Former Love Continues/C7 Enemies Are on a Narrow Path
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Former Love Continues/C7 Enemies Are on a Narrow Path
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C7 Enemies Are on a Narrow Path

"You broke my car, delayed my work, delayed my time, my loss, you can't afford to pay for it. "

Although Yin Zimeng kept a distance from Jing Beichen, she could still feel the coldness emitting from his body.

She calmed her mind and asked, "Then how do you want me to deal with it?"

Jing Beichen looked at Pei Fei who was beside her. "You are an employee of the Pei's Company? And the person in charge of the collaboration between the Huitou Finance and the Pei's Company?"


"You wrecked my car, and you've brought me immeasurable losses! " Jing Beichen said word by word, as if he was under my command. Pei Fei, on the other hand, was like a criminal waiting for the judge to sentence him.

"From tomorrow onwards, the Huitou Finance will end their cooperation with the Pei's Company!"

Finally, he seemed to have given the final ultimatum!

Pei Fei widened his eyes and looked at Jing Beichen in disbelief. He knew that Jing Beichen was ruthless, but he didn't expect Jing Beichen to be so arrogant. It was obviously a cooperation that was beneficial to both sides, but Jing Beichen ended it just like that!

Pei Fei gritted his teeth and said, "Director Jing, you can't do this. "

Jing Beichen retorted with a sneer, "How do I work? Do I need you to teach me?"

"That's not what I meant. Director Jing, cars are cars, and cooperation is cooperation. These are two different things. I will give you a satisfactory answer regarding the car. Please consider the cooperation. " Pei Fei lowered his head slightly and begged.

Pei Fei didn't want to bow in front of the people he hated. However, the cooperation with Huitou Finance wasn't only important to him, it was also very important to the Pei's Company and his entire family.

Looking at Pei Fei's expression, Yin Zimeng also realized how important this cooperation was to Pei Fei!

She could not watch Pei Fei fall into a difficult situation. She had to help him.

When Yin Zimeng was thinking about how to help Pei Fei, Jing Beichen actually wanted to leave without saying a word.

Fortunately, Yin Zimeng found out. Before Jing Beichen started the car, she opened the front passenger's door and sat on it.

"Zimeng!" Everything happened too fast. When Pei Fei reacted, Jing Beichen's car had already started.

Yin Zimeng rolled down the window and shouted at him, "It's fine. You go back first. "

Don't worry about me. Before she could say those words, the window was forcefully closed by Jing Beichen.

Jing Beichen drove the car with one hand and cast a sidelong glance at her. He asked coldly, "Is it appropriate for Miss Yin to force her way into my car?"

If it was not for the fact that there was no other way, Yin Zimeng also did not want to do so. If Jing Beichen left just like that and then he canceled the cooperation between him and the Pei's Company, she would have no other choice.

"You got in the car but didn't say anything?"

Yin Zimeng took a deep breath and said, "Please don't cancel the cooperation with the Pei's Company. Please don't make things difficult for Pei Fei anymore. "

Jing Beichen asked in amusement, "Why?"

"Cooperation is a mutually beneficial matter. I believe you are not an impulsive person. It is a small matter to break your car. This small matter will not let you end the cooperation that is beneficial to you. " Yin Zimeng understood Jing Beichen. He must have his own purpose in ending the cooperation.

"You are right. " Jing Beichen nodded. He looked at her and said meaningfully, "I don't care about cars. However, I want to end my cooperation with the Pei's Company. This is the most important. "

What did he mean? Yin Zimeng's full forehead wrinkled. If all of this was a small matter to Jing Beichen, then why did he still want to end the cooperation?

Could it be because of her?

In order to successfully resign today, she deliberately mocked Xiang Lin and made Xiang Lin unhappy. Coincidentally, Pei Fei had gotten into his car, and she was also Pei Fei's friend.

That was why Jing Beichen made use of this opportunity to deliberately make things difficult for Pei Fei.

The more Yin Zimeng thought about it, the more certain she was of this idea. It was fine for this petty man to target her, but why would he target the friends around her?

Yin Zimeng said coldly, "If you have something to say, just say it. "

Jing Beichen drove with one hand and raised his eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

He was still playing dumb! Yin Zimeng could not bear it any longer and stared at him.

"Because I made your secretary unhappy, so you deliberately made things difficult for my friend?"

Jing Beichen's lips curled up and revealed a meaningful smile. He said leisurely, "So what if I am? So what if I am not?"

He looked confident, as if everything was under his control.

Yin Zimeng felt like she was a chess piece in his hand that he could manipulate at will.

This kind of feeling was very bad.

"Jing Beichen. "

This was the first time Yin Zimeng completely called his name three years later.

Her deep and clear voice stunned Jing Beichen for a moment. Why did he feel that the voice was a little familiar? Could it be that they had met before?

However, this thought only lasted for a few seconds.

An interesting woman like Yin Zimeng. If he had seen her before, he would definitely remember her!

"Everything that happened today is my own business. It has nothing to do with other people! I don't care what you want to do, just come at me alone! " Yin Zimeng's voice was firm.

"Coming at you?" Jing Beichen said disdainfully, "How capable do you think you are?"

Yin Zimeng leaned to the side and stared straight at him. "You have a high position and authority, so of course you can look down on us. But let me tell you, no matter what, you can't implicate my friend because of me!"

The car was stopped urgently.

Yin Zimeng subconsciously held the handle of the window tightly and looked at Jing Beichen with a frown.

"What are you doing?"

"Are you scared now?" Jing Beichen curled his lips and teased.

"Of course, you are hurting me on purpose. "

Jing Beichen held the steering wheel with one hand and raised it. "You are serious. The red light stopped. The green light was so simple. Miss Yin said that I am deliberately hurting you?"

Only then did Yin Zimeng remember. She looked up and saw that there was indeed a crossroad in front of her and it was indeed the red light.

"Didn't you say something?"

Before the green light turned on, Jing Beichen suddenly turned sideways and approached Yin Zimeng. The distance between the two faces was not more than ten centimeters.

Yin Zimeng was somewhat stunned. By the time she reacted, Jing Beichen had already withdrawn his body and started the car.

The car continued to drive steadily. Yin Zimeng's heart, which was beating rapidly, did not regain its stability so quickly. She really felt that getting along with Jing Beichen was tiring!

Jing Beichen was a person with deep thoughts. He did things ruthlessly and his temper was volatile. Yin Zimeng was still able to deal with these. However, every time he suddenly got close to her, Yin Zimeng could not do nothing about it.

"Where do you plan to get off the car?"

Yin Zimeng was too engrossed in her thoughts. She did not even know when the car stopped.

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