Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C4 Crisis and suspicion
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Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C4 Crisis and suspicion
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C4 Crisis and suspicion

Hua Yunshu activated the Illusory Orb in his hands with all his might, releasing waves of cyan light towards the Demon Cat.

In an instant, the cat demon was enveloped by the cyan light. It was intoxicated by the illusion and was unable to extricate itself. Its body swayed as it let out some nonsense from its mouth.

Seeing that the cat demon was being attacked, Hua Yunshu used all his strength to shout, "Su He, quickly do it. It will be over once he breaks free! "

Su He did not dare hesitate, he took out the Spirit Sword and used the "Beheading the Demons and Eliminating the Demons". He did not expect that because of the injuries that he had suffered a few days ago, Su He's strength had not completely recovered. In addition, the difference in strength between him and the Demon Cat was just too big. Although this strike had successfully injured the Demon Cat, it did not cause any fatal injuries.

On the contrary, the pain from the injury had broken the illusion created by the Illusion Pearl. The cat demon, on the other hand, was able to escape.

"Good, I didn't think that I would underestimate you two. You two actually have such a powerful treasure, even I was tricked!"

The cat demoness still had lingering fear in her heart as she smiled sinisterly, "However, I'm out now." Then, it's time for you all to die! "

With a shift of his body, he conjured waves of demonic wind as he pounced towards the two of them.

Due to the backlash caused by Hua Yunshu's Illusory Orb being broken, he was also vomiting blood and lying on the side.

Seeing this, Su He understood that she could no longer rely on him. He used all the spells he had learned to deal with the Demon Cat.

Helpless, Su He and the cat demon's strength were too far apart. In just a few minutes, they were completely tricked by the cat demon.

"Humph, I'm not going to fight, I'm not going to fight anymore!"

Su He felt that he was being played around, threw away the spirit sword in his hand, and said: "Come, isn't that death? Twenty years later, I will be a good girl again! "

The cat demoness laughed out loud, "Didn't the two of you want to kill me? Why are you pretending to be a dead dog on the floor now? "

Su He fumed, "Damned demon, don't be complacent! This time, our skills are not as good as hers. "If you want to kill me, kill me!"

As he spoke, he pulled Hua Yunshu who was vomiting blood, and stood up, looking as if he was about to die!

Seeing that the two of them had given up resisting, the Demon Cat relaxed its guard. "You disciples of famous sects also have such consequences! Fine, I will grant you a death sentence! "

As he spoke, he took out his magical equipment in preparation to launch a fatal blow.

Suddenly, there was a shout of "beheading the demon and exterminating the devil sword" and a figure appeared beside the cat demon. The cat demoness was caught off guard and was directly hit.

In an instant, the situation reversed as the cat demon was heavily injured and unconscious.

"Eldest Brother!"

When the figure turned around, Su He screamed and threw himself into the shadow's arms.

Mu Yangxin hugged her, and asked softly: "What are you guys doing here?"

Su He pointed to Hua Yunshu with a lingering fear and said, "It's all because of him. He said that the Illusion Bead can restrain the cat demon, so he wants me to help him catch the cat demon. In the end, the cat demoness broke free and almost lost her Senior Brother. "

Mu Yangxin was a little disappointed. "Can't you just relax?"

Su He lowered his head, "I just wanted to help you too!"

Hua Yunshu suddenly spoke: "Thank you Brother Mu for saving us, but how did Brother Mu know that we were trapped here?"

Mu Yangxin held Hua Yunshu up, and recalled: "Speaking of which, it is also weird, tonight when I was resting, I suddenly feel uneasy. After I get up, I want to go walk around the courtyard. Upon discovering that his junior apprentice sister was nowhere to be seen, he came to look for her. In the end, I coincidentally arrived to save you guys. "

Hua Yunshu no longer had his usual cynicism, he raised his hands and cupped his fists as he greeted Mu Yangxin.

"If it wasn't for Brother Mu saving me today, I would have already lost my life. This great favor is not thanked, accept my, Hua Yunshu's, bow! "

Mu Yangxin hurriedly helped him up: Brother Hua, why do you need this? "It's nothing!"

Hua Yunshu took the opportunity to stand up, and cupped his fists, and did not say a word.

At this time, the three of them suddenly noticed a strange movement. They turned around to look, only to realize that although the cat demon was severely injured, it was not dead. Taking advantage of the conversation, he dragged his body in an attempt to slip away.

Su He snorted: "You want to run? "Too late!" He raised his spirit sword and slashed at the Demon Cat.

At daybreak, the three of them set up a bar in the town square and hung the cat demon's corpse on it. Everyone gathered the residents of the town in the square and discussed about the corpse on the horizontal pole.

Mu Yangxin raised his hand to stop the crowd's discussion, he used a sound amplifying technique, to ensure everyone could hear his voice.

"Fellow villagers, the cat demon that was causing trouble in the town last night has been killed by the three of us. It's this cat demon! In the future, there won't be any demons causing trouble at night. Everyone can have a good night's sleep! "

When the villagers heard this good news, they were all overjoyed and extremely happy. They felt a wave of gratitude towards the three of them.

At this moment, the old man who they had just met pushed his way through the crowd and walked in front of the three of them.

"The three of you, the deities, are the benefactors of our town by killing the demons for us!" This little one has no way to repay you. I am willing to give this stone passed down from my ancestors to the three Grand Immortals. "

As he spoke, he pulled out a beautifully wrapped box.

Mu Yangxin immediately stopped the old man's movements: "Elder, no need to be like this, this is something we should do, we shouldn't be so polite!"

The old man opened the box. "Supreme Celestial, why don't you take a look at this rock first!"

Everyone looked over and saw that the stone in the box was green and white all over. It looked ordinary, but it had a natural Taiji eight trigram diagram imprint engraved on it, giving people a feeling of mysteriousness.

Mu Yangxin was very curious, he took the box and observed it carefully, but he realized that he had never seen this kind of stone before!

He passed the box to Su He and Hua Yunshu, and the two of them shook their heads after inspecting it, indicating that they had never seen it before.

Mu Yangxin became even more curious, he held the box and asked the old man: "Old man, I wonder where this stone came from, what its origin is?"

The old man stroked his beard and laughed: "This stone was picked up by my ancestor when he was playing around last time. His ancestors saw that he was not ordinary so they have been in my family ever since." I don't know where this stone came from either. "

Mu Yangxin was even more shocked, this was actually a stone that had been passed down for a long time!

The old man saw through Mu Yangxin's thoughts, cupped his hands and laughed: "This stone has been in my house for a long time, it's useless now. Supreme Celestial is helping us kill demons today, so what's the harm in taking this stone? "

Hearing that, Mu Yangxin laughed embarrassedly: "If that's the case, then I will accept it. Thank you for your kind intentions! "

The old man smiled as he waved his hand, then turned around and left.

Following that, everyone in the town took out their treasures to express their gratitude to Mu Yangxin and the other two. But Mu Yangxin and the other two refused to accept it.

"Fellow villagers, we appreciate your kindness, but we really cannot take the items. Please take them back!"

There was no way for them to do so, so they could only hold a large feast to invite the three of them to share their joy. The three of them were infected by everyone's joy, and they happily drank with the villagers!

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