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C2 Macrosomia

Gu Wenyin, who had taken the initiative to approach him, was startled by the blood on the paper and screamed, "What did you draw?!"

These words were like a pebble thrown into a lake, causing a commotion in the class. Quite a few people came over to see what this famous fatty Qian Jin had actually painted.

"Quiet!" "What are you guys arguing about!" The homeroom teacher glared at Gu Qingyue. She had always been a source of trouble wherever she went.

After saying that, she walked to the last row and grabbed Gu Qingyue's drawing paper. She was not prepared for the sight of the corpse on the paper and her face immediately turned pale.

"You should explain why you drew such an unhealthy thing in my class!" After throwing the drawing paper on the ground, the homeroom teacher's fire was ignited.

The other students turned their heads and watched the scene with interest. Rumor had it that Gu Qingyue had drawn a corpse, and some of the curious hunters even praised her in a low voice.

However, all of this was out of Gu Qingyue's control. She had never thought that just drawing a painting would cause such a commotion.

So he said with a hint of helplessness, "I am very sorry about this matter. "I am really not good at copying statues. It was just out of boredom that I …"

"Enough!" The homeroom teacher interrupted her, "Since you admit your mistake, then paint this for me a hundred times. Leave it to me tomorrow morning."

A hundred times?! Gu Qingyue's eyes widened.

"Is this considered corporal punishment?"

The corner of his mouth was raised in a mocking smile. The homeroom teacher's harshness was fully displayed at this moment: "A stupid student like you, without any special methods, you will never be able to keep up with the progress of the class. This is also for your own good, so as to not drag the entire class down, your father wants to come over and talk to me again."

When the students in the class heard this, they all laughed. Gu Wenyin lowered her eyes in satisfaction, but she still pretended to be worried and advised Gu Qingyue not to talk back to her teacher.

"As a teacher, you have to rely on your likes and dislikes to convict a student. It's really unfortunate that the University has hired a teacher like you."

Gu Qingyue stood up and looked straight at the homeroom teacher. She didn't cower in the slightest.

"I can apologize and take responsibility for my mistakes, but that is not the reason for your arbitrary corporal punishment."

Looking at the once unruly and crude Fatty giving a clear and logical explanation, everyone could not believe what they had just seen. His facial features were the same, and he was covered in fat. However, there was a difference in his temperament.

Hearing this, the homeroom teacher laughed out of anger and clapped his hands, "Good, good, good. If you have the ability, let the school expel me. Otherwise, on this day, I will be your teacher, and you will have to listen to me."

As she spoke, she walked closer with malice written on her face, "How dare a self-assuming fatty lecture to me here? "If you have time, you might as well go and lose some weight to save your father's face."

Actually, as a form teacher, she shouldn't say such words, but unfortunately, she once had a relationship with Gu Feng. Half of her foot stepped into the Wealthy Class, but it turned out that Xu Rou found out and messed with her.

Ever since then, she had always been unhappy with Gu Qingyue and Gu Wenyin. Gu Wenyin had always followed the rules and achieved excellent results. She had no excuse even if she wanted to attack, but Gu Qingyue was different. She was like a live target.

"In that case, why don't we make a bet?" Gu Qingyue said in a cold voice.

"What bet?" The homeroom teacher crossed her arms as she stood beside her with ridicule in her eyes.

"If I can get down to ninety pounds in three months, you must bow and apologize to me."

The entire class broke out into laughter, unsure of where she got her confidence from. Who didn't know that Miss Gu had been fat since she was young? How could her words be so simple?

"Okay, but if you fail to lose weight, you have to leave school!" After venting all her hatred towards Gu Feng onto Gu Qingyue, the homeroom teacher put forward a completely unfair condition.

Gu Wenyin was listening at the side and was just about to pretend to be a sister when Gu Qingyue interrupted her with a "deal".

Thus, within a day, the news of the bet spread throughout the country, and Gu Qingyue once again became a celebrity.

"I want to transfer."

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