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C8 Anatomy

Just when Gu Qingyue thought this matter would be overturned, a girl suddenly rushed out and accused Zhang Lu of being killed by Gu Qingyue.

Gu Qingyue looked at the sky, a little speechless.

Meng Lai's defense line was almost challenged to the extreme. He really didn't understand how many people Gu Qingyue had offended and how much trouble she could cause by dissecting a corpse.

Lu Beichuan moved closer to look at Gu Qingyue's attitude. What Gu Qingyue did today refreshed Lu Beichuan's understanding of her. The once domineering Gu Qingyue suddenly became calm, making everyone feel horrified.

When the staff saw Lu Beichuan move, they could only follow him into the crowd and follow behind him.

Meng Lai endured his emotions and inquired about the female student's identity. If he wanted to criticize her, he wanted her to bring out the evidence of Gu Qingyue killing Zhang Lu.

The girl called herself Gu Wenyin, a close friend of Zhang Lu before she died. She saw Gu Qingyue kill Zhang Lu with her own eyes.

Gu Wenyin's expression changed from an expression of pity to one of seriousness. The words she said directly pointed to Gu Qingyue. Gu Qingyue's heart sank.

With Gu Wenyin coming forward to criticize them, the surrounding chattering started once again. The two people who were just reprimanded by Meng Lai felt even more unhappy. Adding to that, they also knew that Gu Qingyue had killed Zhang Lu. At this moment, someone stood out and said that they had evidence, so they would naturally not let this opportunity to suppress Gu Qingyue slip by.

Lu Beichuan, who was in the crowd, was slightly moved but didn't want to ruin the atmosphere and let this farce continue.

Gu Qingyue looked at the increasing discussion and the pride in Gu Wenyin's eyes and wanted to explain, "I didn't kill Zhang Lu, I haven't seen her since that day, and I just had an accident not too long ago."

In order to increase her belief, Gu Qingyue added in the fact that something had happened to her, so how could Gu Wenyin allow Gu Qingyue to resolve this matter so simply? "Gu Qingyue, stop quibbling. I saw you run away after killing Zhang Lu with my own eyes the other day and didn't dare to admit it. Haven't you had a nightmare these past few days?"

Gu Wenyin's heartache caused the surrounding people to feel sorry for her. One by one, they comforted her and turned to glare at Gu Qingyue, revealing the information that Gu Qingyue was the murderer.

Gu Qingyue understood. It was due to Meng Lai being here that she gave him face. Otherwise, these people would have already torn her to shreds. Gu Qingyue took a step back and hid behind Meng Lai like a wronged child.

Meng Lai had always been a reasonable person. He would always pay attention to evidence when doing things. Without any evidence, he naturally wouldn't allow anyone to slander his students.

She immediately asked Gu Wenyin to bring out the evidence. Gu Wenyin said she saw it with her own eyes and was scared. She didn't record the whole process on her phone.

Meng Lai heard Gu Wenyin's words and sneered. He scolded her for not standing up and blaming others without any evidence. Gu Wenyin felt even more wronged after being scolded by Meng Lai. Her tears started falling faster.

The people around them saw how sad Gu Wenyin was crying, and how convinced they were of her words. They all felt that Meng Lai's attitude towards Gu Wenyin was too unyielding. They all thought that Meng Lai was unfair and biased towards Gu Qingyue.

Public opinion could not be stopped, and the louder the voices, the angrier Meng Lai became. Just as Meng Lai was about to get angry, Gu Qingyue pulled his arm.

Meng Lai looked at Gu Qingyue in confusion. Gu Qingyue stood in front of Meng Lai, her fat body hiding Meng Lai's body. Meng Lai understood that Gu Qingyue wanted him to deal with this kind of thing. He lamented that Gu Qingyue was too young and did not realize the seriousness of this matter.

Gu Qingyue consoled Gu Wenyin as she watched them gather together. Gu Qingyue knew that she couldn't explain it even if she had something to say. Gu Wenyin's move was too ruthless.

Gu Qingyue turned her head and saw Lu Beichuan standing on the side. She signaled Lu Beichuan to speak with her eyes. Lu Beichuan not only ignored Gu Qingyue, but also turned around and sat on the sofa beside her.

Gu Qingyue's heart was filled with anger. Her impression of Lu Beichuan plummeted, while at the same time, she felt a little powerless. If Lu Beichuan didn't help her, Gu Qingyue could only help her quell this farce.

Gu Qingyue was completely clueless about medicine previously, let alone dissecting it. She would probably feel weak and hide away when she saw the corpse.

Gu Qingyue had offended too many people, and too many people knew Gu Qingyue's personality. Unless it was out of necessity, Gu Qingyue really didn't want to perform an autopsy to prove her innocence.

He could lie and say that he knew how, that he had the ability to do so, which was why he came to the Medical Examiner Department. However, those who were familiar with Gu Qingyue would not choose to believe that her trump card would be exposed, and might even attract others' attention and question her identity.

Gu Qingyue raised her hand and saw that her fat claws wanted to cry. "Why are you punishing me like this? What did I do wrong …"

Meng Lai stared at Gu Qingyue's actions. His anger had been suppressed down and was replaced with helplessness. Meng Lai couldn't understand why Gu Qingyue acted like an outsider from the start and didn't care about the opinions of others at all, as if she wasn't the one being talked about. If it were a normal girl, wouldn't she have been unable to bear the pressure and sat down to cry?

Meng Lai had heard of Gu Qingyue's fame before, but he had never seen Gu Qingyue herself. Now that he saw it, even though Fatty was a bit fatter, his personality was still good. He was not as arrogant and despotic as the rumors had said. As expected, the rumors could not be completely believed, as public opinion was too powerful.

Meng Lai patted Gu Qingyue's shoulder and pointed at Gu Wenyin and the others, who were still making a ruckus. Otherwise, it would be better if he did it himself.

Gu Qingyue shook her head and tried her best to make a smile. "No problem, I'll do it myself."

Meng Lai didn't want to look Gu Qingyue in the face anymore when he saw her smile. He turned his head and coughed to hide his embarrassment.

Gu Qingyue, on the other hand, did not think much of it. Looking at Meng Lai's actions, she felt lucky to be able to see Professor Meng's appearance. The smile on his face became even more profound, causing his eyes to almost pop out of their sockets.

Lu Beichuan watched the interaction between Gu Qingyue and Meng Lai and could not bear to beat the drum in his heart. It was really hard to figure out what was going on in Gu Qingyue's mind. She was still in the mood to laugh at a time like this. She was truly impressed by Gu Qingyue's strong mental state.

Gu Qingyue felt Lu Beichuan's gaze and turned around, revealing a mouthful of white teeth. This time, it was Lu Beichuan's turn to choke on his saliva.

Gu Qingyue had never seen Lu Beichuan lose his composure like this. She could not help but laugh in her heart, but on the surface, she looked innocent. Lu Beichuan, who had regained his composure, glared at Gu Qingyue. Gu Qingyue, on the other hand, returned an even more innocent stare.

Gu Qingyue walked into Lu Beichuan. When Lu Beichuan saw Gu Qingyue moving to the side, Gu Qingyue didn't care about Lu Beichuan's actions. "Lu Beichuan, are you going to help me?"

Lu Beichuan shook his head. He didn't want to talk to Gu Qingyue and expressed his attitude. Gu Qingyue didn't want to give up the opportunity to help Lu Beichuan. She asked again, "Then how can you help me?"

Gu Qingyue looked at Lu Beichuan with her big eyes, which made Lu Beichuan spit out two words in disgust.

Others couldn't see, but Gu Qingyue could clearly see that Lu Beichuan was insulting her. Gu Qingyue sneered at Lu Beichuan before turning around to walk towards Gu Wenyin's side.

Lu Beichuan was interested in Gu Qingyue's action of not wasting any time. He held his head and waited to see what Gu Qingyue would do, and how she would settle this.

Gu Qingyue, on the other hand, mentally greeted Lu Beichuan's eighteen generations of ancestors and scolded him for his shamelessness. She wanted her to beg him for her next life.

Gu Qingyue walked up to Gu Wenyin and looked down at her condescendingly. As soon as his fat body appeared in front of Gu Wenyin, he blocked a large amount of light, casting a huge shadow that no one could ignore.

Gu Wenyin raised her head to look at Gu Qingyue. There were still tears hanging on her face, which was really lovable.

When the people nearby saw Gu Qingyue coming over, their words became even more unpleasant to hear. If it wasn't because Gu Qingyue was too fat, she would have attacked him already.

"If I can prove that I didn't kill Zhang Lu, then you have to apologize to me." Gu Qingyue informed Gu Wenyin in an unquestionable tone. Gu Qingyue's confident manner gave Gu Wenyin a bad premonition.

Gu Wenyin did not believe that Gu Qingyue could settle this matter, so she nodded her head and said, "I saw it with my own eyes."

Gu Qingyue didn't care how outspoken Gu Wenyin was, she just agreed to apologize to him and turned around to speak to Meng Lai.

"Professor Meng, you also heard that if I can prove that I didn't kill Zhang Lu, then she, Gu Wenyin, must apologize to me." Meng Lai had some doubts as to where Gu Qingyue's confidence came from. But he still nodded his head, indicating that he was willing to testify.

Meng Lai stared at Gu Qingyue, waiting for what Gu Qingyue was going to do. Gu Qingyue hesitated and looked at Zhang Lu's body, which was lying on the operating table.

"Professor Meng, I request that we dissect Zhang Lu's body." Meng Lai frowned. If he allowed Gu Qingyue to dissect the corpse, he wouldn't be able to determine Zhang Lu's death through the information leaked from the body's details.

Gu Qingyue knew what Meng Lai was thinking. She wanted Meng Lai to help her dissect the body while watching over her.

When Gu Wenyin heard that Gu Qingyue wanted to dissect the corpse, she couldn't help but sneer in her heart. For some reason, she felt slightly relieved. Gu Qingyue's actions were only to cover up her panic. She didn't believe that Gu Qingyue would really dissect a corpse.

Hearing Gu Qingyue's request, Lu Beichuan's heart was surprised as his senses became bigger and he stared at Gu Qingyue.

Everyone was waiting for Meng Lai's answer, waiting to see Gu Qingyue make a joke of herself. Gu Qingyue was just a freshman who had just transferred to another faculty, so how could she be that powerful? In their eyes, Gu Qingyue was nothing more than someone who had nowhere else to go.

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