Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C9 Demon invasion
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Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife/C9 Demon invasion
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C9 Demon invasion

Hearing this news, Su He's jaw almost dropped out of shock. Su He sized up the tree demon. Although the person in front of him was a monster, everyone knew that the woman in front of him was as beautiful as a virgin despite having lived for so many years. If there was such a beautiful human girl in this world, who knows how many young warriors would be willing to die for her.

Recalling the greasy middle-aged man she had met in the City Lord's Mansion, Huo Yao felt like a pig had pounced on her cabbage.

I trained in this dark forest for a thousand years, and finally had the chance to cultivate to a human form. One day 18 years ago, I met a hunter who had entered the mountain to hunt. "He was wounded by a beast, and I thought he was pitiful, so I took him in for a few days.

The Treant spoke slowly, its face revealing traces of reminiscence.

"I was born a tree demon, and although I have taken human form, I still cannot walk around. I have been imprisoned in this black mountain forest for all my life. In those days when he was unable to move, he would often sit on the cliff and quietly tell me what he saw and heard on earth, telling me about the beauty and nostalgia in this world. "

"As time passes, you will give yourself to him and become his wife, right?" Hua Yunshu said somewhat impatiently.

"You talk too much!" Su He glared fiercely at Hua Yunshu.

"Go on, don't listen to him. His mouth is very venomous, and every day, without saying a few words to hurt others, he would feel very uncomfortable. "

The tree demon slowly said, "We also spent a period of time like a couple, but the longer we lived like this, the more depressed he became. His face often showed signs of loneliness. Gradually, you started to talk less with me.

"The days passed one by one until the next day." "That day, I made an excuse to eat the fruits on the mountain and purposely pushed him away while I hid in a corner to prepare for production."

"I thought everything was ready, but I didn't expect him to come back halfway."

"At that time, I was weak due to childbirth and my true appearance was revealed. When he entered, he was so frightened that he fell limply to the ground. He retreated and called me a monster. He saw that I had lost too much blood and was powerless to get up. "He snatched away the daughter that I just gave birth to, and a few things after that, he rushed out of the door, not caring about the fact that I was begging behind him."

"In the following years, my mind was damaged, causing my cultivation to drop greatly. He had been bitterly cultivating in the mountains, looking forward to the day when he would come out of the depths of the mountains and personally ask for his daughter back. But who would have thought that after a few years, my cultivation would still remain at my original position, and that person, based on the few treasures I took away that year, the protective magical equipment I refined for him would have already become the lord of a city. "

"In the past few years, he would send a batch of people over every other month. In the name of beheading demons and exterminating devils, you came to my death. Because he didn't want others to know about it. He! The dignified City Lord of Mo! There is actually a demoness' wife and the daughter of a demoness! "

"If they come, I'll kill one. If they come, I'll kill two!" I can't remember how many people I killed, but I heard that I have become the famous great devil of Mo City. " At this point, the Treant's face revealed a mournful smile.

"I am a devil? I am a devil?!] He is! He is the biggest devil! "

Su He turned to look at Mu Yangxin, who said righteously: I have killed countless people, I deserve to die.

Su He turned and looked at Hua Yunshu, who waved his hand, "Such a foolish woman, she is already a live dog, it's fine if you kill her."

"Hey!" Do you two have any sympathy at all? " Su He flew into a rage, "This woman is already pitiful enough, none of you are allowed to bully her!"

Su He, who was standing in front of the Treant and not daring to speak, turned his head and looked at it angrily.

"Ai …" "Women …"

At this moment, Treant, who had been lying on the ground this whole time, spoke up, "Since the few of you have come from the City Lord's Mansion, you must have already seen my daughter, right?"

"I've seen it before, he almost..." Before Su He could finish, he was dragged behind by Mu Yangxin.

"We've met once." Mu Yangxin said respectfully.

"This old one has a request."

"Feel free to speak."

"Don't let Liu'er know that she has a mother who is a monster." The tree demon pressed its chest to the ground and stretched out its arms. He crawled on the ground in a kneeling posture.

"Do you dare to do it but not admit it?" Hua Yunshu taunted.

"I train for a thousand meters on this mountain, and every blade of grass and tree on this mountain is an avatar of mine." I train for a thousand meters on this mountain, and every blade of grass and tree on this mountain is an avatar of me.

"You're threatening me." Then, Hua Yunshu's eyes released a faint red light.

"It's all your fault. I love my daughter dearly. "How can it compare to your cold-hearted heart!" After getting slapped on the head by Su He, Hua Yunshu immediately recovered his usual carefree look and walked away.

"Miss Xie Su, this great kindness will be repaid in the next life." The Tree Demon clearly knew that Su He was the one who made the decision among the three of them.

"Miss Su." The tree demon suddenly said with a serious expression, "An unexpected guest has arrived."

"Who is it?"

"Demon Clan!"

At the same time, not far away from Mo City, a scaly, clawed foot stepped onto the human soil. The monster had huge membrane wings and curved horns like a goat, its eyes were as deep as if they were dyed with ink, its skin was dark, and some thorny magic prints were spreading across its slightly dark skin.

A head of thick jet-black hair floated without any wind, as if it was being floated in the air by some mysterious force. Under the pair of huge horns was a face that was very similar to a human's. As the creature breathed, he could faintly see the sparks coming out of his mouth and nose, and the air was thick with the smell of sulphur.

The monster had a pair of wings, and its body seemed to have doubled in size.

"Humans." "Roar!" The monster pointed at a city far away and roared at the people behind it. Sacrifice with their blood and eat with their meat. To wipe out all Outsiders from this land mass!

They were like a group of mad beasts, screaming and crowding together. They ran with their legs like lightning, like locusts crossing the border. They covered the mountains and the plains, devouring everything in their path.

A soldier standing guard in the middle of the city yawned in boredom. Suddenly, he felt as if he had been immobilized. His legs kept trembling and he felt a warm sensation coming from his lower body.

"The devil …" He only shouted out one word before a clawed hand pierced through his chest. A pair of pitch black eyes looked at him with interest.

The man opened his mouth, revealing two rows of curved fangs. His other hand held up a finger in front of his mouth.

"Shh …"

With the arrival of Demon Clan, for those unarmed people in the city, this was only a one-sided slaughter …

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