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C4 Inheritance

Madam Lu's sharp eyes stared at her for a long time before she finally opened her mouth. "There are some things that I should tell you. Sit down first."

After taking a sip of tea, Madam Lu began to slowly narrate that Gu Qingyue's mother had left behind a legacy, but that inheritance could only be inherited after she married Lu Beichuan. Otherwise, it would be transferred to Gu Feng.

"Do you understand now? "Cheng Yi is my best friend in this life. I will take care of what I have to give you for her. Otherwise, you won't have a share when it comes to your father."

Indeed, giving it to Gu Feng was equivalent to giving it directly to Xu Rou and her daughter. Thinking of this, Gu Qingyue also woke up from her depression, indeed, giving it to Gu Feng was equivalent to giving it to Xu Rou and her daughter.

"I understand, Auntie Lu. I won't bring up the matter of annulling the marriage anymore." If worst comes to worst, she might get married and leave if she couldn't get on. She didn't believe that Lu Beichuan wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Madam Lu nodded tiredly and Gu Qingyue obediently went upstairs to her room.


When Gu Qingyue pushed open the third door on the left, she suddenly regretted her recklessness.

At this moment, Lu Beichuan was bare-chested, holding a towel and looking at her. Her thin and powerful arms, her exquisite eight abdominal muscles, and the Merfolk String of Fate that had sunk deeply into her pants … All this dazzled her eyes.

Gu Qingyue swallowed her saliva and smiled awkwardly, "Auntie Lu said to let me sleep in this room tonight." Who knew that the so-called relationship was a true relationship?

Lu Beichuan glanced at her and walked past her. "Come with me."

He opened up the guest room opposite and placed Gu Qingyue there. Then, he instructed her in a serious tone, "If there's nothing else, you won't need to look for me tonight."

Gu Qingyue didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she nodded, racking her brains to recall what the original owner had done to him, to prevent her from acting like a thief.

In the end, the arrangement that Madam Lu had made for the two of them to stay in the same room failed. Perhaps she still felt sorry for her son. She didn't say anything about Lu Beichuan's arrangement. The next morning, she got the driver to drive Gu Qingyue back to the Gu family.

When Gu Feng asked her what she thought about going to Lu Family this time, Gu Qingyue seriously spat out two words: "Slimming down."

After letting Gu Feng feel gratified for a while, he felt like he was looking at a girl at the beginning of her life.

Chapter V

The Medical Department of Shenjiang was the dream of all medical students, including Gu Qingyue. Back then, she had given up on coming to Shenjiang to study for the sake of some lousy guy, but she didn't expect to come all the way here.

Gu Feng was very efficient. It only took her three days to complete the transfer procedures. However, just as she was running towards the cradle of her dreams, the car was almost destroyed.

There were only a few white lights hanging in the corridor of the Medical Department. The walls were clean and there weren't even any paintings. Gu Qingyue, who couldn't find the teaching office, wanted to stop a classmate to ask about it, but was pulled back by the sleeves.

"Eh, is something the matter?" In front of him was a round-faced girl wearing a white coat. She was most likely his senior sister.

"The Department of Forensic Medicine?" She spoke urgently, her eyebrows twisting together.

Gu Qingyue nodded and was dragged away before she could even open her mouth.

"It happened all of a sudden. There's only a specialized course today and not many students came to class, but there's an urgent case with Professor Meng. Just follow me and be my assistant, and don't shout out loud no matter what you see."

The little round-faced senior sister stepped on her high heels very quickly, as Gu Qingyue tried to sort out the situation.

For example, the professors in a famous university like Shen University, who relied on their major to help their students, were definitely important figures. Whenever the police were unable to find a case where they needed help, they would always find Shen University, and these professors could also take this opportunity to find a training opportunity for their students.

Thinking of this, Gu Qingyue's eyes widened, "Meng Lai, Professor Meng?!"

The little round-faced senior sister rolled her eyes rudely, "If not, don't you know who the teacher is when you come to class in this school building?! "Alright, hurry up and get on the car."

As she spoke, she pulled her into the minivan and sped on. When Gu Qingyue had finished digesting the excitement of seeing her idol, they had already arrived at the Shicheng People's Court.

When she entered the familiar dissecting room, Gu Qingyue was so excited that her legs were trembling. In her previous life, her teacher had told her that she was born to eat this kind of rice, and the scalpel in her hand was as precise as a carving knife.

"The time for the corpses to be salvaged is 4 in the morning. The location is..." A policeman was explaining the case to Professor Meng, who was wearing a white coat. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw them enter and stopped.

The round faced senior took a step forward, "Professor Meng, including me, there are a total of five students from the Department of Forensic Medicine. Do you think that's enough?"

Meng Lai took off his mask, revealing a refined face. He nodded gently: "That's enough, you can bring them here later to survey the body and write down the scene. After that, write down an autopsy report for me."

As she spoke, her gaze swept past the round-faced senior sister and landed on Gu Qingyue. She was like a giant being squeezed into the doorframe. To be honest, the few policemen were afraid that she would damage the precise apparatus in the room.

"This is?" Is he also a student of Shen University? " Meng Lai had never seen her before.

The round faced senior was also stunned. Professor Meng's memory was extraordinary, he could remember every student who attended the class. He turned around and looked at Gu Qingyue. "Are you from the Department of Forensic Medicine?"

Feeling a little awkward, Gu Qingyue touched her nose and said, "I'm the new student here today, Gu Qingyue."

"What nonsense!" Meng Lai was a bit serious, "Hurry up and get someone to send her back. The case today is not something that the freshmen can see."

However, Gu Qingyue stopped and walked in front of Meng Lai, "Professor Meng, I've always admired you, so please let me participate in today's case. I have experience in dissecting and have strong mental fortitude, so I definitely won't trouble you. Please!"

He gave a deep bow to Meng Lai as a form of respect. He was knighted by the industry as' Golden Blade ', and his wife and children were killed in a terrifying revenge.

Since then, he quit his old job and went on to become a professor at the university.

Just when the atmosphere was in a deadlock, a familiar figure walked out from the inner room. Gu Qingyue nearly dropped her chin in shock and shouted: "Lu Beichuan?! Why are you here? "

Lu Beichuan saw that she had the same expression as if she had seen a ghost, "The one in trouble is an actor under Lu Family Group and Entertainment. I have the right to know the truth, but what are you doing here? "Don't tell me you're here to sketch?"

If he remembered correctly, Gu Qingyue was an art student.

"I was transferred to the Medical Examiner's Department. Anyway, it was a misunderstanding. I was brought here as an assistant." With that, she wrinkled her nose and looked pitifully at Meng Lai.

Unfortunately, she no longer had a pretty face, so Meng Lai couldn't see any expression on her face.

"Alright, time is running out. Since you and Mr Lu know each other, you can stay here. But we've agreed that you're not to cry or scream." With that, Meng Lai put on his mask again.

"Yes sir!"

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