear. "Today I'm going to send mommy out of home. She will return only in the mid-night and all three of us can have a pizza party. Do not worry I am the sponsor for the pizzas." He winks. Aliza hugs her brother. "That is not necessary Andrew. Do not waste your pocket money. All of us are happy. That's the most important thing and now you can continue your school uninterrupted." She declares in happiness and laid hands around her uncle, Andrew to go in a group hug.

"I am very happy today." She tells more to herself and sighs after releasing them. After two hours Aliza was inside the office of Richmond Industries giving her details to the receptionist. She was sent again to the seventeenth floor, the floor of the CEO. Aliza's heart began to beat fast with the anticipation of meeting the sexy powerful hunk again.

Charles was busy in conducting meetings one after another. Richmond industries was going to launch innovative hearing aids for the deaf where the machine is invisible by going inside the ear. With a minor surgery of ten minutes the doctors can implant the device in the patient's ear and the patient can forget that he was once upon a time having a hearing problem.

Allen Rodriguez along with his son Charles, a few ENT specialists and other business delegates were busy in the conference room. "Do you think the price of the product will be affordable even for a middle class person son?" Allen asked Charles apprehensive. "Charla, switch on the projector." Charles ordered the lady sitting beside him. He stood up from his seat like a king presiding to his subjects and buttoned his Gray blazer.

"Thank you ladies and gentlemen for sparing me your valuable time." He added professional and started explaining the important points about the innovative product to the assembled professionals. Charla exchanged slides as he began to explain one after the other all the features of the hearing machine.

Ten minutes later the people clapped. Allen came forward and patted the shoulder of his son. "That was an excellent presentation Charles." He complimented and all of them walked out of the conference hall discussing business.

Aliza looked through her watch. She had been waiting at the visitors lounge for more than two hours by then. With the high air conditioning and extremely comfortable executive sofas her eyes were slowly dropping close. She looked at the fridge ahead of her. On the top rack were mouth watering pastries followed by soft drinks, muffins, chicken patties and many more

Aliza's stomach rumbled for want of food at the sight of the tempting eatables. Gulping heavy she muttered some courage and took a pineapple pastry. No sooner she took the first bite her name was called at the reception. Hastily wiping her mouth with a paper napkin she rushed to the foyer. "Sir wants to see you now." The receptionist gave her a plastic smile and directed her to the huge oak wood door with name board sealed in bold letters 'THE CEO'.

Aliza you can do this. He might be impressed by your talent that's why you are absorbed in such a multinational firm even though you are under qualified for the job. She gave a pet talk to herself and knocked the door before rubbing her sweaty hands to her long skirt. "Come in" came a deep masculine voice from inside.

The beating of her heart began more intense. "Go...good morning sir." Aliza stammered entering inside the room in trembling legs. Charles's sharp Gray eyes raised from the computer to look at her for a milli second and diverted back to the computer in completing the work he had been doing. "Sit down" he ordered her still looking through the screen while handling the mouse. "So you are?"

"Sir I'm Aliza....Aliza Stelwart." Aliza released a long breath silently congratulating herself for not stuttering this time before the handsome hunk. "Oh yeah Aliza, you were the girl who secured the job through written test." Charles said in a subtle enthusiasm.

"I am intrigued by your knowledge on book keeping and secretarial practice. For just a school pass out that you are, you are quiet knowledgeable." He complimented and shut off his laptop to give Aliza his complete attention. "Did you work anywhere previously before this job?" He asked her curious. "No sir, this would be my first employment." Aliza replied him with a shy smile. Charles gives an understanding nod studying Aliza's features intensely. "Well..." He stiffened his lips stating the bewilderment. "Nine of your answers were right out of the ten questions given to you."

"Well Ms Stalwart, you are absorbed for the job." Charles confirms leaning back to his high class executive chair. Aliza was in seventh heaven as she hears the words she had been waiting since long from the CEO's lips. "Regarding your nature of work as soon as you enter the office you will get me my morning beverage. A cup of espresso with full cream milk and one spoon of sugar. You will have to organize my schedule every day, receive telephone calls on my behalf and brief the necessary details to the contacted."

"During charity functions and other such occasions you will accompany me as my date irrespective of your working hours. It may be just for the night or it can last for a couple of days depending on the situation. We may have to travel to a different country. Is that clear?" Charles emphasized his last three words.

"Yes sir." Came a firm answer from Aliza in pensiveness hearing the intonation in the speech of her boss. "You will bring my suits from the laundry and buy new whenever necessary suiting the occasions. For my private dates that I may not be interested anymore, you will forward the girls a bouquet of fresh red roses accompanied with a sorry card and a golden bracelet." Aliza had her lips slightly opened receiving the piece of information. If just for a date he could give a golden bracelet to the girl what would be the estimation of his wealth? She thought puzzled.

None of your concern, Aliza. Her mind immediately taunted her. "Because you aren't even a graduate and underaged for this employment, you will stay under probation for one year. If your work is impressive then only your name will be added in the employee payroll of this firm." The CEO stressed on his words 'probation and impressive' to make Aliza clear about the status of her job. His novel revelation brought Aliza to an

unexpected consternation. She just nods to him unable to trust her speech.

She would only be a probationary employee in the firm for the next 12 months. All that seems green is actually not green.

"Okay" He bends down to his desk and pulls out a document from the bottom drawer. "This is the agreement between you and Richmond Industries that you will not leave the firm before five years. Failing which you will pay us 20 millions in compensation. You can take your time. Read the agreement in detail and then sign it." Charles said to Aliza.

"That's not required sir. I will sign it." Aliza took the pen forwarded to her and signed all the documents in a go. "You can join the office tomorrow collect your appointment letter from the personal department." A calculative smirk etches Charles features.

The poor innocent is hooked with him forever.

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