Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C7 Groom search competition
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Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C7 Groom search competition
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C7 Groom search competition

The three of them made their way to the City Lord's Mansion. The City Lord's Mansion was filled with people, and the entire City Lord's Mansion was covered in red. People had actually built a high platform in front of the City Lord's Mansion.

Mu Yangxin asked the bystanders, "This brother, may I ask, what happy occasion did the City Lord Manor have, and why are they decorated with lanterns and banners?"

The passerby said, "Don't you know? It was the City Lord's Mansion's daughter, and she was going to compete in the Groom Search Competition! All the men in the city are in a hurry! If one was lucky, they might even become the son-in-law of the City Lord's Mansion. Their rise in status was just around the corner. I won't talk to you anymore, I have to hurry and try my luck. "

After saying that, the pedestrians left in a hurry.

"Groom Search Competition?" Mu Yangxin muttered to himself.

"Senior Brother, it's too much fun. Let's go take a look!" Su He said as he hugged Mu Yangxin's hand coquettishly.

With great effort, the three managed to squeeze their way close to the high platform, only to see that the people on the platform were already in a state of turmoil.

Su He looked to the other side of the stage, where he could see a girl with a white veil covering her face, slim and graceful. Like a virgin. He quietly sat in the seat behind the tall platform. This must be the daughter of the City Lord's Mansion.

"He doesn't look bad. I wonder what his face looks like under the veil." Su He whispered.

"That's not easy." Hua Yunshu said with a smile.

Hua Yunshu opened his mouth and blew lightly towards the direction of the City Lord's daughter, causing a large gust of wind to blow at the scene.

Everyone quickly grabbed their clothes, but the daughter of the City Lord's Mansion was the only one who avoided being blown off her veil.

For a moment, there was complete silence, to the point where Su He heard the sound of people gulping down their saliva.

She was a beauty of the Southern Kingdom. She had left the world and became independent. With a smile, she could topple cities, and with another smile, she could topple nations … Such a beauty was truly hard to find in the world.

After the deathly silence passed, there was a torrential tempest like intensity. The people on the high platform seemed as if they had been injected with chicken blood. Their eyes were blood-red like those of hungry ghosts, and they were already desperately fighting for their lives.

While no one was looking, she tied up her hair.

"Senior Brother, give me your clothes." Su He said anxiously.

"Junior Sister, what are you doing?"

"There's no time to explain! "Any later and a beautiful girl like that would have been for the benefit of these pig-slaughtering people."

Both of Su He's legs stomped on the ground, and using a light movement technique, "Swallow Snatches Water", he leapt onto the stage.

Su He didn't have time to pay attention to what was happening below the stage. She was like a fish swimming through the crowd, there were still a dozen or so energetic youths on the stage, but not a single one of them touched her clothes.

In the blink of an eye, Su He had already arrived under the tall pole where the embroidered ball was. Unlike normal people, she climbed to the top effortlessly. Just as she was about to pick up the ball of silk, she felt something shake beneath her feet.

It turned out that the people below were trying to shake the support again in an attempt to throw her off.

It was obvious that Su He was a little unsteady.

At this moment, the crowd burst into an uproar again.

Su He was overjoyed, "Senior Brother!"

Mu Yangxin went up the stage, directly placing the person under the shelf onto the human meat ladder, he stepped on the person heavily and instantly pushed himself off, while Mu Yangxin used the recoil to rush straight to the top of the pole, with one hand holding onto Su He and the other holding onto the ball of silk, he flew down gracefully.

When they landed back on the platform, the crowd erupted into cheers.

A middle-aged man said with a joyous expression, "Congratulations Young Master, Young Master Xi. My surname is Liu, and I am the butler of the Miao Manor. An old master has ordered us to invite you two young masters to your residence as guests. "

Mu Yangxin had wanted to directly refuse, but he looked at the embroidered ball in his hand, since he had made a mistake first, and this was not a good place to talk. He would explain everything when he arrived at the City Lord's Mansion, and he believed that with the City Lord's magnanimity, he would definitely be able to understand his actions.

"Then I'll have to trouble Housekeeper Liu to lead the way. I will go to the residence to pay my respects."

"Senior-apprentice Brother, what should we do?" Su He asked in a voice that could only be heard by two people.

"It's all because of you."

Following the butler around in all directions, they finally saw the City Lord.

This was a chubby middle-aged man. From his face, it was impossible to tell that he had a high position and authority, and he had an amiable expression.

"You've all worked hard on this long journey. From the way you all are dressed, you all shouldn't be from our Mo City."

"The reason why I'm here in Mo City is to find the legendary Old Man Qian Ji. I can't thank you enough for opening the door wide open for the City Lord."

"Of course. After today, we will be family." All the men in the city are yours. " The old man said.

"Father ~ ~" The crowd looked over and saw that the girl from before had come in from the back hall.

"Women should marry each other. What's there to be embarrassed about!" Come and meet your future husband! "

"This little girl, Miao Liuer, greets Young Master Mu." The woman performed a blessings to the crowd. The beauty's face reddened a little, and she looked even more beautiful than before.

"It seems that Young Master Mu has something that is difficult to explain?" Why don't you tell me what you want me to do. "Ignoring all else, this old man's words still have some weight in the Mo City domain."

"Mayor Meng loves me, but I can't comply with your wishes regarding the marriage." Mu Yangxin lowered his head and said.

The City Lord's face instantly turned ashen, "Liu'er, you leave first."

"Father ~"

"Step down!"

When Miao Liuer left, he took a glance at Mu Yangxin. The look in his eyes seemed to say, "Do not make my dad angry."

The atmosphere was as heavy as water.

Su He secretly glanced at Hua Yunshu, "What do we do, we're in big trouble."

Hua Yunshu replied with his mouth wide open, "Serves you right..."

After a while, the mayor finally spoke again, "I don't care if you are hiding something, go up on the stage and take the ball." I should have married my daughter. I only have this one daughter. Whoever makes my daughter sad, I want their life. I'm asking you again, are you going to marry me or not? "

"Forgive me for not being able to comply!"

"Good!" Good! Housekeeper Liu, lock him in the dungeon. Young Hero Mu, think carefully! "

A group of armed soldiers rushed in and surrounded the three of them.

Mu Yangxin calmly pressed down Hua Yunshu's hand, then took the lead to walk out the door.

Hua Yunshu shrugged his shoulders, and followed him with an indifferent look.

Inside the City Lord's Mansion, the City Lord was in a rage. The priceless porcelain on the table had been smashed by him over and over again.

"You're pissing me off, you're pissing me off! What right do you think this bastard has to look down on my daughter? Why? My daughter is not worthy of him at all! "

Everyone trembled with fear and did not dare to say a word.

"Report …"

"Come in!" The mayor said in an unfriendly tone.

"Young Master Mu has something that he wants me to pass to the Mayor."

"What is it? Hand it over."

The mayor carefully sat back in his chair.

After a long while, two words came out from between his teeth, "Release him!"

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