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C11 Body odor

Leaves fell as they slowly floated in the air. The three of them stood with their backs facing each other, inspecting the surrounding enemies. They were all eyeing the enemy like tigers eyeing their prey, and their eyes were filled with the desire to kill and starve.

"Big Brother?" Su He could no longer hold it in, although the current situation was not good, he still did not wish to sit still and wait for death.

"Going up to what? We can't beat him." Hua Yunshu frowned, and a small mountain appeared between his brows.

"Are you waiting for death here?" Mu Yangxin said in disdain, he then pulled out his sword and rushed forward.

"Ai ai ai ai." Su He saw that the Big Senior who had already fought his way into the enemy camp himself, "Wait for me."

"Idiot," Hua Yunshu shook his head helplessly and followed him in.

Sword lights and sword shadows. Demon Clan users could be said to possess powerful strength, and a weapon as heavy as the Wolf Fanged Mace in their hands was like holding a wooden stick casually. However, its lethality was incomparably great, enough to smash out one's internal organs.

Su He carefully watched the little Demon Clan soldier that was pouncing towards him dodge back and forth. In his heart, he was a little afraid, and he closed his eyes as he waved the longsword in his hand chaotically.

"Be careful of Su He!" Mu Yangxin, who was standing in front of Su He, was almost stabbed by his own man.

"I'm sorry Big Senior!" Su He blinked his eyes, feeling extremely guilty about his own lousy performance.

Hua Yunshu was not the least bit afraid of his own Demon Clan, hence, he was quite proud of himself. He teased a little person with broken legs, "Look at you, you're still messing around like this, no one will even pay you the fare if you want to pass."

"You …" The small fry couldn't even speak due to the anger. Looking at Hua Yunshu, whose fingers were trembling nonstop, "How can a mere mortal have such powerful abilities?"

"Who told you that mortals are going to be bullied?" Hua Yunshu rolled his eyes and gifted him his final attack.

Sometimes, even water on his back would be stuffed in his teeth, but when Hua Yunshu stumbled, he would immediately be tied up by the Demon Clan which had discovered the opportunity.

"Oh my god!" Hua Yunshu cried out incessantly, but realised that both Mu Yangxin and Mu Yangxin were also tied up.

"What's going on?" Hua Yunshu looked at Mu Yangxin, then looked at Su He, "Mu Yangxin, you can't beat them trash?"

"Who are you calling trash?!" The Demon Clan leader slapped Hua Yunshu on the head.

"You!" Hua Yunshu wanted to resist, but was suppressed by the enemy, "Unrivaled Super Hottie, you guys are bullying us too little."

"Stop arguing," Mu Yangxin tried to struggle free, but it seemed to be useless.

Su He felt very guilty. If it wasn't for his eldest senior brother, he wouldn't have lost so early.

"Aiyo, looks like this Penglai's disciples are just so-so." The Demon Clan leader complacently carried the Wolf Fanged Mace, "Isn't he defeated in an instant?"

"Don't you think it's inappropriate for you to do this?" Su He was furious, he wanted to get up and argue with the Demon Clan leader, but because he was tied up, he suddenly sat on the ground.

"What's wrong with it?" The Demon Clan leader laughed out loud, "As long as I win, I can do whatever I want."

"Yes," Hua Yunshu nodded, "I can see it."

"I can see that this Penglai disciple looks like a delicate and tender piece of meat that's very tasty." An ugly Ox Devil rubbed his hands together as he looked at Su He.

"That's a must, this must be different from ordinary people." The Demon Clan leader bent down, and looked at Mu Yangxin, sniffing the air, then looked at Su He.

"It smells so good," the Demon Clan leader said as he squinted his eyes at Su He. His pair of eyes that were like a rattlesnake's eyes stared straight at Yan Xin, as if they could see through everything.

"You old rogue, if you continue like this, I'll scream!" Su He was furious, but he could not do anything about it.

"Stay away from my Junior Sister!" Mu Yangxin looked at the demon that was standing in front of Su He, and his emotions were mixed.

"I don't want to." The leader of the Demon Clan looked at Mu Yangxin, "Not only am I not distancing myself from her, I want to get closer and closer to her."

As the Demon Clan Leader spoke, he inched closer towards Su He. No matter how exasperated and flustered Mu Yangxin and Hua Yunshu were, he kept on inching closer.

Su He retreated until there was no way out, and looking at the face that was just inches away, he felt a little afraid in his heart: "What the hell do you want?!"

"You smell different." The leader of the Demon Clan sniffed, "A bizarre fragrance."

"I haven't had a bath in days." Su He said, his body trembling.

The Demon Clan leader stood up and turned to his subordinate, saying: "Bring this little girl back. I want her to be my servant girl, no one is allowed to touch her."


Incredulous sighs exploded. Everyone was discussing, and even Hua Yunshu and Hua Yunshu did not quite understand what this Demon Clan leader was thinking.

"Bah!" Su He became even angrier, "Become a servant? I am a princess when I am with you! "

The Demon Clan leader frowned, then waved his hand at his subordinate, causing three to five people to gag Su He.

"Mmm mmm mmm." This time, Su He was unable to say anything.

"Let go of my Junior Sister, or else I'll never be finished with you." Mu Yangxin was furious. Right now, he could only hit her on the mouth, but no matter what, it was useless.

Mu Yangxin felt that something was wrong, but he couldn't say it out loud, so he looked towards Hua Yunshu.

"You damned old monster, just wait for me to kick your butt." Hua Yunshu started to shout as he felt Mu Yangxin's gaze.

With the back of his hand, Hua Yunshu carefully rubbed the rope against the sharp stone behind him, and felt the rope break free from his grasp one after another.

"Be more honest!" The small fry at the side patted Hua Yunshu's head. The shadow in Hua Yunshu's heart could be said to be limitless, and his disgraceful fall had turned into a scene of someone bullying him.

Wuwuwuwuwu. Su He's eyes were still wide open as he looked at the demon captain, as if his eyeballs were about to pop out.

"This fragrance is really special." The Demon Clan leader pursed his lips, still pondering when the last time he smelled this smell was.

Hua Yunshu had already completely escaped the rope when no one was looking. In order to not attract others' attention, Hua Yunshu did not dare to act rashly. He watched as the guards sat down and moved closer to Mu Yangxin.

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