Forever Yours: A Billionaire Romance/C9 Forever Yours: A Billionaire Romance
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Forever Yours: A Billionaire Romance/C9 Forever Yours: A Billionaire Romance
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C9 Forever Yours: A Billionaire Romance

Estera Roberts’ POV

(Present Time: A Few Hours Before)

The Friday we were supposed to have the gig came faster than I expected. It was as if the days rushed by just so the universe could have a good laugh at my expense.

I had just one surgery for the day and decided to join Ameera and Ashley with the other interns volunteering at the free clinic east of the building. We had decided to close early, and head home to have a short nap before the car Bobby promised to send arrives to pick us up with Anna and Tamika. I recalled there used to be three of them. I wondered what happened to the third girl.

As soon as I peered inside Ameera's consultation room she exclaimed, “A-ha! Just the right person we need right now! Bennedith, meet Doctor Roberts. She is one of the best surgeons in New York and could quickly help us with your appendicitis—” She introduced me and I plastered a smile on my face as I proceeded into the room, watching the middle-aged man fidget on the consultation bed. A frown pulled the skin on my forehead as I studied him quietly.

He perched on the bed like a bird readying itself to take flight. His hair was disheveled and dirty and so were his clothes. I could see dirt buildup under his fingernails as he wrapped his arms against his front, hugging himself. One hand was held to his side while the other laid over his shoulder socket. And he reeks like someone who hadn’t had a bath for quite a while.

“Hello, Doctor Ameera, and lovely to make your acquaintance, Bennedith,” I said, going to stand beside Ameera’s chair, still watching the other man guardedly. He merely nodded in acknowledgment.

“Bennedith here is complaining of acute pain in his navel and lower right abdomen. He said his pain is most severe when he coughs, walks, or makes sudden jarring movements. He also said he is nauseous and has vomited thrice today,” Ameera explained.

“I tell you, ma’am, it is Cancer. And I am dying. I googled my symptoms, and they all checked out,” Bennedith contradicted and I saw him dig his nails hard into the skin on his shoulder until blood pooled under his fingernails. Ameera and I shared a concerned look.

“Maybe you are right…perhaps it is cancer. Google, I have discovered, isn’t a very good medium to look up these things. Doctor Ameera here is one of the best Diagnostic doctors I know. And trust me I have met quite a few. And even as good as she is, we still have to confirm her suspicion about your diagnosis… and yours too,” I said, giving him a warm smile.

“Okay… I guess that makes sense,” Bennedith said as he threw me a quick glance then quickly lowered his gaze.

“Can I call in a nurse to take you for some test to confirm my suspicion before we enlist Doctor Roberts’ help?”Ameera interjected in a gentle tone.

“Yeah… I suppose—” the patient replied.

“Great! See you in a bit, Bennedith,” I said, as Ameera called in a nurse and asked her to take Ben for an abdominal X-ray, barium enema, ultrasonography, computerized tomography (CT) scan, and laparoscopy.

When Bennedith left with the nurse. Ameera sighed with relief and thanked me.

“Well, that is why we do this right, to volunteer our free time to the people who can not afford adequate medical care,” I replied with a smile. “He looks like he really needs help. It’s a pity we can not help with his mental health. I assume he is homeless?” I said. Ameera glanced down at his file and nodded.

“Yup… the nurses left the address blank,” she said with a sigh.

“Poor thing. Don’t worry. I will do my best for him. Just page me when his results are out. And I will ask Doctor Foster to sign his file so they can let him stay for a day or two till we are certain he will be fine on his own.”

“Thank you, Estie,” she said then added with a little mischief in her eyes, “I’m certain Doctor ‘hot stuff’ will sign anything you put on his table, ‘Doctor Roberts’.” She straightened her shoulders and mimicked the manner in which Cole calls me with his cool, deep tone then started to wiggle her eyebrows. I laughed.

“You are imagining things, Ameera!”

“Really? Pretend all you like. I know you. And I have seen the way he looks at you when he thinks no one is watching.”

“When was the last time you had your eyes evaluated?” I scoff. She giggled.

“He likes you, Estie. More than one would a colleague. Mark my words,” she said.

I already knew that, but I wasn’t going to admit to it. Whatever was going on between Cole and I was still undefined and it might die before it even smolder. It would not be wise to make something out of nothing.

“Whatever you say my personal mind-reader,” I teased. She made as if she wanted to say more, but then stopped when the door was pushed open. We both directed our gaze in the direction and saw Ashley peering in. The other girl let out a sigh of relief when she saw us, then pushed the door wide open and marched inside.

“Hey girls!” she said in an overly bright tone, her dark violet eyes were a mixture of dread and excitement. She seemed agitated. She confirmed my suspicion when she flinched when a nurse spoke behind her, asking if Ameera would like to take one more patient.

“Sure, thank you!” Ameera replied and the nurse left.

“Why are you so jumpy?” I asked Ashley with concern.

“Jumpy? Me? What? … No reason—” she protested and started to bite her nails. I shared a knowing look with Ameera.

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