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C6 Past

No one else knew about his past, nor could they say that he was a medical examiner. For some reason, he had transmigrated into the body of the Gu family's daughter, Gu Qingyue.

This was simply a fantasy for a medical examiner. There were ghosts and gods there, otherwise, Meng Lai would have dissected the corpses and would have come looking for him.

Professor Meng looked at Gu Qingyue doubtfully but didn't say anything. He then continued with his work. Since I'm not afraid, do as I say, and don't get it wrong, "the professor said to Gu Qingyue.

Gu Qingyue helped Professor Meng with the scalpel and tweezers, and Gu Qingyue knew what tools to use. Professor Meng wondered if he was a freshman, a forensic pathologist familiar with anatomy.

Don't forget, Gu Qingyue's previous self was a top beautiful forensic doctor, and she only borrowed Gu Qingyue's body when she teleported here, so her thoughts were all on the original body. So Gu Qingyue knew all about the autopsy.

The students who went out to rest also came in slowly. Seeing that Gu Qingyue didn't come out, Lu Beichuan followed her into the autopsy room.

Time passed second by second as the dissecting process progressed further. Gu Qingyue discovered that she was getting more and more familiar with this body.

Gu Qingyue started to search in her mind. She racked her brain to think of something. Finally, she felt that this corpse was Zhang Lu's, but she wasn't sure.

Although she had transmigrated to Gu Qingyue's body, Gu Qingyue's original body still retained its memories. Now that he thought about it, when Zhang Lu was still alive, she had a physical contact with Gu Qingyue's original body, which meant that the two of them seemed to have fought before.

Zhang Lu and Gu Qingyue were very familiar with each other. They were friends in the past, and for some reason, their relationship had been getting worse and worse recently.

Zhang Lu was a famous actor under Lu Family Group and Entertainment when she was alive. She was on good terms with Lu Beichuan and often went into his office.

Gu Qingyue tried her best to think. Suddenly, a shrill scream interrupted her thoughts.

It turned out that a student was frightened when he saw Professor Meng use a scalpel to cut the internal organs of the deceased.

This might be the first time he saw it. After all, it was a human, not a dog or cat. No matter how bold they were, they would still be afraid. This made Gu Qingyue think of the first time she saw her teacher dissecting a corpse, it was no different from the look on her classmate's face.

She was slowly getting used to it. At that time, her teacher had told them that they would see more in the future and would no longer be afraid.

Only then did Gu Qingyue come to her senses. So this was Zhang Lu's body, but how did the perfectly fine Zhang Lu die and be thrown into the river?

Gu Qingyue started searching the memories between her and Zhang Lu in her mind once again. She found it. It turned out that the two of them had been unhappy because of some so-called scandal.

However, wasn't Zhang Lu a petty person? It couldn't be that she was unhappy just because she had a conflict with Gu Qingyue, right? Impossible, absolutely impossible. There must be some other reason. Gu Qingyue thought in her heart.

"Impossible, how could he die because of that?" Gu Qingyue's mouth was open. She said it out loud as she thought about it.

The moment he said that, the whole room became silent. Even Professor Meng, who was very focused, stopped the scalpel in his hand for a moment, but then immediately went back to work.

Professor Meng thought to himself, "What's wrong with this new student? Did he lose his mind because of the dissecting of the corpse? How can he speak nonsense? Isn't this using stones to smash one's own feet?"

Not long after Gu Qingyue finished talking to herself, there was a commotion in the dissecting room. Next, Gu Qingyue heard all sorts of unpleasant words.

Some people said that Zhang Lu liked Lu Beichuan, "Could it be that someone was afraid that Wu Steeler would be taken away by someone else and end up getting killed?"

There were all sorts of guesses and speculations, but Gu Qingyue was the murderer in their eyes.

Gu Qingyue did not defend herself against the rumors. She believed that those who knew were the only ones who knew what was going on.

Lu Beichuan also heard the whispers of others. On the way back, Lu Beichuan looked at Gu Qingyue and said, "Don't tell me you did it?"

"You don't believe me that much, I'll be that stupid, and I don't love you." Gu Qingyue didn't know why she said that.

Gu Qingyue thought to herself, if Lu Beichuan's mother hadn't told her that only by marrying Lu Beichuan could she obtain her mother's inheritance, she wouldn't have stayed with people she didn't like.

Actually, he wasn't that fond of money. It was just that he didn't want her father to have the money. If her father got the money, he would just give it to her stepmother.

Her stepmother had killed Gu Qingyue's mother, so she must avenge Gu Qingyue's mother and Gu Qingyue, because that weak Gu Qingyue had already been killed by her stepmother.

She had teleported to Gu Qingyue's body. Perhaps she already had a plan, and that was to prevent the bad guys from using Gu Qingyue's body to avenge their mother and daughter.

As an entertainer of Lu Family Group, Zhang Lu could not help but be in contact with Lu Beichuan. Furthermore, with Zhang Lu's good figure and beautiful appearance, it was natural for others to misunderstand her.

The unmarried women of Shen City all wanted to marry Lu Beichuan and become his wife. However, Lu Beichuan listened to his mother's arrangements very well and basically didn't have any gossip. On the other hand, Zhang Lu always wanted to be related to Lu Beichuan.

The sky was overcast and overcast, as if trying to set off Gu Qingyue's mood.

In the face of gossip, Gu Qingyue disapproved as if nothing had happened. Lu Beichuan was a little puzzled. This wasn't Gu Qingyue's personality, so why wasn't she in a hurry?

Gu Qingyue knew that if it was the former Gu Qingyue, she would definitely cry and try to clarify that it wasn't her doing. However, she was the former medical examiner, Gu Qingyue, and she was calm and collected towards everything.

No matter what others say, Gu Qingyue thought, she would use facts to cover their mouths. When the autopsy results came out, she would see that all of them were still gossiping.

This was only Gu Qingyue's wishful thinking. Before she had no proof, she could not shut the mouths of others. The current Gu Qingyue was not the old Gu Qingyue, so she was firm in her thinking.

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