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Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C12 Subject to control
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C12 Subject to control

The leader of Demon Clan saw that the two people who were getting close to him felt awkward, so he grabbed Mu Yangxin and tied him up by the side, afraid that he would cause trouble, and used his demonic energy to restrict him.

Seeing the worry on Su He's face, Hua Yunshu secretly pinched her hand, using his eyes to comfort Su He, but Su He was too worried about Mu Yangxin, so he didn't notice his actions.

The leader of the Demon Clan threw Mu Yangxin in front of him, and placed a hand on Mu Yangxin's neck, looking at Su He with an evil smile, "How is it, if you follow me, you will be able to live. If you do not, this pretty boy will not be able to live."

When Su He saw the leader's actions, he felt a ball of anger in his chest. This Demon Clan leader had not only insulted her, she had also insulted his eldest senior brother.

Mu Yangxin's body was surrounded by a demonic aura, it was extremely uncomfortable, but he could hear every word that was being spoken, so he looked towards Su He and said each word, "Don't."

But Mu Yangxin's action infuriated the head of Demon Clan. He lifted Mu Yangxin high up in the air and then fiercely smashed him to the ground.

"No!" Su He shouted out, perspiration slowly trickling down his forehead, he moved his body forward, but he was actually controlled by the person behind him.

"Think about it carefully." The Demon Clan leader smiled at Su He, but the threat in his smile was self-evident.

The head of the Demon Clan didn't pay any attention to Mu Yangxin, but rather bypassed Mu Yangxin and walked to stand in front of him. With a bit of infatuation on his face, he sniffed at Su He's body, roughly lifting Su He's chin up.

When that ice-cold hand was placed on Su He's face, Su He's heart was immediately disgusted. Su He's face revealed a look of disgust, and he turned his head away.

But very quickly, Su He's face was pulled back by the Demon Clan Leader, forcing Su He to look at him.

"Bastard, don't touch me." Su He felt extremely uncomfortable, there were some anger in his heart, and suddenly he was treated like that, and couldn't help it anymore, and started cursing out loud.

"Bastard? Are you talking about me? She looks weak and weak, but I didn't expect her to be so courageous. " The Demon Clan leader retracted the smile on his face, and approached Su He with a bit of pressure.

Hua Yunshu watched on with fear and trepidation from the side, but did not dare to act rashly for a moment, and only stared at the head of the Demon Clan. If anything were to happen to him, he would have the chance to act immediately, although he did not have much confidence in himself, they did not know that he had escaped his control.

"Not you, the Demon Clan here are all trash, if you guys do this, you will receive retribution from the heavens." Su He said bitterly, then looked at the head of the Demon Clan. The black aura on his body had become more and more numerous, and he was probably a little angry.

Hua Yunshu watched from the side and thought, this girl is really impatient right now.

The moment Su He's words came out, it caused the surrounding Demon Clan to become enraged, and the leader's face couldn't be pulled down anymore. When Su He saw that the black aura surrounding his body became even thicker, he couldn't help but retreat a few steps back.

Su He watched as the head of the Demon Clan turned around and walked a few steps away from her. In his heart, Su He was actually rejoicing.

But Su He was obviously overthinking it, how could anyone from the Demon Clan let go of the person who had humiliated them so easily, and the people who were looking at Su He for a moment, became even more numerous.

The people from the Demon Clan were doing whatever they wanted, and even if they were vindictive, they would still do whatever they wanted, not to mention that the few of them were all prisoners.

The leader of Demon Clan turned around and pulled out a sword, and turned around to face Su He. Su He saw the sword tip in front of him, and a drop of sweat flowed down his cheek, and slowly dripped down.

Her hands, which were tied behind her back, were tightly clenched. Her heart was growing more and more nervous, but when she looked at the Demon Clan leader's eyes, there was not a single trace of fear.

At the same time that the Demon Clan leader pointed the sword tip at Su He, the pressure on Mu Yangxin decreased by a lot. When Mu Yangxin saw that scene, he started to struggle.

The tip of the sword was approaching Su He inch by inch. Seeing such a situation, Hua Yunshu could not wait any longer. He stood up and wanted to pounce towards Su He.

However, before Hua Yunshu could even move a bit, he was discovered by one of the Demon Clan guards by the side. A sword pierced towards Hua Yunshu, and Hua Yunshu was instantly injured.

"Hua Yunshu!" Su He heard some movement from his side and looked over.

Hua Yunshu's right chest had been pierced through, the sword carrying a demonic Qi pierced through Hua Yunshu's chest, bright red blood slowly seeped out, looking at Hua Yunshu like this, Su He felt his heart beating even faster.

When Hua Yunshu was stabbed, he too was stunned. He did not expect that under such a situation, there would be someone who would closely stare at him, and even give him a heavy blow at the very first moment.

Hua Yunshu looked at Su He who had turned his head and looked over, and laughed bitterly, but there was blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, causing Su He to become even more nervous.

The sword was pulled out from Hua Yunshu's body, but even Hua Yunshu could not take it anymore, and spurted out a mouthful of blood. The bottom of Su He's skirt was also stained with some blood, and then, it blossomed on her clothes.

"Hua Yunshu, are you alright?" Su He quickly asked, but the sound of her voice slowly faded. She was extremely uncertain, and the blood on her clothes was still there.

"I'm fine." Hua Yunshu said with some difficulty.

But Hua Yunshu did not look as if he was fine. When the Demon Clan Leader saw this scene, he lowered the sword that was pointing at Su He a bit, and looked at them with interest.

Su He's hand was tied up, but she was slowly moving towards Hua Yunshu's side. Some people wanted to go up and stop her, but they were stopped by the leader.

Hua Yunshu collapsed onto Su He's shoulder, and the blood from the corner of his mouth stained Su He's clothes. Looking at Su He, his heart became even more anxious, but right now he had no way of escaping.

Su He hatefully looked at the head Demon Clan, but the other party did not treat the hatred in her eyes as much, and looked at the two of them as if they were watching a good show.

The look of the Demon Clan Leader watching the show made Su He's heart even more uncomfortable, but she had no other choice.

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