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C5 Female Cadaver

Gu Qingyue walked at the back, wearing her hair and clothes. Lu Beichuan was a bit slow, walked to her side, and said sternly, "What are you trying to do now? It is not up to you to act recklessly in a matter of life and death. "

"CEO Lu, from the very first time we met, you've been prejudiced against me. I'm really interested in dissecting it, and I have the confidence that I can do it well. This is not the Lu Family, I have the power to oppose all of your prejudices."

With that, Gu Qingyue shot him a glance and quickly walked behind Meng Lai, also missing the contemplation in Lu Beichuan's eyes.

'I don't know why, but I keep having the feeling that this girl is different from before.

Looking over, the fatty was still the same fatty. As she walked forward, the flesh on his body also started to tremble.

Lu Beichuan shook his head and laughed. He must have been driven mad by the corpse.

Lu Beichuan was not angry with Gu Qingyue's words, instead, he felt a little relieved.

He once heard from his mother that Gu Qingyue loved to paint and was quite an artistic person. Why did she suddenly change departments?

Lu Beichuan looked at Gu Qingyue with a puzzled expression. He thought that this woman must be crazy. Otherwise, she would come to the Forensic Medicine Department to deal with the dead.

Lu Beichuan recalled the way Gu Qingyue looked when she was eating at his house. She clearly hadn't eaten her fill, yet she said that she had already eaten her fill and even threatened to lose weight. Did this Gu Qingyue really change?

Gu Qingyue did not care about Lu Beichuan's identity, she would do what she wanted anyway. If it was Gu Qingyue's original body, she wouldn't have done that.

When the other students of the Magic Department saw that Gu Qingyue didn't give Lu Beichuan any face at all, they all muttered to themselves, 'Gu Qingyue sure has guts!'

Professor Meng Lai is a "golden knife" in forensic science. Being able to learn Professor Meng's anatomy is the dream of every forensic doctor.

Gu Qingyue was glad that she had transmigrated into this world. At that time, she regretted for a long time because that trash of a man had not entered her university. Although she had studied forensic science in other schools and had some experience in the world of forensic medicine, there was no end in sight.

Now that she had the chance to enter the university, especially since she was a student of the gold medal professor Meng Lai, Gu Qingyue was very excited.

Upon entering the familiar autopsy room, Gu Qingyue seemed to have returned to her original body. He recalled his past self. He was once the main surgeon, and remembered the female corpse that he had main surgeon last time.

At that time, the female corpse was also salvaged from the river. Due to the long immersion in the river, the corpse had already begun to rot, giving off an unpleasant smell. No one wanted to dissect it.

Gu Qingyue initially thought that she wouldn't be able to get her. However, when she received the notice, she immediately packed her tools and rushed to the scene.

"All of you, take a careful look and record." Gu Qingyue's thoughts were interrupted by Professor Meng's stern voice.

Instinctively, Gu Qingyue took out her notebook and quickly wrote down the time and place, as well as the cause of the dissecting.

Since the body had been submerged in water for so long that it could not be identified, only an autopsy would reveal the cause of the death.

Although he was fully armed, the smell of the corpse still made him want to vomit.

The few forensic students couldn't help but cough a few times. However, Gu Qingyue didn't find it strange. This was because before she transmigrated, she was a top beauty medical examiner. She had never dissected any kind of corpse before.

They followed Professor Meng Lai to the corpse, and the police removed the white cloth from the corpse.

Dissecting the body was also a very particular procedure. As a medical examiner, the first thing he had to do was to examine the body's appearance, first to check the head, then to see if the scalp was intact, and then to see if there were any traces of hair that had been missing. From head to toe, from front to back, from left to right, they carefully examined everything.

Professor Meng looked carefully at the exterior of the corpse, and did not find any problems. He ordered his students to record that his appearance was in good condition and that there were no injuries on his body.

Following that, Professor Meng prepared to dissect the corpse. Those few students were probably from the Department of Forensic Medicine, so it was possible that this was the first time they had come into contact with the corpse at such a close distance.

As the dissecting continued, the smell of blood emanated forth. As a man, Lu Beichuan couldn't stand it any longer. He told the police, "Go outside first and let him know the results."

The few senior students who were studying in forensic science could no longer hold it in. Only Gu Qingyue remained calm and collected.

Professor Meng glanced at them and was very unhappy, "What are you all doing? Is this your first time seeing an autopsy? Get out of here, and don't interfere with my work. "

Including Gu Qingyue, there were a total of five students who were hired as assistants. Out of the four who had left, only Gu Qingyue remained.

Could it be that Gu Qingyue didn't have to go out to get some fresh air and adjust her mood? Professor Meng thought to herself. While working, Professor Meng asked Gu Qingyue, "Are you not afraid?"

"I'm not afraid. I'm used to it." Gu Qingyue blurted out.

Gu Qingyue regretted her decision after she finished her sentence. She was a freshman who had just transferred from the arts, so how could she tell him that she was used to dissecting?

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