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C10 Concerns

"I didn't see, just found out. Why are you making so many calls? Did something happen? " Yin Zimeng felt inexplicably guilty.

"Why do you think I called you?"

Pei Fei's tone finally became normal, but he was still a little angry. "I started to contact you last night, but you never answered the phone. Did you beg that man because of me? "

The "man" he was referring to was naturally Jing Beichen.

"I know. This cooperation is very important to you. No matter what, I have to help you with this. " Yin Zimeng sighed. She got up and walked to the bathroom and continued, "Furthermore, he terminated his contract with you because of me. I am sorry. "

"But Zimeng, no matter what, I can't let you suffer this grievance. Also, did he do anything to you after that?"

He was concerned about Yin Zimeng.

"He didn't do anything to me. "

Yin Zimeng carefully comforted him, "Don't worry. No matter what, I will help you keep this cooperation. "

Although Pei Fei was young, he was also a smart person. He almost instantly understood and suppressed his voice. "Let me ask you, did you make a deal with Jing Beichen because of me?"

It seemed like he had to break the claypot and ask until the end.

Yin Zimeng looked at the time and said helplessly, "Let's go out and talk. I will send you the address later. "

She and Pei Fei knew each other. After so many years, she could naturally feel that he was really a little angry this time.

The place they met was a coffee shop.

The environment in the shop was not bad. On the second floor, there was a 16-17 year old little girl playing a cellist.

Under the accompaniment of the music, the style of the coffee shop instantly went up.

There were a lot of people in this shop, but it was very quiet. Almost all of them were young people who were reading or working.

"No, I have to find him. Even if I lose this cooperation, I can't make you compromise for me. " Pei Fei couldn't wait to get up.

His emotions were very intense, and it was out of place with the quiet atmosphere in the coffee shop.

"Pei Fei, don't be impulsive!" Yin Zimeng quickly pulled him back.

"Zimeng, this will harm you. " He was still very annoyed.

"You really think too much about this matter. Anyway, I have no way to leave Huitou Finance now. I have to meet him every day. So, you want me to do a project? Just bear with it for a while and it will be over. "

Her tone was firm: "Don't worry, it won't affect me"

After comforting him for about ten minutes, she finally gave up on the idea of Pei Fei looking for Jing Beichen.

He was temperamental. Perhaps he would take back what he said yesterday once he got angry.

Yin Zimeng and Pei Fei took the opportunity to study the project Jing Beichen gave her.

He wanted her to help Lin's Consortium get listed.

This sounded easy, but if she really wanted to do it, it wouldn't be that simple.

Pei Fei's expression became worse and worse.

Yin Zimeng could only comfort him, "Don't worry, there will be a way. It's just a project, it won't be difficult for me. "

"Is it really not difficult?" He frowned and said, "The general manager of Lin's Consortium is famous for being difficult to get. I also heard that he is very lustful and likes to take advantage of others. "

"Zimeng, how can I be at ease when you go to that kind of place to do projects?"

This was indeed something that Yin Zimeng did not think of before.

She read the document again and felt a little melancholy.

She knew Pei Fei's concerns and uneasiness, but no matter what, she could not give up.

"If it really doesn't work. . . "

He said tentatively, "I don't want this cooperation, okay?"

"Of course not!" Yin Zimeng instantly raised her head and her tone was decisive, "I know what this cooperation means to you. The Pei's Company is still developing and every step is crucial. Do you think this is some small cooperation?"

No matter what, this cooperation was lost because of her.

Even if this matter had nothing to do with Yin Zimeng, if she knew about it, she would help to think of a way no matter what.

"Forget it, I won't tell you anymore. "

Yin Zimeng pursed her lips and did not answer his words.

Pei Fei said unhappily, "I can see that Jing Beichen is deliberately making things difficult for you. "

"Of course he is making things difficult for me. "

She also knew that Jing Beichen was a businessman. Businessmen always prioritized their interests.

If it wasn't a serious situation, he wouldn't have canceled the cooperation.

The only explanation was that he had done all of this on purpose to make her take the bait.

Yin Zimeng thought that perhaps in his eyes, she was a rather interesting plaything.

Pei Fei's body swayed gently in front of Yin Zimeng's eyes. "What are you thinking? You can't hear me even when I am talking to you. "

Yin Zimeng blinked her eyes. "I didn't hear you just now. What did you say?"

"You probably didn't even know that you were sold. "

"What do you plan to do next?"

Yin Zimeng closed the document and propped her chin up as she continued to stare blankly, "Since it is to help Lin's Consortium get promoted, then naturally we must first research and understand this company. "

Fortunately, Jing Beichen was not too bad in this aspect. He gave Yin Zimeng a lot of information regarding the Lin's Consortium.

When she returned, she had to understand it well.

"That's good too. " He nodded. His expression was sickly and listless.

Yin Zimeng stirred the coffee. She planned to finish this cup and quickly return to work in the company.

"Zimeng. " He suddenly spoke.


"You've been tortured to the point of losing weight. Why can't you accept my help?"

"I just came to the company yesterday. It's not that exaggerated. " Yin Zimeng touched his face. "But you said I lost weight. I'll take it that you're praising me. "

The two of them occasionally chatted and laughed, and time passed exceptionally quickly.

Yin Zimeng put on her coat and just as she was about to leave, the moment she saw the couple who came in from outside, her smile became stiff.

She felt that her psychological quality was already strong enough, but at this moment, her heart was extremely irritable!

Xiang Lin held Jing Beichen's arm intimately, chatted and laughed, and talked endlessly with the man beside her.

The man's figure was tall and slender, and his temperament was outstanding. His appearance was very superior, and he was already the most dazzling existence just by standing there.

He was handsome and exuded the temperament of a mature man.

Yin Zimeng was momentarily lost in thought.

At the same time, Jing Beichen also looked in their direction.

Yin Zimeng and Jing Beichen quickly looked at each other. At that moment, she seemed to hear her heart beat faster.

Jing Beichen smiled coldly, full of ridicule. Yin Zimeng became more and more irritated. She just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

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