Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C1 Take orders to go down the mountain
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Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C1 Take orders to go down the mountain
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C1 Take orders to go down the mountain

The penglai mountains were all around, the trees were lush and verdant, and on the mountain, there were orderly distribution buildings that were either vigorous or exquisite. He saw a white wall and red tiles hall at the top of the mountain, with three words written on it, "sermon hall".

The vermilion door slowly opened and a clear female voice came out from within: "Ahh! Eldest senior brother is actually calling me that! Wasn't it just being late? Hmph, it's not like it's the first day, why are you being so fierce. "Let me go to the Discipline Hall, I won't go.

Su He grumbled as he walked out.

Just as Su He stepped out of the door, the ground suddenly shook, and she immediately stuck onto the pillar like a kola.

The penglai mountains barrier that had remained unshaken for ten thousand years trembled as layers of runes quickly revolved. A scarlet pillar of light shot out from the center of the formation, and the bloody light quickly spread out, forming a red cloud that spanned ten kilometers.

The formation patterns constantly attacked the red cloud, and each time the two met, it would cause the penglai mountains to tremble.

An elder wearing a grey robe appeared. "Disciples, listen up! No one was allowed to leave the lecture hall! The first disciple, Mu Yangxin, sect leader has orders. "

Su He hid behind the pillar and watched Big Senior Mu fly towards the sect leader's cave. She felt that something big must have happened, so she hesitated for a bit before taking out the flying shuttle that was given to her by her master, sect leader.

Mu Yangxin entered the cave and stopped outside, sticking to the door and eavesdropping. Inside, the sect leader's eyes lit up and removed the barrier. Mu Yangxin realized that he did not say anything, and only lowered his eyes.

"Yang Xin, do you know why I called you here?"

Mu Yangxin shook his head, "Is it related to the abnormal sign just now? Please state it clearly, Master. "

Su He became excited outside the door. Yes, something earth-shattering must have happened when the sky descended!

"My penglai mountains is actually a large scale seal, sealing the Demon Clan Demon Elder. After ten thousand years, the seal has loosened and the Demon Lord is about to revive. You are the only one who can find the world's most valuable treasure, the Seven Apertures Mystical Heart, and cooperate with the formation to completely eliminate the Demon Lord. "

's heart trembled. Demon Clan fed on humans, they were ruthless and heartless, and once they escaped, the entire continent would be annihilated, he would definitely not let the Demon Sovereign break through the seal.

Shang Qing patted Mu Yangxin's shoulder, "Yang Xin, go. You can go to Kunlun first and look for Old Man Tianji."

"Disciple understands." Mu Yangxin accepted the order and walked out the door.

When Su He heard the sound of footsteps, he quickly hid into the bushes. Before Mu Yangxin left, he swept a glance at the forest where Su He was hiding with his peripheral vision, and then left without stop.

Su He thought to himself, once the Demon Elder escapes, the continent would definitely reignite its flames of war. As the heir to the sect, it was the duty of the Penglai disciple to prevent the Demon Lord from reviving.

Su He decided to go down the mountain to search for the Seven Apertures Mystical Heart. Perhaps … He could train together with his eldest senior brother and have love and experience later, hahaha. As she thought about it, she started to laugh out loud, then realized that she was here to eavesdrop. She quickly shrunk her neck, and sneaked out of the sect leader's cave.

Before he left, Su He knelt down outside the door and kowtowed deeply to the sect leader: "Master, although I am not as stable and capable as senior, but in the face of a great disaster, I cannot stay out of it. I also hope that I can do something for you guys, for all the people in this world, even if it is just a tiny bit of strength. I'm leaving, take care, Master. "

With that, Su He jumped up. "Big Senior, I'm coming! "Hahahaha."

In the cave, the Daoist of Upper Sky Realm looked at the figure of Su He on the eight trigrams plate with a gaze that contained both love and reluctance. Looking at Su He's lively appearance, he could not help but laugh, "Sigh, take care too."

At the foot of the mountain, Su He hid amongst the trees ahead of time. After a while, Mu Yangxin came over from the mountain.

Su He saw his eldest senior brother from afar and quietly followed him. Mu Yangxin felt the small tail behind him, and immediately stopped, wanting to call out to Su He. He didn't expect that Su He accidentally tripped and rolled all the way to his feet. This time, even someone as calm as Mu Yangxin could not hold back his laughter.

Mu Yangxin supported Su He up: "Forget it, let's go, little junior sister."

Su He was stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud with his hands on his hips: "Human! I'm coming! " With that, he eagerly followed.

The town at the foot of the penglai mountains was a small town, and logically speaking, the mortal town at the foot of the Immortal Gate should be very bustling. However, right now, the town was faintly emitting a strange feeling.

Mu Yangxin realized that something was amiss and stopped Su He, "There's something strange about the town in front. Stand here and don't move, I'll go in and ask around."

Su He's face turned serious: Big brother, did something happen in River Town? I think it's better if we don't split up. "

Mu Yangxin thought for a while: "That's right, it's safer for you to stay by my side. Su He, follow me well."

The two of them entered the Upper River Town. Every house in the town had their doors and windows closed, and a few pedestrians were in a hurry from time to time.

Mu Yangxin blocked Su He behind him: "Junior Sister, be careful."

At this moment, the two of them heard the cries of children coming from the alleyway ahead. However, not only did no one come forward, but they also ran away in a flash. The two of them looked at each other and flew forward.

An old man was lying on the ground, tightly protecting a child. A group of wild cats as big as calves surrounded them, trying to attack them. The old man was already bleeding and the child was crying helplessly.

Seeing that, Su He immediately pulled out his spirit sword and chased the wild cat away. Mu Yangxin went over to help his uncle up, and helped him to recuperate from his injuries.

Su He hugged the child painfully and patiently consoled him, "Don't cry, don't cry. Be good.

The uncle came back to his senses, and knelt down while disregarding the wounds on his body. "Am I saved? Thank you, Grand Immortals! Supreme Celestial, please save us from Shang He Town! "

Su He hurriedly pulled at his uncle. "Uncle, what are you doing!? Please get up first. We are only Penglai's disciples, but we will definitely not let you off when there is trouble here. Don't be in such a hurry, get up and speak slowly. "

The old uncle slapped himself on the face, "Right, right, right. Look at me, aiya, this place isn't safe. Sorry, I'm sorry for neglecting the two great deities. May the two of you come to my home to chat."

The uncle led the two of them inside the house and closed the windows. Then, he explained to the two of them with a frown on his face, "We have demons in River Town! It had already killed a lot of people. "Speaking of causing trouble for this monster, I must start from the day when a corpse was found outside the city gates …"

Su He furiously slammed the table, "There is actually such an impudent demon in this world! He actually wantonly massacred mortals! Eldest senior brother, we need to get rid of this monster as soon as possible. This monster kills one person a day, and the later we drag it out, the more people will be killed. Come to think of it, uncle, do you know the place where this monster will harm people? "

The uncle thought for a while. "I don't know about that, because there is a white fog that spreads around here at midnight. After that, we became completely unconscious. It was only when we woke up the next day that we found the corpses."

Mu Yangxin closed his eyes and felt the spirit energy in the town. We'll wait until midnight. "

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