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C9 A Pretentious Woman

They're in the lobby on the first floor of the company, which is the only way for every employee to go to work.

During this period of time, there were a lot of people coming and going. Most of them were just there to watch the show. Xiang Lin was even more excited. She covered her right cheek exaggeratedly and screamed again. "You must give me an explanation today. Otherwise, don't even think about leaving!"

Yin Zimeng was so angry that she laughed. She pulled away from her without batting an eyelid and her face was cold, "Miss Xiang, is your hobby blackmailing others?"

"What blackmailing you? You clearly slapped me!" Xiang Lin widened her eyes and gritted her teeth. It was as if she wanted to tear Yin Zimeng apart alive.

As she spoke, she looked around. "If you don't admit it, you can. But they all saw it! "

When the crowd that was watching the show heard Xiang Lin's words, they all acted as if they did not know anything.

Yin Zimeng quietly watched Xiang Lin make a fuss. When she finally shut her mouth, she slightly raised her chin and motioned for her to look up at the surveillance camera. She said without any restraint, "Next time before you extort others, remember to choose a place without surveillance cameras. "

"Next time if you want to play this childish game again, you can find someone else, I'm not that bored"

Yin Zimeng knew that it was not wise to provoke her at this time. But in the current situation, if she did not mock her a few times, she would not feel comfortable in her heart.

"You!" Xiang Lin put down her hand and her chest heaved up and down.

Yin Zimeng smiled again and said, "Young man, don't be so angry. It is not good for your health. What if you enter the hospital? My crime will be huge. "

"Yin Zimeng, you are going too far!" Xiang Lin saw that she wanted to leave and she quickly rushed forward and firmly grabbed Yin Zimeng's wrist.

She was really a dog skin plaster that she could not shake off.

The last trace of mocking smile in her eyes also disappeared without a trace.

This time, she didn't struggle anymore. She was afraid that she would be blackmailed again.

"You are going too far?" Yin Zimeng was very puzzled. "I should have said that to you. If you really don't want to accept it, I can accompany you to find president. We can argue in front of him. "

The reason why she said this was because Yin Zimeng was well aware of it. Xiang Lin did not make any sense about what happened just now. It was purely because she was meddling.

If they caused a ruckus at Jing Beichen's place, she was afraid that she would not be able to explain it clearly when she saw the surveillance camera.

Therefore, Xiang Lin would definitely not agree. At that time, she would definitely feel guilty.

This farce naturally ended, and everyone was happy.

"Alright, go then. Do you think I'm afraid?" Xiang Lin said confidently.

Xiang Lin pulled Yin Zimeng's hand hard and brought her into the elevator.

It was over.

Yin Zimeng was very helpless. She really did not want to see Jing Beichen.

"Ding ~"

The elevator was quickly opened.

Xiang Lin did not even knock on the door as she directly walked in. She coyly shouted at the man who was working, "I just ran into Yin Zimeng and she actually bullied me. She even slapped me. You have to judge me. . . "

"I still have work to do. You go out first. " Jing Beichen did not even look at Xiang Lin. He raised his head and looked at Yin Zimeng who stood at the door with a cold expression. His thin lips parted slightly. "Come in. "

"Beichen?!" Xiang Lin's expression changed instantly. She shook Jing Beichen's arm.

"Get out. "

Jing Beichen frowned. His tone became stern. Clearly, he was unhappy.

Xiang Lin could only leave unwillingly. When she passed by, she gave Yin Zimeng a fierce look.

"You really never stopped causing trouble. You just came to the company and you are already causing trouble for me. " Jing Beichen held a pen in his hand. When he finished speaking, he used the tip of the pen to lightly knock on the hard table.

"It was your little lover who came to make things difficult for me. "

Yin Zimeng walked in, still expressionless. "Speaking of which, since I always make things difficult for you, why didn't you fire me?"

Jing Beichen narrowed his eyes and a bright light flashed. "Did you forget what you said last night?"

Yin Zimeng was stunned at first. Two minutes later, she remembered what he meant.

"Are you threatening me?" Yin Zimeng was very angry.

But he was prepared to grab Yin Zimeng's life door. No matter what, she had to protect the cooperation between Pei Fei and Huitou Finance.

"This is the information for the project. " He put the prepared documents in front of Yin Zimeng.

She lowered her head to take a look.

"Still not leaving?"

Yin Zimeng came back to her senses and hurriedly picked up the documents. Before she left, she looked at Jing Beichen again.

She did not expect that Jing Beichen would actually agree so quickly today.

After leaving president's office, she instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

When she returned to the Investment Department and sat down, her colleagues wanted to come over and say a few words to her. Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps not far away.

The sound approached from afar and finally stopped beside Yin Zimeng.

"Why did you just come to work?" Ms Wu looked down at Yin Zimeng with a face full of hostility.

"I just went to president's office, so I came back a little later. "

Yin Zimeng felt that this manager seemed to have some issues with her.

"Being late means being late. How can there be so many excuses?" Ms Wu sneered and turned around to take a stack of documents from another employee's table and place them in front of Yin Zimeng, "Print all of these out. If you cannot finish, then work overtime!"

Some of the documents fell to the ground and Yin Zimeng looked at them coldly and a trace of a cold smile appeared on her lips.

She stood up and said with a fake smile, "I'm really sorry. President just gave me a project. I don't have time to do these things. "

Ms Wu's face instantly became extremely ugly.

She had heard from the morning that Yin Zimeng had a conflict with Xiang Lin in the company lobby and was later taken to president's office.

She originally thought that she would definitely be fired after angering Xiang Lin. She did not expect that she would actually come back safely!

Yin Zimeng smiled slightly. Her appearance was elegant, "If you don't believe me, you can go and find president. "

She could also tell that Ms Wu was deliberately looking for trouble with her.

If she endured the grievance this time, there would probably be a second time!

Although this might thoroughly provoke this superior, at least she was happy and did not get bullied.

Ms Wu was so angry that her eyes turned red. After angrily glaring at her, she turned around and left in a huff.

Yin Zimeng calmly packed up the things on the table and just as she finished tidying up everything, the phone on the right side suddenly started vibrating violently.

Pei Fei's name was displayed on the screen.

As soon as the call connected, his angry voice was heard from the microphone.

"Why did you only pick up the phone? Do you know how many times I called you?"

Pei Fei had always been calm and would never use such a rude tone to speak. Yin Zimeng was so scared that she quickly looked at her phone.

As expected, the 34 missed calls were all from Pei Fei.

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