Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C10 The great war began
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Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C10 The great war began
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C10 The great war began

At the same time, Su He and the other two were running wildly in the Black Mountain Forest.

"What's going on? The Demon Clan and the human race have not fought for quite a few years, why would there suddenly be an invasion of the Demon Clan?" Su He gasped for breath as he ran.

"How would I know? Those idiots from the Demon race have their brains soaked in sulfur water, so who knows which tendons are in the wrong." Hua Yunshu replied in the same manner.

"That's bad. Do you think there's any danger in the Mo City?"

"I think we should worry about ourselves first." Hua Yunshu pointed to the few arrogant monsters in the distance.

The group of monsters seemed to have discovered Su He's group, all of them rushed towards them while screaming, and all the trees and plants around the place they stepped on withered in an instant, the so-called 'wherever the Demon Clan goes, there won't even be a blade of grass growing', this was more than just a metaphor.

At this time, Miao Liuer was already bathing and changing his clothes, preparing to sleep. But gradually, she heard waves of noises coming from the distance.

She then called out to her servant, "Cui Er, Cui Er. What was going on outside? Why is it so noisy today? "But someone is making a ruckus outside?"

"Miss, Cui Er doesn't know either. It's just that just now, Master was in a hurry and took a weapon from the backyard. Something big seems to have happened." The maidservant said from outside the room.

"You should take care of him first, in case anything happens to Abba, then report back to me later."

"Yes, miss."

The sounds of battle, shouts, and wails from afar were getting louder and louder. The crisscrossing sounds of the golden spears made Miao Liuer feel uneasy.

Vaguely, she seemed to hear the people on the street running and shouting, "The Demon Clan is here, run! Demon Clan has arrived! Everyone, run! "

Miao Liuer quickly dressed himself and was about to open the door, when suddenly a bloodied figure rushed in.

Miao Liuer was shocked, he looked carefully to see that it was his servant, Xiao Cui.

"Miss! Miss! Demon Clan had arrived, and many people had died outside. Miss, please run. Demon Clan will not leave anyone alive. " The servant girl Xiao Cui spoke incoherently.

Miao Liuer grabbed Xiao Cui's shoulder, "Where's my father? Where did my father go? "

"Master and his soldiers are fighting with the Demon Clan at the top of the city wall." Xiao Cui said tremblingly.

"Miss, where are you going?"

"I'm going to find my dad!"

"Miss, you can't go. It's too dangerous!" Xiao Cui grabbed Miao Liuer's hand, and anxiously cried out.

Miao Liuer shook off Xiao Cui's hand and said without turning his head, "First, find a place to hide! I must make sure that father comes back safely! "

Once he stepped out of the door, Miao Liuer saw that the entire Mo City had turned into a sea of flames. The burning houses, the shattered walls, and the people running away like a herd of frightened animals under the cover of the night. The men who died miserably, the women who cried, the helpless children, the wailing old men.

Slaughter and blood everywhere.

Miao Liuer, who had been raised in luxury since childhood, had never seen such a tragic scene in this world before!

Miao Liuer endured the discomfort in his heart, and ran towards the city wall with all his might.

Once they reached the bottom of the city wall, they found themselves in another tragic state. Thick blood slowly flowed down the city wall, flowing along the ditches into the moat. The entire river was dyed blood-red.

Beneath the walls were the mountains of bones, the demons screaming and grinning, grabbing one soldier after another from the walls and dropping them from the high sky, clumsy and cruel, as if we had been children when we were trying to burn frogs and kill ants. He was so ignorant that it caused people's hearts to turn cold.

Miao Liuer could even hear the sound of the soldiers being smashed to the ground, and their bones and flesh being torn. The sound was heavy and heavy, like a hammer, smashing onto Miao Liuer's chest.

The low walls could not stop the two wings of the Demon Clan. Looking from below, the entire city was already shrouded in the shadow of the Demon Clan's wings.

"Father!" Father! Where are you? " On the battlefield, Miao Liuer cried out with all his might.

Finally, in the vast sea of people, Miao Liuer saw the one he wanted to see.

The blood had dyed his armor red. Although his body had been bloated from years of living like a prince, his beast like soul had never been destroyed. He was once the most outstanding hunter in the mountains.

The strongest in the mountains was not a tiger, not a wild wolf, not even a mountain spirit, but a hunter!

"Liu'er!" "Why are you here!" The mayor anxiously shouted.

"Father, come home with me. The city is no longer safe. "

The mayor struck a Demon Clan with his backhand and cut off half of that pair of wings he was relying on. The Demon Clan screamed and fell.

"Liu'er, you go first! Find a place to hide first. If the city was destroyed, no one would be able to survive. They were Demon Clan! I never leave anyone alive. " The mayor shouted anxiously.

The mayor took out something from his body and placed it in Miao Liuer's hands.

"Run!" Run! "Don't ever look back!"

"Father!" "Father!" Miao Liuer refused to let go of the City Lord's hand.

"Hey you!" The mayor suddenly stopped talking. He looked at the hand that came out from his chest in a daze.

Behind them, an elder with a scarlet Demon Clan was looking at the father and daughter with interest.

Miao Liuer was stupefied. She could feel the warmth of his face, and that was his father's blood. Miao Liuer looked at him, and although his throat was moving up and down, trying to say something, she could only hear a single word.

"Let's go."

Demon Clan took his bloodied hand out from the City Lord's chest, fresh blood flowed onto the ground, causing Miao Liuer to sit down on the ground in fright, as he watched the Demon Clan approach her step by step.

"You humans are such interesting creatures!"

He stretched out his hand and the sharp tips of his fingers pierced through the thin body of a human without much effort.

Just as he was prepared to finish Miao Liuer off, he was stopped by an invisible force, making it difficult to get even half a step closer. Miao Liuer spread open his hands. It was the thing his father had given her, and it was emitting a faint light.

"Do you think you can stop me just like that?" The young man from Demon Clan said condescendingly.

When he lifted his foot, he found that it was firmly held. The man's mouth was full of blood, and he was speaking in an almost inaudible voice.

"Liu'er, quickly leave …" "Let's go …"

The Demon Clan young man switched to his other foot, and fiercely stepped down. Once, twice … Blood splattered everywhere. And that lump of unknown shape did not loosen its grip from beginning to end.

The mayor was dead, and his death looked fierce. Before his death, he had suffered all sorts of torture and was still being maintained.

The Demon Clan young man turned his head, "Alright, then …"

Miao Liuer had already picked up the sword left behind by the previous City Lord.

The Demon Clan youth said, "It's useless. Ordinary humans cannot kill it …"

Before he could finish his words, blood spurted everywhere.

The human and Demon Clan came to a halt in an instant. Miao Liuer lifted the head high up into the air, the three exquisite golden hoops on his horn was sufficient to prove his identity. He was the commander of this Demon Clan.

The human side roared like a flood.

The next day, when the first ray of sunlight shone onto the city walls, everyone quietly surrounded Miao Liuer.

And then, one by one, the soldiers fell to their knees. Miao Liuer raised his great sword high. We won! "

"We won!"

"We won!"

The cheers went on and on without end.

A bloodstained soldier knelt in front of Miao Liuer. Report! We discovered traces of Demon Clan fifty kilometers away from the city. "

Miao Liuer shouted, "Soldiers, listen up! Regroup the troops and set off! The target is the black mountain forest! "

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