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C1 A Hundred Times

Shencheng Night Bar

The ambulance stopped at the entrance. Amidst the commotion, Gu Qingyue lay quietly on the asphalt, blood seeping out from under her …

She struggled to open her eyes. The dizziness and intense pain engulfed her entire body, making her unable to find the focal point. The noise next to her ears squeezed into her mind, making her feel as if her vision had turned black.

Gu Qingyue was a forensic doctor in her previous life. She had performed well in order to inherit the will of her parents and had solved quite a few cases. She had even received the title of 'Beautiful Medical Examiner'.

As for why it was her previous life, it was because she was dead and had been silenced in the middle of a murder case with an executive. Perhaps it was the heaven that had helped justice, instead of reincarnating her, she had worn her old soul directly into a new shell.

Even now, she was still called Gu Qingyue, but she was the eldest daughter of the Gu family in the distant Shen City, an arrogant and despotic … Fatty.

His gaze landed on the mirror in front of him once again. He looked at the waist of the bucket, the legs of an elephant, as well as the squeezed together facial features … Gu Qingyue sighed from the bottom of her heart.

'Perhaps, the most fortunate thing is that even though I've gone through the trouble of saving up money to buy a sedan house, at the very least, I'm a rich young lady who doesn't have to worry about up.' Gu Qingyue forced a wry smile as she consoled herself.

"Knock, knock, knock ~ ~"

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. She had only time to turn the mirror back to the corner before the door was pushed open and Gu Wenyin walked in, her face full of concern.

"Big sister, you just left the hospital. Mom specifically ordered the kitchen to make you some supplements. Drink them while it's still hot."

As he spoke, he placed a tray with a porcelain bowl on the table.

During the half a month that she was unconscious, Gu Qingyue had obtained all the original owner's memories.

She gave Gu Wenyin a furtive glance. This was her stepsister, the child brought by her father's stepmother after her mother died.

In her memory, the original owner had been cheated by this little sister many times. Thinking of this, she lowered her eyebrows and said indifferently, "Alright, I want to sleep for a while longer. If there's nothing else, just go back to your room."

Gu Wenyin's words blocked all of Gu Wenyin's hypocrisy. After all, she was currently an arrogant young miss. Naturally, she could say whatever she wanted and not be polite.

Sure enough, after hearing her words, Gu Wenyin revealed a sweet smile. "Alright, then I'll be leaving first. Remember to eat your tonic."

In Gu Qingyue's memory, no matter what she said or did, her stepmother and sister would always help her take care of the aftermath. As a result, under Gu Wenyin's hints, her life became more and more outrageous.

With a cold smile, she looked at the so-called tonic — a bowl of bird's nest and a plate of pig's feet.

He finally understood where the fat on his body came from. Seeing the layer of white grease on the pig's feet, he pinched the swimming ring on his waist …

Weight loss! He had to lose weight!

If things continued like this, her body would not be able to handle it, much less anything else.

While her brain was thinking of a way to quickly reduce fat, Gu Qingyue picked up the bowl of bird's nest and took a sip. She frowned — — There was something wrong with the bird's nest.

This bowl had a distinct bitter taste to it, as if it had not tasted anything at all. Even if she was not sure what exactly was in it, there was definitely a glucocorticoid in it.

"I have finally found the culprit who caused me to grow fat …" Thanks to her identity as a medical examiner, she had interacted with all kinds of drugs. Glucocorticoid drugs were used after illness, so the most obvious side effect was to get fat and feel weak.

This mother and daughter duo really did do everything they could to help each other. From the looks of the original owner's body, this medicine should have taken quite a long time and was extremely controlled.

Pouring all the bird's nest into the toilet bowl was Gu Qingyue's sharpness that shone through her bloated skin.

The next morning, before everyone had left the room, Gu Qingyue had already jogged away on her bicycle.

The spring in Shencheng was misty. It was an economic city, unlike the ancient style in the imperial capital. Gu Qingyue rode her bicycle as she sized up the unfamiliar scenery. The era was still the same, but she looked completely new.

Department of Fine Arts, Shencheng University T3

The homeroom teacher came late, walking on the bell. Gu Qingyue looked at her with gratitude. Only God knew where Gu Wenyin had been since she arrived, asking her where she had gone that morning and why she hadn't left with her …

Although Gu Qingyue had been ignoring her with a cold face all this time, she seemed to be tireless. This gave Gu Qingyue a new understanding of her stepsister — she was thick-skinned.

"Alright, quiet down. Class is starting!"

The homeroom teacher was a young woman, but her tone was always a little arrogant. She glanced at Gu Wenyin with her fierce almond-shaped eyes and successfully shut her up.

"Copy of this lesson and hand it in after class. It can be considered as a tie grade." She opened a copy of what had once been British Prime Minister Churchill. It was one of his rare full-length images, at an incongruous angle, difficult to distinguish between Yin and Yang.

Gu Qingyue resigned herself to picking up a pen. A university course doesn't teach much, especially in the art department.

A row of pencils were neatly sliced. It was obvious that the original owner loved to draw. The pencils danced on Little Fatso's hands, spinning from thumb to pinky, causing her to feel as if she was holding a scalpel.

Very quickly, a body with its intestines ripped out appeared on the paper.

Gu Qingyue didn't paint any complicated art images, but if it was a crime scene, she could definitely restore it.


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