Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C3 Combined efforts to catch demons
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Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C3 Combined efforts to catch demons
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C3 Combined efforts to catch demons

Hearing Hua Yunshu's voice, Mu Yangxin was somewhat concerned about his junior sister's condition. He no longer hid and openly stood out.

"I am indebted to brother for helping me save my junior's life. "I am deeply grateful!"

"So you're the eldest senior brother that she kept calling when she was unconscious?"

Mu Yangxin stared blankly, then said with a wry smile: "I also don't know if the person that I called out in my little junior's dream was me, but I am indeed the first senior brother in my clan."

Hua Yunshu walked around Mu Yangxin twice, hugged his chest, and nodded.

"Mm, he looks pretty good. He's about half as handsome as me. Body size was fine too, with a protruding front and back. Not bad, not bad! "

Mu Yangxin was a little taken aback.

He didn't think that this person who looked very serious would speak in such a frivolous manner. When he went down the mountain to exterminate the demons, no one dared to talk to him like that. Even if they were cultivating in the mountains, no one would make a joke like that.

However, the other side had just saved his Junior Sister, and it was not good for him to speak ill of her. He could only clasp his hands in embarrassment, "Brother, please don't tease me."

Hua Yunshu looked at the Big Senior who was completely flustered after being teased by him for just a few sentences, and felt a little bored in his heart.

"Forget it, forget it. I won't tease you anymore. You're so boring." Come and see your junior! "

With that, he turned around and walked towards the house.

Mu Yangxin was worried for his junior sister's safety, and didn't care about Hua Yunshu's teasing, so he walked right into the house.

Looking at the little junior sister lying on the bed, Mu Yangxin hurried forward to check on her injuries, but discovered that she had mostly recovered, and was just unconscious. She was not really injured at all.

He found it strange. Where did this person who saved him as his junior sister come from? In such a short period of time, he actually managed to heal Junior Sister's injuries so quickly! Moreover, in such a remote village, the appearance of a person with powerful magic power was already suspicious. In order to be safe, it was best to find a way to leave it behind!

After making up his mind, Mu Yangxin woke Su He up. He wanted to ask her what had happened after they left each other.

Unexpectedly, Su He, who had just regained consciousness, threw his arms around Mu Yangxin's neck. "Eldest Senior Brother, you're finally here. I won't let you worry about me ever again. " As he spoke, he began to cry.

Mu Yangxin looked at the little junior sister in his arms, annoyed and amused at the same time. The eldest senior brother is here. Stop crying, stop crying, if you continue to cry, you will become a little kitten.

Just as the two of them were embracing and expressing their feelings, Hua Yunshu, who was at the side, could not watch any longer.

"Ai, ai. I say, can you two hug me again later? "I'm still here, can you be more careful?"

Su He returned to his senses, and looking at himself lying in the big brother's arms like a kitten, he explained somewhat embarrassedly: "I'm just, I'm just too excited. Don't let your thoughts run wild! "

"Ai, don't explain. I understand!"

Hua Yunshu laughed lowly: "We are all adults, what's there to be embarrassed about."

Su He rolled her eyes at him. "Eldest Brother and I have pure feelings for each other, how could we be as filthy as you?"

He turned his head and smiled at Mu Yangxin: "Big Senior, what I said was right!"

Mu Yangxin cupped his hands towards Hua Yunshu: "Junior sister is mischievous, I hope brother Hua doesn't mind."

Hua Yunshu waved his hand, "It's fine, it's fine. "I'm not that petty yet, I can still afford to joke about this."

Mu Yangxin took the chance and said: "Since little junior is fine, we still have our sect's mission to complete, so it would be inconvenient to disturb brother Hua. We will part ways here."

Before Hua Yunshu could say anything, Su He who was on the bed spoke out.

"Eldest Brother, he saved my life. It's not good to just leave like this, right? "

Hua Yunshu advised, "That's right, Miss Su's injuries have not completely healed, why not stay for another two days?"

Mu Yangxin looked at his junior sister and agreed to stay for a few more days.

That night, Su He prepared to rest, but was quietly called out by Hua Yunshu.

"Miss Su, don't you feel that there's something wrong with your Senior Brother today?" Hua Yunshu asked mysteriously.

Su He thought for a moment, then nodded.

"Miss Su, don't you think that your Eldest Senior Brother thought that you're too much of a burden and wanted to send you back to your sect to travel alone?"

Su He thought about his eldest senior brother's expression today and nodded again.

Hua Yunshu asked again, "Then, are you willing to leave, Miss Su?"

Su He did not think about it this time, and quickly shook his head.

Hua Yunshu took a glance at Mu Yangxin's room and discovered that there was nothing wrong with it. He lowered his voice and said, "Why don't we go and capture that demon tonight? "This way, your eldest senior brother won't have a reason to chase you back."

"No, no. "That demon has a powerful mana and is not something we can catch."

Although Su He didn't want to return to the sect, he also didn't want to worry his eldest senior brother because of him.

"Of course we can't, but I have this."

Hua Yunshu took out an unremarkable bead from his bosom, proudly showing it off like Su He.

"This is the legendary Illusion Bead. After it is activated, it will give birth to the deepest illusion in one's heart. With this thing, the demon would be able to capture it easily. "

Su He's face was filled with disbelief: "Then why did you still call me that?"

Hua Yunshu said in a rather bright voice, "The Illusory Orb needs to be activated by a person with all my strength. At that time, I would not be able to control the beast to subdue the cat demon, so I would need your help to take it away."

"Hmph, I knew it wouldn't be that simple."

Su He said with a face full of arrogance. "However, since you've begged me like this, then I'll go with you!"

Finished speaking, the two packed their bags and prepared to set off.

At this time, the town was filled with a strange fog, as usual. The street was empty and the air was filled with a strange atmosphere.

Hua Yunshu and Su He hid in an inn as they summoned their beasts. It urged the strange beasts to rampage through the streets in an attempt to attract the attention of the Demon Cat.

After several hours, the two were about to fall asleep, but the cat demon didn't make any sound at all. Just when the two thought that the Demon Cat wouldn't come out again today and was preparing to return home … However, the figure of the cat demon suddenly appeared outside the inn where the two were hiding.

The cat demon had already discovered that something was wrong. It randomly looked around and discovered the two people hiding there. However, he also noticed that the two of them were protected by a formation and could not enter the inn to kill them. He did not want to alert the two of them, so he hid outside the inn while waiting for an opportunity to find an opening.

However, the two of them were about to leave. Seeing that it was impossible for the cat demon to hide, it had no choice but to reveal itself. The two people who were hiding in the inn were startled by the sudden appearance of the cat demoness, but they quickly reacted and activated their formations, ready to fight!

The two of them, the cat demoness, could be said to be extremely envious of her enemy. She attacked without saying a word!

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