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C15 Stratagem

The four of them had been busy ever since they had agreed to look for Yang Liumei. They had originally thought that they had an idea, but a small mistake had cut off all the clues. Previously, they had agreed to help the city lord find her; they had originally been very confident, but who knew that they would encounter a bottleneck when they were halfway through the process?

They followed the clues back to the old house.

"This person has hidden himself well. It seems like he has moved on." Hua Yunshu said.

"Probably, but our movements didn't seem to be able to spread. How did we sense it?" Su He replied. She was a little confused, she had never told anyone about their actions before.

"However, quite a few people knew about the disappearance of Willow Plum, and it just so happened that we appeared at this time." Mu Yangxin analyzed, "The other party will definitely be extra careful."

"Yes, yes." After Su He finished listening to Mu Yangxin's analysis, he immediately expressed his agreement. He then inadvertently looked at Mu Yangxin with a bit of admiration in his eyes.

Mu Yangxin noticed the look in Su He's eyes, and a strange emotion arose in his heart. He turned his head away and hid himself slightly. Su He did not pay too much attention to him, but Mu Yangxin's action did not escape Hua Yunshu's eyes.

Hua Yunshu looked at Mu Yangxin a few times, but did not say a word. Mu Yangxin was too focused on Su He, so he did not notice Hua Yunshu's movements.

Miao Liuer saw that the atmosphere was a little strange, so he said, "Why don't we think of a scheme to lure the criminals out? This way we can lure the criminals out and find out the whereabouts of the Willow Plum."

When Miao Liuer's words came out, a few of them pondered for a bit before asking him about his specific plan. Miao Liuer gave a rough idea about the plan.

Right now, the other party already knew that they were investigating this matter, and would definitely not wait for death to come, but Miao Liuer's plan contained danger, and the person chosen was not easy to handle.

Since it was already dark, the four of them prepared to go back and rest. They would explain in detail the next day.

It was only that on this night, Miao Liuer avoided Mu Yangxin and found Hua Yunshu.

Just as Hua Yunshu was about to go to sleep, he heard a series of knocks on the door. The first thing he thought was that it was Su He.

Hua Yunshu had not finished speaking, but he kept his words, seeing the person who had arrived, "Miao Liuer?" Hua Yunshu's tone carried a bit of doubt, because he could not think of a reason why Miao Liuer was looking for him, but he still let him in.

"Who's there yet?" Miao Liuer was sitting in Hua Yunshu's room.

"I was just about to go to sleep. What's the matter, Miss Miao?" Hua Yunshu looked at Miao Liuer who was sitting in front of a table, and then sat opposite to her.

"You probably don't like Mu Yangxin and Su He being together, right?" Miao Liuer said, but there was no intention to inquire in his tone, rather, he was extremely confident that Hua Yunshu was not the only one who had noticed the details earlier, he had also noticed Hua Yunshu's movements.

When Hua Yunshu heard Miao Liuer's words, he did not immediately reply. He raised his head to look at Miao Liuer's face and understood the reason for Miao Liuer's visit, "It's getting late, Miss Miao, you should go back to your room and rest. You still have some work to do tomorrow."

Hua Yunshu did not directly answer Miao Liuer, but his face was already shaken. Miao Liuer did not say much, and after seeing that everyone had already sent out their orders, he also left.

But when Hua Yunshu closed the door, Miao Liuer said, "Should we consider it?"

But before waiting for Hua Yunshu to reply, Miao Liuer had already left. Hua Yunshu watched Miao Liuer's departing figure with eyes that carried a dangerous emotion. In the end, he closed the door.

When the few of them reunited on the second day, they finally decided to use Miao Liuer's method. The few of them did not have any better methods, with the enemy in the shadows, they were in the light, if they could not lure the people out, then it would be useless.

Su He then recommended himself and asked him to do so, but he was rejected by both Hua Yunshu and herself at the same time. Miao Liuer agreed to it, but after the two men rejected her at the same time, she was no longer able to say what she wanted to say.

"Absolutely not. Your cultivation is not high." Hearing Su He's words, Mu Yangxin immediately rejected, but Su He was a little unhappy about it, but he did not have the strength to refute it.

"Why not this, Mu Yangxin will be the bait, after all, among us, your cultivation is higher, your ability to adapt to situations is stronger, and we will watch out for you." Hua Yunshu said, and looked towards Mu Yangxin, asking for his opinion. Although that was what he said, but Hua Yunshu had her own selfish motives for recommending it.

Su He was a little anxious, but under their persuasion, she agreed in the end. Miao Liuer sat at the side and did not say much, but she saw everyone's reactions.

The news of the City Lord's daughter being kidnapped had spread like wildfire, but at the same time, the City Lord had brought his daughter back from exile.

All of a sudden, the people in the city started to discuss among themselves. This matter had naturally reached the ears of many people, and all the information regarding the daughter of the city lord was extremely mysterious.

However, there were people who saw that there was indeed an extra miss in the City Lord's Mansion. They would often go in and out of the mansion, and everyone would slowly accept it.

That day, this young lady had just gone out, but had somehow been led into an alley by someone. She didn't seem to have noticed and just followed her.

When Mu Yangxin walked in, his heart sank, and indeed he appeared. That man had a rough appearance, and looked somewhat fierce.

Mu Yangxin secretly held onto the sword hilt under the dress. At this time, the man also realized that something was wrong and quickly attacked Mu Yangxin.

Mu Yangxin waved his sword to block, but in his heart, he had a bad feeling, he was not the opponent's opponent, but Su He and the others were not there yet. Mu Yangxin did not know, but Su He and the rest had already lost him, so Mu Yangxin was the only one who faced the prisoner.

In that moment, Mu Yangxin was struck hard on the palm, causing beads of perspiration to appear on his forehead.

The person in front of them was also injured by Mu Yangxin. For a moment, both of them were stuck, but the appearance of the third person broke this sticking state.

The clothes worn by the woman was not ordinary and looked very exquisite. Mu Yangxin did not know whether she was a friend or foe for a moment, so he was somewhat vigilant.

However, that woman immediately captured that person, "Are you alright?" Mu Yangxin heard the woman's voice.

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