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C4 Framing

Xiang Lin sobbed and pointed at Yin Zimeng, "She intentionally offended me and even scolded me. Such a person cannot be left in our company. "

Yin Zimeng quietly stood by the side and coldly looked at Xiang Lin's self-directed act.

"Explain a little. " Although Jing Beichen was hugging Xiang Lin, his gaze was attracted by Yin Zimeng.

She was facing criticism, but she could still stand by the side calmly.

"When I got into the elevator, I accidentally bumped into Miss Xiang. I have already been modest with her. " Yin Zimeng said word by word.

"Is that all?" Jing Beichen narrowed his eyes. Obviously, he did not believe her.

"That's all. " Yin Zimeng also did not think that Jing Beichen would believe her.

"Beichen, it's not like that!" Xiang Lin was in Jing Beichen's arms and deliberately said, feeling wronged, "She is jealous of me and purposely hit me. Don't believe her. "

Yin Zimeng knew that Xiang Lin deliberately distorted black and white to expel her. On this point, the two of them had the same goal.

Therefore, Yin Zimeng simply followed Xiang Lin and opposed her. She provoked her and made Jing Beichen fire her.

Yin Zimeng simply laughed out loud and mocked, "Miss Xiang, are you a narcissist? Why should I be jealous of you? Jealous that your academic qualifications are not as high as mine? Jealous that you are not as beautiful as me?"

Xiang Lin was angered and the tears that were originally in her eyes fell out all of a sudden.

She wanted to scold Yin Zimeng, but she did not dare to do so when Jing Beichen was beside her. She could only bite her lips tightly and glare fiercely at Yin Zimeng. She then looked at Jing Beichen weakly.

"Beichen, she. "

"That's right. " Yin Zimeng seemed to remember something and continued, "Miss Xiang, I see that you are very narcissistic! I remember that there is a surveillance camera in the elevator. Did I accidentally bump into you, or did I deliberately hit you hard? We will know when we look at the surveillance camera. "

Xiang Lin panicked a little when she heard this. "Beichen, she's eloquent. Don't believe her. "

Yin Zimeng took a few steps forward and smiled contemptuously. "I am eloquent and eloquent, but do you only know this sentence?"

After mocking her, Yin Zimeng felt that she was in a good mood. Then, she did not look at the two people who were hugging each other anymore and walked towards the Wind Control Department without looking back.

Jing Beichen looked at her leaving figure and the corner of his mouth curled up.

"Beichen. " Xiang Lin, who had just been mocked, became even angrier when she saw Jing Beichen's gaze on Yin Zimeng. She tried to get his attention back.

Yin Zimeng successfully passed the information to Ms Wu and then wrote a resignation letter. After she finished writing, she took the resignation letter and went to the Human Resources Department.

Zhang took the resignation letter that Yin Zimeng gave her and was filled with doubt. They were clearly still gossiping just now but why did they suddenly want to resign now? But when it involved Yin Zimeng's private matters, she would not ask too much.

She returned the resignation letter to Yin Zimeng and told her, "According to the procedure, you need to go and find president to sign first. He agreed, then you can come to the Human Resources Department. "

Yin Zimeng smiled at her and said sincerely, "Okay, thank you. "

"Okay. " Zhang patted her, "Quickly go and find president. I wish you good luck. "

The word good luck. It was not appropriate to use it on her today. She did not know if Jing Beichen would agree to let her resign.

Yin Zimeng held the resignation letter and went to president's office.

She was just about to knock on the door when she realized the door was open. Jing Beichen was the only one inside.

Jing Beichen sat on the leather seat, his slender fingers tapping on the keyboard. He was working.

This was the first time Yin Zimeng saw Jing Beichen working. He was so serious and focused.

In three years, Jing Beichen had matured a lot. Not only did he have the nobility of a rich family, but he also had the charm of a mature man.

"Who's there?"

Yin Zimeng only came back to her senses when she heard Jing Beichen berating her.

She actually looked at Jing Beichen in a daze. She looked down on herself a little.

Taking a breath and relaxing for a bit, Yin Zimeng walked in.

After seeing who it was, Jing Beichen spoke first, "It's you again? Not knocking?"

Before Yin Zimeng could refute, Jing Beichen mocked again, "You're not just a jealous maniac, but also a peeping tom?"

Yin Zimeng laughed and said, "Who am I jealous of? Ridiculous, the door of your office has nothing to do with it. I saw that you were working seriously, so I did not disturb you. How did I become a peeping tom?"

At this moment, Jing Beichen's hand left the computer. He stared at Yin Zimeng and said with interest, "You really know how to speak and defend yourself. "

Yin Zimeng said lightly, "I am just speaking the truth. I am looking for you to resign. "

"Oh?" Jing Beichen was even more interested.

Yin Zimeng went forward and passed the resignation letter to Jing Beichen. She stood aside and waited for him to sign.

Jing Beichen took a quick look at the resignation letter and put it down. Then he asked indifferently, "What is the reason for your resignation?"

Yin Zimeng lowered her eyes and replied, "The resignation letter is already written. "

Jing Beichen leaned against the back of the chair. His gaze was sharp and his voice was very oppressive, "The reason for your resignation letter is not sincere. "

Yin Zimeng frowned and asked, "What kind of reason do you want?"

"Of course it is the real reason. " Jing Beichen looked at her and said, "Although Huitou Finance has only developed for three years, the results are obvious to all. The recruitment in the company is also very strict. If you are recruited, you will have to resign after working for a day. Of course, there must be a reason for the company to be satisfied. "

"Director Jing, I have just worked for a day, and I am going to resign. I am very sorry about this. However, I do have my own reasons. Huitou Finance is a very excellent company, and you are such an excellent boss. After I leave, there will be even more outstanding people entering Huitou Finance. "

"The others are the others, but you are the one. " Jing Beichen was still calm and composed.

"Okay. " Yin Zimeng nodded and said with a fake smile, "Then I will give you a satisfactory reason. I offended Miss Xiang previously and she wanted to fire me. Miss Xiang is someone by your side. I am a sensible person. I can't afford to offend you. I can't afford to offend Miss Xiang either. Is this reason true enough?"

" Yes. " Jing Beichen's face turned cold again. "I agree to your resignation. "

Yin Zimeng felt that something was not right. Just now, he was still making things difficult for her, but now he agreed?

Sure enough, she heard Jing Beichen say again, "Since Miss Yin wants to resign, it is best to pay the penalty as soon as possible. "

"Default penalty?"

"Could Miss Yin have forgotten?" Jing Beichen leaned forward and looked at Yin Zimeng with a sharp gaze.

Yin Zimeng remembered that when she signed the contract with Huitou Finance, the penalty was written on the contract. But at that time, she really wanted to enter the Huitou Finance. She roughly looked at the contract and did not find any problems, so she signed it.

When the company signed the contract, it was not unusual for there to be compensation in the contract. Not to mention a big company like the Huitou Finance.

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